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Top rated ski helmets in 2014


Winter provides a great opportunity to exercise our skiing skills while enjoying sloping down the hills. Therefore, getting information from the best ski helmet reviews will provide you with the safest equipment to keep you protected while engaging in this activity.


Get the safest ski helmet this year


Millions of Americans, from young to old, love to ski and take in the joy of going down a mountain slope. During winter season, skiers gear up and head to the ski courses they love. When it comes to high quality ski equipment, one piece is always present: helmet. More and more people are searching for professional ski helmets, designed to deliver high levels of protection during each skiing session. On this particular note, you have to consult the best ski helmets reviews in order find the most efficient product. You need a product that fits well and feels comfortable. Professional skiers recommend that you wear helmets every time you ski. If you don not, then the chances of head and neck injuries increase.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Color Weight Customer Rating Where to buy

Smith Optics Variant Brim

Small $$$ Matte Black <1 lb A AMAZON

Smith Optics Holt

X-Large $$ Matte White 19 oz B+ AMAZON

Giro Slingshot

Medium/Large $$ Black Clouds 3 lbs A+ AMAZON

Smith Optics Upstart

Youth Small $$ Matte Black 1.9 lbs A+ AMAZON

Giro Ricochet

X-Small/Small $$ Blue Stars 2 lbs A+ AMAZON


It is important to invest in a reliable helmet that feels right on your head. In order to find the best ski helmets in 2014, you have to take into consideration a couple of things. There are some that believe they can use their skating helmet for skiing. Well, don’t follow their lead. Such helmets are way different and don’t deliver the same amount of protection. For each sport in part, helmets come with distinct particularities. Helmets designed for snowboarding and skiing have special protection layers, capable of handling common crash situations. Top manufacturers have put in a lot of hours in developing the right helmets, with different shell styles. Riders want different things. This is why there are so many models available on the market, to suit the needs of every rider.

According to the present best ski helmets reviews it seems that style vary from short shell helmets to full shell helmets. There are models that include visors, venting systems, audio capabilities and multi-density shells for additional protection during each moment of the sport. The first thing that you need to make sure is if the helmet covers the whole heat. Proper fitting can cast aside the presence of head injuries. Now, high safety standards are essential for your skiing sessions. In Europe, each helmet needs to receive the ED safety certifications. Don’t look for something else. In the US, helmets should have ASTM certifications. These are the ski helmets to use. Furthermore you have to take into account helmet styles, which can respect the rider’s skiing personality.

Some of the best ski helmets in 2014 come with interesting styles and designs. Such helmets fall into the following category full shell, half shell and full fac. Full shell helmets come with a traditional design. This type of models has a hard shell that protects the ears and sides of the head. Professional riders use full shell helmets because the deliver high protection levels and are also compatible with jaw guards. Half shell helmets are quite popular in the present. They come with soft ear covers for added comfort levels. The final helmet type is full face. Such helmets deliver the highest amount of protection out of all three types. Full helmets include a solid one-piece shell and includes a molded haw guard!


Smith Optics Variant Brim snow helmet


Numerous acknowledgements for quality and safety have been given to the Smith Optics snow helmet, thus making it to be regarded as one of the best ski helmets deals made available for skiers worldwide. It comes with a hybrid shell structure and intricately designed finishes, which allow it to deliver high levels of quality and safety. This product model also comes with 22 ventilators and a regulator providing great comfort at any climate condition, allowing users to enjoy their sport in comfort each time. Valued for durability and protection, this is just an easy choice for a snow helmet for everyone.

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I don’t have to think on any problems because of the Smith Optics Variant Brim snow helmets. It is comfortable and convenient to sue that’s why I never feel any hassle and difficulties. The product is affordable and was sold in amazon at a very promotional price.”  Kelly Stanley


Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow sports helmet


Best ski helmet reviewsProtection and safety is the concern of most people when it comes to choosing among the best ski helmet reviews. One of the best helmets is definitely the Smith Optics model and is rightfully considered to be a top rated one due to its heavy-duty design and stylish look. It comes with a pull-on front closure and is also made from weather proof material with reversible pads that keeps users warm in winter and cool in summer. On top of that, it is equipped with vents on the front and side that gives comfort to the one who wears it.

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The Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow sports helmet is a reliable ski helmet which I love to use every time I have any sports activity to do. This product is enough for me and I am not looking for more. The product is so cool and steady to use that’s why I don’t worry in encountering such problem.”  Brian Dixon


Giro Slingshot snow helmet


Designed beautifully and enhanced with a durable structure, the Giro Slingshot model is preferred by most athletes and skiers alike. Apart from that, it is greatly appealing to children, since it is thoroughly and carefully designed so as to ensure the safety and protection of anybody who uses it. Being manufactured with the highest quality materials and advanced technology, no doubt that safety is the company’s priority and that is why parents seem to appreciate this model for their children’s use. Moreover, it can be easily worn by everybody, providing comfort at any weather condition, so it makes perfect sense that is so warmly welcomed by both children and adults.

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I bought the Giro Slingshot snow helmet for my child. The product is intended for children in order for them to become safe and secure when they have to go on sports activity. I appreciate this product because it is really efficient and heavy duty when it comes in protecting my child.” Byron Stewart


Smith Optics Unisex child upstart Jr. Snow sports helmet


Smith-made products are highly qualitative and widely known for their efficiency and high levels of professionalism.  That is why, everybody that comes across one, soon finds out why the brand is proven to have reached excellence. Another Smith-made product that follows the tradition of its predecessors is the Smith Optics Snow model and is specially designed with the most advanced technology to ensure safety and comfort. Moreover, it is also made of the finest and high quality materials making it sturdy and really safe to use at any climate condition. As a result, nothing will stop you from conquering the slopes, once having such a great assistant on top of your head.

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I am sure that I am safe when I am using the Smith Optics Unisex child upstart Jr. Snow sports helmet. My life and ensure and I can move with care free with this. The product is nice to use even in any sex. It is unisex and can also be used by child. It is firm to use when put in my head.”  Rita John


Giro Ricochet snow helmet


A lot of professional athletes and skiers show a clear preference to the Giro Ricochet helmet due to its advanced levels of safety and durability. This product comes with a solid and sturdy structure manufactured with a polycarbonate outer shell that is equipped with an EPS feature to ensure safety. Moreover, it is also carefully designed and medium-sized so as to fit a child’s head with a perimeter of 21.85 to 22.8 inches and is perfectly suited for any kind of sports as well as any weather condition. Furthermore, the materials that are used for the manufacture of this product are of high quality, in order to ensure safety and protection for all users.

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I bought the Giro Ricochet snow helmet in a very affordable price. This product is durable and is equipped with advanced security. It is really a nice investment for all children and parents out there especially when they are having sports activity anytime you want.” Peter Rossiter