Best Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting


Rifle scopes for deer hunting – What to look for:


When it comes to deer hunting, people invest a lot of money in proper equipment. Discovering the highest rated rifle scope for deer hunting represents an important task, linked to success rated during hunting sessions. As a result most experienced hunters take the time to go through the basics of a good scope.



Today’s offer on rifle scopes is pretty vast, covering models that match the needs of beginners, intermediate and seasoned hunters. This is why each model comes with its distinct price. Finding a reliable cheap rifle scope for deer hunting might prove to be quite challenging. It appears that the models quality, optics system and coating represent elements that raise or lower the price. According to recent statistics it seems that the standard price of high quality scopes is somewhere around 50 to 100 dollars. With a powerful scope, people will be able to properly shoot deer without problems.

Optical system

With enough information on the top ten rifle scope for deer hunting models, any hunter will be able to identify a reliable scope. One of the most important elements of a good rifle scope is the optical system. The scope needs to incorporate a reliable glass, capable of adjusting well focus. Hunters need to have the possibility of adjusting the focus. By properly tuning the scope users will obtain optimal images. Furthermore the scope’s optical system should permit people to hit various animals (small or big) from a distance. In addition, the scope should come with rubber eyepieces, for comfortable viewing.


Magnification levels

Reliable magnification levels are essential to bring targets closer during each hunting session. Top scopes offer magnification that range from 4x to 18x and even more. There are fixed power rifle scopes that provide 4x or 6x, ideal for small game hunting. Still, some models are equipped with high optical systems which can improve hunting precision. Depending on the hunting trip characteristics, there are different types of scopes that range from 3.5x to 10x, 4x to 12x or 6x to 18x. Hunters need to see the animals better during long stakeouts. As so many people pointed out, magnification levels bring clarity to each hunting trip.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product review Eye relief Price Fingertip adjustable w/e turret Weight Our Rating Where to buy
Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3 4/5″ $$$$ No 1.2 lbs A+ AMAZON
 BSA Deerhunter DH39X50 3-4″ $$$ YES 1.1 lbs B+ AMAZON

BSA Deerhunter DH25X20

4″ $$ YES 0.5 lbs B AMAZON
Tasco World Class WA39X40STN 4″ $$ No 0.8 lbs B AMAZON

BSA Deerhunter DH39X40

3″ $$ YES 1.2 lbs B+ AMAZON


In conclusion

It is important to invest in a product that enhances the overall quality of each hunting trip. The right rifle scope will help people shot faster and easier than ever. Furthermore with the three elements we underlined above, anyone will learn who makes the best product. Purchasing the right scope will significantly improve the rifle’s shooting capacity!


How to choose the best rifle scope – A buying guide


riflscoThere are thousands of Americans that love to hunt. We are not surprised, given that the thrill itself is unlike anything else experienced before. A hunter’s arsenal can be the difference between getting a trophy head or coming back empty handed. As so many people pointed out, choosing the ideal gun can be pretty difficult, given the wide range of models available on the market. There are hunters which invest carefully in every piece of their arsenal and the rifle scope is of great importance. This buying guide will present what features should a reliable rifle scope have. Once you read the best rifle scope for deer hunting reviews, you will find the ideal product, needed to improve the way you target various preys. There are a lot of things to consider while searching for quality scopes. Only with the right set of information will you be able to properly equip your rifle and hunt without restrictions.

Finding the best rifle scope for deer hunting in 2015 can be easier once you understand that quality optics is what sets aside top products from the rest. Your gun needs to respond well to every command in order to capture the ideal time window for the killing shot. Once you attach a top of the line scope on your gun you will better your chances to go back with a trophy to hang on your wall.

To complete our research about which features make a rifle scope reliable, we have taken into consideration what the most appreciated website reviews have to say. The features we present are the conclusions we have drawn form our investigation.


Best deer rifle scope under $300


Nikon ProStaff Black Matte Riflescope


How to find the best deer rifle scope under $300? Well, in this price range we recommend the ProStaff riflescope from Nikon. Due to its advanced optical system the scope manages to transmit around 98% of light, which delivers proper brightness even in low light conditions. The scope is fitted with a zero-reset turret, which makes field adjustments pretty easy. Furthermore it incorporates a durable BDC reticle that permits hunters to hold dead on spots at various ranges. The rifle scope delivers around 3.7 inches of proper eye relief which makes hunting sessions pretty comfortable. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty!

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One thing is certain, you need to stay away from cheap imitations, they can only ruin the precision of your shoots. Selecting the right scope is no guesswork and you need be aware of some details regarding the actual lens. Ideally, your scope has to be fog-proof and waterproof. No type of weather should prevent a successful hunt if a high-quality scope is fitted to your rifle.


