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Washing Machines – What to Look For:


Too often we take things for granted, and one of those things is the ability of doing our laundry at home. It is only until our washers break down do we begin to look at the top ten washing machines for a cheap model. There are just so many, it can be difficult to choose which unit is the best!

There are some aspects of choosing a new washing machine that you should always take into consideration though, and we don’t mean just the price tag. While we cannot tell you who makes the best, we can offer you advice on what to look for.

Energy Consumption

So many people are trying to be eco-friendly, and because of this movement, many are looking for ways to save energy and water. You can do both by choosing one of the highest rated washing machines that are designed to save on both electricity and water. These units are usually more expensive outright, but in the long run, you will see savings.


Load Capacity

When you are choosing a new washer, you want to think about how much laundry you do at any given time. If you live alone and do your laundry once a week or so, you can get away with a smaller drum. Then again, if you are in a large household, you will probably want to get a large drum so that you can do more laundry in less loads.


Wash Mode

If you are someone who prefers to wash their delicates In the washing machine, then you will want to choose a washing machine that has special settings for delicate fabrics. Other wash modes that you can find are for heavily soiled clothing, large articles of clothing/bedding, as well as specialty modes like anti-creasing and easy-ironing settings. These modes help you to keep your clothes wrinkle free, even after the wash.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product review Capacity Price Wash cycles Max Spin Speed Our Rating Where to buy


3.9 cu. ft. $$$ 20 700 RPM A AMAZON

Speed Queen AWN412

3.3 cu. ft. $$$$ 12 710 RPM A AMAZON

Midea MAE50

1.6 cu. ft. $$ 6 800 RPM B+ AMAZON

Haier HLP21N Pulsator

1.0 cu. ft. $$ 3 700 RPM B AMAZON

Electrolux EIFLS55IIW

4.2 cu. ft. $$$$$ 11 1200 RPM C+ AMAZON


Doing your laundry at home shouldn’t be a treated as an off hand chore. Instead, be grateful that you have the ability to wash your clothes when you want to. By choosing one of the top ten washing machines on the market, you can save time and money all with one device.



How to choose a good and affordable washing machine – Expert Buying guide



washmashEvery household has a high number of essentials, which are there to make your life easier. One of these must have items is the washing machine. Buying a reliable model, will make sure that at the end of the washing cycle, clothes will look as good as new. But every household is also faced with a tough choice when it comes to purchasing one of the best washing machines in 2016. This is because there are so many options, making the final choice difficult. Our team has created this buying guide to help you with your choice, identifying the features to look for in a top notch washer.

Firstly, we are going to present the types of machines you can invest in. The top load washer is the most common type, which is known for its fast washing cycles. Its prices are decent and it has a large laundry capacity. Its disadvantages are energy efficiency, less than the front load washers and the damage it can do to clothes, if high speed cycles are used. Next we have the front load washer, which is more technologically advanced than its counterpart, doesn’t consume much electricity or water, but is a bit more expensive.

Reputable washer reviews have been used by us in order to identify all the features that have to be a part of a state-of-the art model. Owning such a model, can make a world of difference for your clothes.

There are also the portable washers which are quite compact, with a small load capacity, perfect for dorm rooms or for  small apartments.


Best Washing Machine for Cloth Diapers


Haier HLP21N Pulsator Portable Washer


This portable washer features a 1 cu. ft. stainless steel basin that is able to hold up to six pounds. There are three different water levels as well as 3 wash cycles. The device features electronic controls that can easily be read with the LED indicators. This is the best washing machine for cloth diapers because it allows you to keep the soiled diapers away from the rest of the household’s laundry while being able to be tucked away when not in use.


Buy from for ($314.97)



Once you have decided which type of machine you can afford, you need to think about the load capacity, the more family members you have the bigger it should be. The ideal scenario would be if you get all the laundry done in one cycle, consuming less resources and taking up less time. Everyone has a lot of different types of clothes in their wardrobe, made from various fabrics and having all sorts of colors, which need to be washed by different cycles. This is why we recommend, that you get a machine with multiple washing cycles, to properly wash all of them. Energy Star ratings are also important for all types of washers. The higher the rating the less you will spend on your water and electricity bill. Like we have already mentioned, a front load washer is ideal for saving money in the long term, even though up front you will have to pay more.


