Millions of tourists choose to visit Ireland every year, and for good reason, too. Ireland is a dream tourist destination, with stunning scenery and unspoiled areas. The country has a collection of spectacular prehistoric sites to visit, the oldest being at Mount Sandel in Northern Ireland.

Also, Ireland has a long, interesting and somewhat tragic history, which makes it a place full of stories and tales that need to be heard.

Despite being such an iconic tourist destination, there are a couple of places you should avoid when visiting Ireland, for making sure you don’t waste any precious time. We compiled a list with the top traveling destinations you should avoid when visiting Ireland, for the sake of your vacation and your well-being.




If you are looking for a cozy, quiet town to spend your free days in Ireland, Limerick might not be the best choice.

This city is known for its bad reputation when it comes to gangs and crimes, but the situation has improved over time. However, it is still known as the worst big city in Ireland, so we wouldn’t recommend it as your next vacation destination.


The Central Bar in Drogheda

This pub has a really bad reputation and it is a place where violence is often present. There is even a sign in the pub which states “Chairs and tables are bolted to the floor for our customer’s safety.”, so it is pretty obvious that this is not a location where you would want to spend your time.



Unsafe areas are usually the ones further away from the city center. As a tourist, you might want to experience Ireland as a whole and stay away from overcrowded places such as city centers but sometimes it’s better to avoid suburbs or less popular areas.

You can very easily get lost and people that spend their time in these types of sketchy places might not have the best interest at heart when approaching you. Some examples could be areas such as Ballyfermot, Finglas, Clondalkin, and Inchicore in Dublin.


The capital of Ireland is an overall safe place, with lots of tourist attractions to see and places to visit, but there are still a few areas and streets you should stay away from, for the sake of your trip.

Dublin is divided into two areas mainly, North Side and South Side. The division is made based on the Liffey River. Usually, the North Side is considered to be unsafe, but it depends on the neighborhood you are in. Neighborhoods such as Cabra, Ballymun, Finglas from the North Side are not really tourist friendly.

The South Side has areas such as Tallaght, Clondalkin, Fatima, Dundrum which have kind of a bad reputation.


Dangerous Streets

Thomas Street is an area where unemployment rates are high, and where junkies gather at night. Teenagers flock in groups and pick on tourists or strangers, so this is clearly not a place you would want to visit, especially as the night falls. A tool that might be helpful if you find yourself in this situation is a LED flashlight for camping.

Sheriff Street is a street near the city center, which also has a bad reputation. Here, drug users can be found roaming the streets and gang activity is often encountered, so do your best to stay away from this place.

However, you shouldn’t let this list discourage you from visiting beautiful Ireland. As with any other vacation destination, if you pay attention to your surroundings and inform yourself about the places you are visiting, you won’t be faced with any problems.