Best deer hunting rifle scope combo


Combat Optical M14 M1A Rangefinder


Thousands of hunters consider the M14 M1A Rangefinder from Combat Optical the best deer hunting rifle scope combo. Why is this scope so appreciated? This powerful 10-40×50 rifle scope comes equipped with the exclusive Mil-Spec scope mount for proper fit. The scope has a solid metal construction which resists well to prolonged hunting trips. Furthermore this advanced rifle scope features multi-layer emerald coating that ensures comfortable shooting. The scope includes a durable tube construction that resists well to hunting trips in all kinds of weather conditions. This rifle scope ensures 10 to 40x magnification levels, optimal for bringing closer targets.

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Firstly, you need to take into account the size of the game. Every hunter also has a preferred distance, from which he shoots down his intended target. These are two criteria are in direct relation with a scopes magnification power. With better magnification on the target and fixed focus power, you will get a great view of the target.It is important to imagine all the scenarios that might happen during the hunting session and then choose the scope, capable of bettering your precision. For example: hunting whitetails in dense forest, requires a scope with 2.5 x to 4 x range. This permits you to shoot better from 300 yards away from your target. Another scenario is hunting elk or deer in mountain areas, where you need a weather resistant scope. Under normal conditions you need a model with around 3x to 9x or 4x to 12 x magnification variability. This particular option gives you access to quality shoots from 50 to 400 yards or even more.


Best inexpensive deer rifle scope


Tasco World Class Riflescope


Finding the best inexpensive deer rifle scope represents a great way to improve the overall shooting experience. According to most of the reviews that we consulted it seems that professional hunters can use with confidence the World Class riflescope from Tasco. The scope is fitted with SuperCon multi-layered coating which protects the ocular lenses, and in the process enhances its durability. Due to its solid construction, the rifle provides more light even in low light conditions. Furthermore the scope is 100% waterproof, shockproof and also fogproof, making it perfect for all out shooting trips. The scope delivers magnification levels that range from 3x to 9x.

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The best rifle scope for deer hunting in 2015 once installed on your rifle, will certainly give you an extra edge while hunting.


Things to consider:

–  Quality scopes need to offer enhanced magnification levels during shots.

– use powerful scopes from 3x to 12x for better precision.

–  Take into account optical brands such as BSA and Tasco while shopping for new scopes.

–  Makes sure that the scope comes with an illuminated reticle.


Top rated rifle scopes for deer hunting in 2015


The different reviews that have been published in the past about the best rifle scopes under $50 have identified some of the best products that can be taken into account. If you love deer hunting, you will surely benefit from the recommendations that have been given by other users. In the rest of this article, you will be provided with insights on three of the best choices that can be taken into account, which are all equally excellent in terms of quality.



Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Rifle Scope


Are you a trophy hunter and you can’t decide which rifle scope to fit to your weapon? Our expert team comes to your aid and suggest investing in this model form Bushnell. This state-of-the art scope will give you the possibility to have a 1000 yards field of view, perfect for large game hunting.  The maximum 9x magnification power will guarantee the increase of your shooting precision, so you will rarely miss your intended target. The 50 mm objective lens will give you an upper hand over other scopes when the lighting is in short supply. If we consider all these features, it’s easy to see why many experts consider this model one of the best rifle scopes 2015.



The large 50mm objective lens allows the hunter to have a clear sight of his target, even in low-light conditions

Dush & Dawn Brightness muti-coated optics are specifically designed to offer excellent visibility to the user in lighting conditions of late evenings

The tube design is waterproof,  shockproof and fogproof construction, ideal for shooting in any type of weather conditions

The 9x magnification lets the hunter zoom in on his intended target from a considerable distance




It requires elevated rings for clearing the barrel (this will require just a slight adjustment, nothing too serious)

The scope has parts made in different locations around the world (if a part needs to be replaced this might be a predicament)


I got this model as a Xmas gift from a close friend and frankly I couldn’t wished for a better present. I have had the chance to test it in all sorts of difficult conditions and it has proven to be one of the most reliable scopes for deer hunting I have ever tried.” – John Cutler


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BSA 3-9X50 Deerhunter Rifle Scope


Best Rifle Scopes for Deer HuntingAccuracy is one of the most important things that should be noted as you select the best rifle scopes for deer hunting. In this case, there is no doubt that this option from BSA can prove to be an option that you will not regret choosing. One thing that can prove to be helpful in making it function in a manner that is accurate is the use of fully multi-coated optics, that ill easily let you take a peek at your target. It offer clarity of resolution for you to not miss your shot when you are out and hunting.

In addition, another thing that makes this an excellent choice is the fact that t is backed up with lifetime limited warranty, which is a reflection of the commitment of the manufacture to provide support to the users of such even years after the purchase has been made.



 Carefully designed by skilled BSA Optics engineers and optical technicians

 Great value for the price – bestselling rifle scope in the U.S.