Best Washing Machine for Baby Clothes


Samsung Baby Care Washer


It may feel like your baby goes through clothes quicker than you can wash them, but with the best washing machine for baby clothes on your side, you can keep up with the clothes. The Samsung Baby Care washer is ideal for those who worry about detergent build up on the baby’s clothes as it removes more detergent than any conventional washer. The washer can reach high temperatures which sanitizes the clothing and it will remove up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The self-cleaning washer can clean itself without using harsh chemicals, and it even has a mechanism that even tells you when it is time to run the self-cleaning process. The compact design of this washer makes it ideal for small spaces, as it measures 21.3 x 17.7 x 31.9 inches and has a .9 cu. ft. capacity.

Buy from for ($478.04)



For even more insight on washers you have also the option to read customer reports and the best washing machines reviews. Do not underestimate their value because they can really tell you a thing or two about the reliability of different models. So the goal of getting yourself one of the best washing machines in 2016is not actually that difficult to achieve, if you pay attention to the features presented in this buying guide.


Best Washing Machine for House Rugs


Miele W3037 24 Front Load Washer


As a home owner, you probably have a few rugs that you want to clean, but don’t want to go to the laundromat to do so. You could do it at home if you had the Miele Front Load Washer, the best washing machine for house rugs. This appliance uses a honeycomb drum that reduces water exit holes and creates a thin water layer that cushions your clothes and rugs. This technology will allow your items to last four times longer than if they were washed in a regular washer. Also, there is a special sanitization cycle that kills dust mites, bacteria, fungus and viruses. This is in part because the temperatures can reach as high as 158 degrees Fahrenheit on the sanitization cycle.

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Things to consider:

–       Choose between a front load washer or a top load one;

–       A high number of wash cycles;

–       A big maximum capacity;

–       Energy Star ratings;

–       Portable washers are great for small apartments.


Top rated Washing Machines in 2016


A washing machine can prove to be one of the most useful appliances in your home home. Whether you are alone or living with your family, this appliance will prove to be helpful in making it more convenient to keep your clothes clean. This best washing machine reviews will provide you with insights on some of the best models that can be taken into account.

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GE GTWN5650FWS Top Load Washer


If you are looking to invest in a top load washer, then our team of experts suggests getting the new GE GTWN5650FWS. The 3.9 cu. ft. load capacity will help shorten the time it takes you to finish all your families dirty laundry.  The 20 wash cycles it has will guarantee that you can clean almost any fabric without damaging it. Other than this you will also have access to 6 different temperature settings, a superior number to what most other top load washers offer. We agree with most other expert reviews and believe this is one of the best top load washers in 2016.



A high number of wash cycles and temperature settings, which will properly wash any type of fabric;

A simple installation process which can be done by using standard tools;

An extremely quiet operation which won’t bother anyone in your household;

Excellent water and energy efficiency, which will definitely save you money on your yearly bills;

The stainless steel tube guarantees durability and makes sure you will use this washer for a long time.



The detergent cup wasn’t easy to clean for some customers (we don’t think this is a major disadvantage because of the cup’s small size);

It can’t compare  with the performance level of front load washers (we still think it’s an excellent economic choice).


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Speed Queen AWN412 Top Load Washer


4For houses or apartments with a limited amount of space available, we recommend investing in the Speed Queen AWN412 top load washer. The user-friendly controls won’t pose any trouble and its user can easily select the wash cycle required. The outer draintube is made out of porcelain and steel, guaranteeing a leak free operation. As a slight disadvantage of this washer is that it is a bit on the heavier side, weighing 195 pounds. The AWN412 offers good features for the price it comes at, while certainly having the capabilities to be the best top load washer in 2016.


It has 12 delicate wash cycles, allowing its user to wash almost any type of fabric;

The all metal parts used in its construction will ensure a superior level of durability;

It doesn’t use too much energy, thus not proving too costly in the long term;

With this model you will receive extended warranty.



