Best Steam Iron Reviews


Top rated Steam Irons in 2014


The different best steam iron reviews that have been published in the past identified some of the best choices when it comes to this product category. In this article, I will name five of the best models, which, in my opinion, will prove to be an option that you will not regret, on the basis of its features and the feedbacks given by its users.


How to choose the best steam iron


stironOur clothes are very important, especially if we want to make a good first impression. This is why we must take proper care of them, so they look impeccable. To get all the wrinkles out of your clothes, you need to have a reliable iron. The best kind of iron to have is the steam one. Shopping for one is not as simple as some may think, because you need to know a few things about such a device. The most important features will be presented below in this buying guide. If you are aware of these few details, you can end up buying the best steam iron in 2014.

An iron must have multiple temperature and steam settings, for all types of fabrics. The materials from which a model is built, are very important. High quality materials can make an iron durable and turn it into a long term investment. For instance the soleplate should be made of stainless steel. It will make it resistant to scratches, thus letting it run smoothly over any kind of fabric, even wool.

This feature list has been created by us, only after consulting the most appreciated steam iron reviews. We have filtered the information presented by them, to reach the conclusions presented in this buying guide.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Heating power Price Dimensions Cord Type Customer Rating Where to buy

DeLonghi Stiromeglio

1750 Watts $$$ 10 x 13 x 12 inches Adjustable cord A AMAZON

Panasonic NI-WL600

1500 Watts $$$ 11.2 x 6.9 x 8.3 inches Cordless B+ AMAZON

Rowenta DW5080

1700 Watts $$ 11 x 5 x 6 inches 7-foot electrical cord A AMAZON

Reliable J490A IronMaven

1450 Watts $$$$$ 14 x 10.5 x 10 inches Electrical cord C+ AMAZON

Oliso TG1600

1800 Watts $$$ 12.5 x 6.1 x 8 inches 12-foot cord C+ AMAZON


Safety is one of the most important issues. The most helpful protective feature is the auto-shut off option. Generally, a simple auto-shut off feature is available, which is activated only when the iron is left plugged in and face down. This way accidental fires will be prevented. But the best option you can go for is the 3 way auto-shut off. If the iron is left plugged in and idle, the system will turn it off ,whether it is in a upright, face down or on its side position.

For the optimum amount of steam, the best option would be if the soleplate has as many vents as possible. The multiple vents will distribute the heat evenly, so the wrinkles from clothes are removed more effectively. The best shape for the iron is the U-shape because it is the most efficient when it comes to gliding over clothes and making them wrinkle free. If you are going to iron a lot of clothes at a time, then a good idea would be to invest in an iron that has a large water tank. It will allow you to have an uninterrupted stream of steam. It is not very convenient when the tank needs to be filled with water over and over again.

Maintenance is also important and you should clean it every now and then. More expensive models can help you with this, as they have a self-cleaning option. Also taking the advice of the best steam iron reviews is a great idea, so you identify different models with various features. The simple pointers we have just presented, will guide you in finding the best steam iron in 2014. Thus clothes will end up without any trace of wrinkles.


A reliable steam iron has:

-       U-shape soleplate;

-       An auto-shut off feature for safety;

-       A stainless steel soleplate;

-       Different steam and temperature settings;

-       As many steam vents as possible;

-       A large water tank.


DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Iron


According to many best steam iron reviews that have been published in the past, one thing that has been enjoyed the most by its users is that this iron is very easy to use, which is made possible by the carefully laid controls that make it a snap to choose the settings that are desired. The patented double boiler is also often commended, making ironing carefree. Lastly, its users have also noted that this is an excellent choice because of its ability to iron a wide array of fabrics.

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I read its very positive reviews and was immediately impressed. Using it for 3 months has made me realize even more how good it actually is. I love the large water tank on it.“ Lenora Weaver


Panasonic NI-WL600 Iron


This is another model of steam iron that I can personally recommend for those who are looking for the perfect choice within the product category. The best thing that I like about this iron is that it is cordless, making it excellent with regards to ease of use. The anti-calcium system is also worth mentioning, as it allows the prevention of the buildup on the holes to make it possible for the iron to release more consistent steam. It is also designed with anti-drip mechanism to seal in water inside the iron.

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Panasonic NI-WL600 Iron is for me very convenient to use. With it I remove all my clothes wrinkles and this makes me be a very satisfied customer.” Amanda Ramos


Rowenta DW5080 Iron


Best Steam Iron ReviewsEquipped with 1700 watts of power, this steam iron has sufficient power in order to prove its reliability, which has been experienced by many of its users in the past. In addition, it has a well-designed soleplate, with 400 holes in it, giving such the ability to have consistent distribution of steam all throughout the area that is being ironed. To add, the central core of aluminum that is used in its soleplate is also a good thing because it makes sure of consistent heating.

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This iron is light and effective, managing to make my clothes look straight, every time I use it. The good experience I have with it encourages me to recommend it. It is a top notch iron in my book. ”  Jessica Patten


Reliable J490A IronMaven Ironing System


The continuous steam technology is one feature that will make this iron a great option. With that, you no longer have to suffer from having no more steam while at the middle of an ironing job, as long as you refill the water tank in the right time. It is able to use effective pressure that results into reducing the time that is needed to iron different types of fabrics. Lastly, it comes with a well-designed handle that can resist heating.

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Reliable J490A IronMaven Iron is very efficient, due its continuous steam technology. This is what I came to realize after I have been ironing with it for a couple of months. It is totally worth the money I paid for it.”  Jolene King


Oliso TG1600 Iron


One thing that I commend the most about this model is the iTouch technology, which can be regarded as one of the most significant innovation within the product category. With this, all that you need to do is to lightly touch the handle and such will already allow the iron to lower itself, which is a sign that it is ready to start the work. It also lifts automatically once you are no longer touching the handle. This intelligent mechanism makes ironing more efficient.

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My clothes are wrinkle free and this is mainly because of the high quality of Oliso TG1600. Because it is extremely efficient I recommend it as a top steam iron. ” Rachel Townsend