 Includes 3.9 MM x 50 MM camera, made of high quality glass lens for enhanced hunting accuracy

 Features a professional turret, packed with nitrogen which significantly diminishes fogging during hunting sessions

 Impressive target resolution, ideal to improve the overall hunting experience

 Offers amazing zoom capabilities which brings the prey closer than ever



 Some assembly might be required (takes more than 10 minutes, depending on the instruction manual)

 Might need some special oil in order to properly work (this is an accessory which can be purchased separately)


“I don’t regret investing in BSA 3-9X50 Deerhunter Rifle Scope because it has enhanced my accuracy and now my trophy wall is much more diverse. The multi-coated optics allows me to have a clear sight of my game, no matter the weather conditions. I adjust it accordingly, depending on the conditions with excellent results always. I have found that this affordable scope doesn’t just work well for deer-hunting, it’s also good for other types of hunting. In conclusion, I honestly believe it’s the best rifle scope for deer hunting 2015.” – Rudolph A. Dye


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BSA Deer Hunter 2.5×20 Rifle Scope


If you are going on a hunting trip, the least that you would want is to bring in a heavy baggage that is filled with the equipment that you will need. With this rifle scope, you will not need a large bag as it has a compact design, making it a snap to bring on your next trip.

Aside from the compact design of this product, it is also most-known for its sold construction, which makes it a durable choice. Even after years of using it during your hunting adventures, there is no need to have it replaced after a short while since it can still work as good as new.

Lastly, another thing that makes this an option that you will not regret is that it has an affordable price tag, which makes it easy to purchase such. Nonetheless, even if it is cheap, it does not fall short in terms of quality and functionality.



 Weather and water resistant housing, great for complex hunting sessions in different conditions

 It has a carefully built hunting design with enhanced deer spotting efficiency

 The scope offers amazing eye comfort and relief, even during long hunting hours

 Due to the advanced optical system the scope delivers crystal clear images

 Considered by thousands of satisfied hunters as the best rifle scope for deer stalking in 2015

 It offers an impressive 100 yards field of view

 Includes a special fingertip customizable windage



 Does not include carrying pouch (this is an accessory sold separately)

 It does not come with carefully designed wash cloth (this is a special accessory)


“I read numerous hunting magazines and most of them were recommending this rifle scope from BSA. Then I turned to the best rated rifle scopes for deer hunting reviews and to customer reviews and I was absolutely sure BSA Deer Hunter 25×50 rifle scope was the model to get. Since I’ve bought it, I have been very pleased with the accuracy it grants me and I have never come back from hunting empty-handed. Surprisingly, I got it at a very advantageous Black Friday deal.” – George Patton


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Tasco World Class 3-9×40 Riflescope


In many of the reviews about the best rifle scopes for deer hunting, this is considered to be the most popular model. The mere fact that this is the most-trusted in the marketplace can already be considered as a good reason on why it should be considered above others.

Another thing that makes this an ideal choice is the fact that it is sold construction, which makes it perfect for those with an active and adventurous lifestyle. This product has the ability to rest shock, fog, and water, which is not only a proof of its durability, but also of its ability to be effective in a variety of external conditions.

Lastly, it has an objective lens with generous size, which makes it able to perform in an excellent manner when it comes to magnification. Aside from such, it also has an excellent ability for light gathering to make it perform in different environments.



 Includes high quality Monotube construction which resists well to external agents, characterized by natural environment

 It has an advanced optical system which delivers high magnification levels from 3 to 9x

 Features high quality SuperCon coating with multiple layers that resist well to prolonged use

 Includes large objective lens with enhanced lighting quality

 100% shockproof, fog proof and waterproof housing

 Benefits from an exclusive lifetime warranty from manufacturer

 Features 40 mm objective lens and also special 30/30 reticle for proper animal spotting



 Some assembly might be needed (takes from 10 to 15 minutes)

 Do not includes a detailed instruction manual (additional information can be consulted at Tasco official website)


“One of my best rifles for the money I spent in my collection is Tasco World Class 3-9×40, which I use especially for deer hunting. The main reason why I bought it was the ability to provide shooting precision in any type of weather, even fog or rain. It’s easy to adjust to various settings and overall I’m quite pleased by it. The price was affordable as well and I think any hunter with an average budget can purchase it.” – Anthony Green


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BSA DH39X40 Deerhunter Rifle Scope


2The BSA DH39C40 might not be the best rifle scope that can be bought in 2015, but it still has some top features which can aid novice deer hunters in gaining valuable experience. The glass lens that has been used to make this scope is comparable to those used to make professional cameras, thus giving you the chance to have a clear sight of your prey. While the objective lens is not the biggest you can find on today’s market, it still can provide a 9x magnification. Also, it weighs less than 15 ounces so it will not add any serious weight to your rifle.



It can be very easy to mount on any type of rifle even for novice hunters

The 9X magnification will allow the hunter to have a clear sight of the prey he’s trying to bring down

A wide field of view that stretches to 100 yards

An accessible price range for any hunter with an average budget



It can make the access to the rifle’s hammer somewhat difficult (only for certain models)

Although its a good choice it can’t be compared to the performance level of  50 mm rifle scopes


“Which model is the best scope for deer hunting is a very difficult question. I can only recommend this scope from BSA because for under $50 I’ve bought a very helpful model. The wide field of view lets me see clearly my target. helping me add a few trophy heads on my wall.” – Jim Benson 

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