This washer is actually quite laud, if compared to other models (placing it in a room far away from your bedroom can be a solution to this issue);

It’s an `old-school’ washer so it may lack some of the more modern features (it still removes all types of stains from your clothes, but with longer washing cycles).


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Midea MAE50 Portable Washing Machine Washer


5This portable washer is just the thing if you are living alone or are a student in a dorm room. The compact size of the washer will allow it to fit virtually anywhere. Don’t be fouled by its size because it has a maximum capacity of 1.6 cu. ft., which can hold around 6-7 lbs of laundry. It even comes with 6 different washing programs for most types of clothes, from blue jeans to linen shirts. Also, the price tag is quite cheap, with you having to spend just a couple of hundred dollars.



A surprisingly large top capacity for a washer of this size, meaning more clothes can be cleaned at the same time;

Very quiet when operating, so it will not bother you when you are watching the TV, reading  a book etc;

It has an easily affordable price for students or other people living alone;

Six wash cycles can be used, impressive for a machine of this compact size.



You will require a Y splitter to connect its hose to your sink (the whole installation process doesn’t prove too difficult);

The two rollers don’t make it too easy to transport around your home (this has something to do with the large weight as well).


“I didn’t have much room in my apartment, so this affordable and compact washing machine from Midea was a top choice. All its wash cycles work fine making me believe I have made a great choice.” – Betty Cordero


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Haier HLP21N Pulsator Washing Machine


Best Washing Machine Reviews

One of the best designed features of this washing machine are the smooth-rolling casters. This can prove to be helpful if you expect to have to move your washing machine from one location to another from time to time. Aside from the ease of moving it to another location, you will also benefit from the ease of installation of this product. With the comprehensive installation guide that you will be provided, it will be a snap to assemble the machine and have it ready for use.



Portable and lightweight, with dimensions of 29 ½ inches height, 17.6 inches width and 17 ¼ inches depth, making it compact enough to fit into any free corner of the home and also making storage into a broom closet possible; even easily installable in a standard trailer home or on a boat;

Nearly the least expensive in purchasing costs, making this unit one of the better answers to the busy housewife’s  what is the best washing machine in 2016 question. With its small size not putting a limit to what it can really do, including customization of wash cycles to a certain level by pressing the Select button for a set number of times for the machine to go on various modes of operation such as spin only, rinse and spin, wash and rinse or wash only, thereby making it easy to complete the day’s laundry in less than half the time;

Pulsation action in the stainless steel water tub provides agitator-less laundry efficiency, with a load capacity of up to 1 cubic foot from a 43-pound laundry machine that challenges the thinking that size matters;

Simple and smartly-crafted control pad can be used to select water level and the wash cycle, with settings for Normal, Heavy and Quick Wash and three automatic-controlled water level options ranging from low to medium to high.


Small and limited capacity and absence of detergent dispensers may not please everyone;

Effective running may be hindered when machine is placed on surfaces or floors that aren’t perfectly flat.


The Haier HLP21N Pulsator Portable Washer is easy to use and to manage. When I wash my clothes, I don’t encounter any problems with it, not damaging the colors. The stains are all removed and really I can’t complain about its functionality. This leads me to believe I bought one of the best rated washing machines for a Black Friday discount.”   David Battle


Buy from for ($314.97)



Electrolux EIFLS55IIW Washing Machine


This is the best washing machine for people who often want to wash and dry their clothes quickly, even in emergency situations. The Electrolux EIFLS55IIW has a setting with which you can wash your clothes in as fast as 18 minutes and have them dried in another 18 minutes. Another good feature is the Perfect Balance System, which will make its running noise less annoying compared to other models. It reduces the vibration when the machine is running.



