Italy is one of the most romantic destinations in the world and has a wide variety of tourist attractions. Verona, Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence or Naples are just some of the highly popular cities that attract millions of tourists each year. And, while each has its own charm, if you truly want to experience the Italian life as it used to be, a walk down memory lane in Naples is everything you need.

However, this city was also voted as one of the most insecure in the country, and it comes as no surprise since it’s the traditional home of mobs and mafiosos. So, if you want to discover the wonders of this city and enjoy heavenly dishes safely, this is the ultimate guide for you.

  1. Garibaldi Central Station

Rome has the Termini Central Station, Paris has Gare du Nord, and Naples has Garibaldi.

You will find numerous cheap hotels and places to stay around the Garibaldi Central Station but also a lot of pickpockets and shady people. It can be somewhat safe during the daytime, but you should still walk carefully and with your eyes wide open to avoid a bitter encounter with con artists and thieves.


  1. Quartieri Spagnoli

The Spanish Quarters is one of those places in Naples everyone knows about. You will hear the true Neapolitan language in the narrow streets of this neighborhood, and it is nothing like the classic Italian you are used to.

The place dates back to the 16th century when it was built to house Spanish garrisons, but it soon became an infamous quarter with a high criminality rate. Its reputation precedes it to the day. It still suffers from high unemployment and is strongly linked to the Camorra.


  1. Piazza del Municipio

One of the highly popular tourist attractions of the city, Piazza del Municipio was built nearly 500 years ago and is surrounded by important historical buildings like Nuovo Castle, San Giacomo Castle, and the San Giacomo degli Spagnoli basilica.

Here you will find reminiscences of the authentic Roman architecture, combined with luxurious gardens, and many places to capture Naples’ true spirit. But, just like with many of the city’s attractions, the key is to blend in and do what locals do.

Avoid wearing fancy clothes or flashing jewelry as you’ll become an easy target for thieves and pickpockets.

The place is crowded with small cafes and family restaurants perfect for a quick lunch. You can also choose to enter one of the many gift shops on these streets but don’t get out with more than a simple travel mug and a magnet if you don’t want to show that you are a tourist.

  1. Narrow streets at night

As unbelievable as it may sound, there are many other cities more dangerous than Naples. Rio de Janeiro, Kansas City, Houston or Manila are just some of the places that rank higher than Naples when it comes to the crime rate. However, this doesn’t mean that you should walk around the city at night without a care in the world.

If you plan on enjoying a romantic night walk in this Italian city, it would be best to stay in the safe zone. Walk on crowded alleys and stay away from infamous neighborhoods or narrow streets.


  1. Circumvesuviana

Founded over 100 years ago, this railway company operates in the East of Naples’ metropolitan area and seems to be the root of many evils for tourists.

So, if you plan to visit places like Vesuvius, Pompeii or Sorrento, we suggest you choose the Campania Express train instead. Although a bit more expensive, this one is safer and will help you reach your destination faster. And if you truly insist on taking the Circumvesuviana, don’t hop in at the central railway station, Garibaldi.