Built as a front-loading laundry machine that answers the question “What is the best washing machine in 2016?” and packs better cleaning power than most top loaders, without requiring an agitator to get clothes clean through the tumbling action, built larger than standard washing machines available on the market;

Offers five temperature settings supplemented by a built-in water heater for precise water temperature control;

Incurs average combined water and energy consumption of only about $0.14 per load, so users do not get bothered by rising or fluctuating costs. It alos offers a more efficient water factor of just 2.7 as compared to that of standard front loaders that rate at 3.55 on average;

Stainless steel drum typical for higher-end models on the market. It can withstand higher levels of speed, does not easily suffer from chipping or corrosion and operates flawlessly without getting damaged easily. In addition, it is outfitted with a huge revolutionary Touch-2-Open™ Door that requires a simple, light touch to open and close and special interior lighting that helps users locate  specific items of clothing in the tub



Machine needs to be cleaned or rinsed out after use to ensure efficient usage throughout its lifetime and to prevent accumulation of mineral deposits, which is a problem caused by hard water and detergent residues.

All-digital components on the unit necessitate giving the machine time to warm up before use, and maintenance procedures should also include wiping the gasket and door dry, leaving the door open overnight to make sure the machine dries out completely or having the machine run on a short spin cycle after laundry has been extracted.


Top quality is guaranteed by the new Electrolux EIFLS55IIW washing machine. The unique and effective functions which other washing machines don’t have, made me interested in buying it. If you are wondering which are the best washing machines in 2016, I think this model can be considered as a top one..  ”   Julia Heiser


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Haier HLP23E Washing Machine – Not Available


Flexibility is one of the things that will make the Haier HLP23E a great choice, which is also the main reason on why many of the best washing machine reviews did not fail to include this as one of the highest-rating within the product category. It will provide you with the option to choose from 6 programs, 4 water levels, and 4 wash cycles. Regardless of the amount of clothes and type of fabric that need to be washed, you can expect that this washing machine will deliver superior performance.

The Haier HLP23E is perfect for my small apartment, because it has a compact design. The load capacity is enough for me because I live alone, so I think it is a very reliable washer. My parents made a great Xmas gift with this washing machine.”  Amy Salazar


Haier RWT350AW Washing Machine – Not available


In various best washing machine reviews that I have read in the past, one thing that has been often lauded about this model is that the interface is user-friendly, making it a breeze for all types of users to operate such. It is also designed with process status and indicator lights, making it easier for you to monitor the progress of the work that is being handled by the washing machine. It is also a good thing that it comes with 7 wash cycles, giving you the freedom to choose the most appropriate setting based on the amount of load.

Haier RWT350AW removes all the stains from my clothes without damaging their fabric. I bought it for the numerous wash cycles it has and I am very pleased by the way in which it washes my clothes. It’s surely one of the most reliable models on the market.”  Joseph Crosby

Whirlpool WTW4900BW Top Load Washer – Not available


If you are looking for an affordable solution for a washer then you should check out this front load one from Whirlpool. It has a very large top load capacity of 3.8 cu.ft., where you can place a lot of clothes at a time. Another great thing about it is the fact that it is Energy Star qualified so it will consume less water and electricity, making it a favorite of the best washing machines reviews.

 “I didn’t have the necessary means to get one of the more expensive front load washers, but this one does the job properly for me. I am extremely satisfied with the energy consumption.” – Laura Martin

GE GTWP2000FWW Top Load Washer – Not available


A top load washer which has all the right capabilities is the GE GTWP2000FWW which even has a very decent price range that almost anyone can afford. The 13 wash cycles allow you to clean all the different clothes you have properly. Then you will have the option to wash with 4 water levels so you can save up on water consumption a bit if that is what you want. This model could be one of the best washing machines in 2016.

 “For my apartment needs, this washer from GE was the perfect idea. It doesn’t take up much space, it cleans all my clothes properly and it doesn’t consume many resources either.” – Dorothy Welsh

Amana NTW4600YQ Washing Machine – Not available


If you are looking for a machine that is excellent when it comes to energy efficiency, the Amana NTW4600YQ is one model that I can suggest. In many best washing machine reviews in the past, it has been emphasized that it has the ability to reduce your energy consumption by as much as 73%. Additionally, it also comes with the EvenSpin vibration control that reduces the production of disturbing sound while the machine is operating.

This washing machine meets my standards. I was careful before buying a washer because I had the bad experience on my previous washing machines. The Amana 3.4 Cu. Ft. Top-Load Washer has it all. It leaves no stains on clothes and it doesn’t diminish the quality and color of the garments. ”  Brandy Toth