Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews


Top rated portable induction cooktops in 2014


The rest of this article will identify some of the best cooktops under $200that have been recommended in many reviews written in the past. These models have been given high ratings by their users, which can serve as a guarantee. If you choose them, you won’t regret your decision.


Professional buying guide – How to choose a good & affordable portable induction cooktop


portind1Conventional cooktops work using gas or electricity and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Technological advances have brought forth the induction cooktop, which is superior in every regard to other standard models. If you are interested in purchasing such a device for your kitchen, then you need to keep in mind certain aspects. In the follow lines, you will know what features to look for when trying to purchase an induction cooktop.

Also, note that we have created this buying guide after we read and analyzed the most appreciated induction cooktops reviews, from different sites. The features we have selected will be present in a reliable model.


Such a cooktop can cook twice as fast as a standard model, limiting the time it will take you to prepare a meal. Other advantages include: a high degree of safety and superior energy efficiency levels. What this cooktop practically does, is to generate electromagnetic currents under the glass or ceramic burners. You need cookware made out of iron or stainless steel to work with such portable cooker and this is a very important aspect to remember.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product  Power level Price  LCD/LED display Timer settings Customer Rating Where to buy
Sunpentown SR-964B  1300W  $$$$ YES 10h A+  COMPACT APPLIANCE
Max Burton 6200 Deluxe  1800W $$$$   YES 3h A+  AMAZON
Duxtop 8100MC 1800W $$$ YES 3h AMAZON
Nesco PIC-14  1500W $$  YES  No B AMAZON
SPT SR-964TS  1300W $$  YES 8h AMAZON


To make sure you have the right pot or pan, see if a magnet reacts to it. If the magnet doesn’t react, it means you have the wrong type of cookware. With such a cooktop you have no chance of getting yourself burned if you touch the ceramic surface because it only heats the pans and pots placed on its burners. This is why induction technology is recommended for your home if you have children.

Now that you understand how an induction cooktop works, you need to know which portable models you should go for. The first thing you need to do, is to read the best portable induction cooktop reviews and customer reports too. Like this, you can identify the most reliable models which are light enough and have the compact design to be taken easily anywhere with you. You will be required to pay more because these cooktops are more expensive than gas or electric models. We believe this is the only drawback to purchasing such a cooker. Now depending on your budget you can get special features, like an automatic switch off system. This stops the cooker from working if the liquid you have placed inside a pan has evaporated.

The risks of fires breaking out is also minimized by a induction cooktop, so your kitchen will be extra safe environment. Also, you can opt for one which will have a child safety lock, so your bundle of joy can never turn it on, even by accident. You will manage to boil water two times faster, this proving to be a great advantage.

Because the cooktop with induction technology is so efficient when it is comes to consuming electricity, more and more people are rushing to buy it, realizing its potential. With one, in a few years you will save a lot of money on your bills, while cooking your meals much faster than before.The best portable induction cooktop in 2014 will definitely prove a great asset, improving your cooking abilities.


Things to consider:


Many people have reported that they made much better purchases, after they have read the top reviews and customer reports as well.

-          Energy efficiency;

-          Have cookware made out of stainless steel or cast iron;

-          Top safety features, especially for children;

-          Check the weight and size;

-          Check your budget because such a cooktop is a bit expensive, but will help you save money in the long run.


These are the most appreciated induction cooktops from the market:



Sunpentown SR-964B


Induction technology is more advanced than your normal gas or electric one and this is why the Sunpentown SR-964B comes highly recommended. Get a wide variety of choices through the 20 different power levels it can work at. An auto shut off system will protect your investment from different dangers so you will have it at your disposal for a very long time.



 Push button controls and a timer make this unit the answer for what to look for in portable induction cooktop

 ETL- and NSF-approved cooktop boasts of 20 different power levels and three temperature settings

 Unit has protection against overheating and automatically shuts off when no cookware is set on it

 Has warm and cook functions so food is always nicely and evenly heated



 Cooktop is intended for use with induction-friendly  cookware

 Oil spots, finger smudges or splashes will easily show on the glossy black finish, necessitating immediate clean-up


 “This induction cooktop has done wonders for me, operating perfectly and allowing me to warm up or cook different dishes quicker and better than before. Paying a bit more really makes a difference in this case.” – Amanda Milner

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Max Burton 6200 Deluxe Portable Cooktop


Best Portable Induction Cooktop ReviewsThis model has 1,800 watts of power that will allow the delivery of efficient heat. It has 10 varying power levels and temperature settings that will give you the flexibility to choose the one that is most appropriate for what you will be cooking. To make sure of your safety and the effectiveness of the unit, it has an unsuitable cookware detector, which will send you a notification once its sensor was able to determine that you are using the wrong type of cookware.



 A must for controlled temperature settings while cooking as the unit heats up quickly, maintains set temperature levels and offers even heat distribution

 Has ten power levels and an easy-to-read LED display

 More energy efficient than gas or electric cooktops while being able to heat up much quicker

 Provides fast and safe cooking with a cookware detection sensor and overheat sensor



 Temperature settings only range from 140OF to 450OF, nothing lower or higher

 Usable only with induction-specific cookware


“Induction cooking is amazing, giving me the chance to cook dishes faster than before. Max Burton 6200 was my choice for a portable cooktop using this technology and I am amazed with its performance level. The best portable induction cooktop reviews recommended it as a premium model.” – Brandon Durham


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Fagor Induction Cooktop

The best portable induction cooktops reviews single out the fact, that this set from Fagor is just the thing if you are looking for portability. It is light, compact and efficient, all in the same design. If you forget to shut it off, no problem, because after some minutes it will stop working all by itself. Set it to 10 different power levels, so you can cook a wide variety of dishes.



 Compact profile will fit  neatly into a countertop

 Stove unit has ten power settings from 300 watts to 1600 watts, for perfect cooking temperatures and for whatever  cooking purpose or style

 Single piece casting method used in the Skillet’s assembly uses high quality aluminum material that ensures even distribution of heat when cooking, a thicker base plus protection from product warping

 Skillet can be used on all types of cooktops



 Cooktop requires use of induction-compatible pots and pans

 Cooktop emits a slight fan noise when in operation


 “I knew the advantages of an induction cooktop and this is why I opted for this model. I suggest to other interested buyers that they do the same, because it really makes a huge difference. Another reason which made me buy it was seing that it was included in all top 10 portable induction countertop lists on top reviewing sites.” – Jack Foster

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Duxtop 8100MC Portable Cooktop


One of the best features of this product highlighted in various best portable induction cooktop reviews is the use of self-adjusting burner in this product. This is an intelligent feature that allows the appliance to automatically determine the heat and energy that will prove to be most ideal depending on the cookware that is placed on the top. Aside from such, it also has auto shut-off feature, which allows the unit to turn off its power once the cookware is removed.



 Cooktop provides up to 1800 watts of heating power to cook or heat food most efficiently and perfectly

 Designed with a compact and lightweight frame for trouble-free handling and storage

 Easy-to-read digital control panel is also easy to use

 Pan detection sensor shuts unit off automatically when no cookware is detected after 1 minute



 For exclusive use with DUXTOP Full-Clad premium cookware and other induction-compatible pots and pans

 Cooking surface may not be usable with really large pots and pans


“Duxtop has done a fine job in manufacturing this induction cooktop which works like a charm for me and has a price under $100. I bought it for its safety features as well, so my children don’t get burnt by accident. I believe this is a top notch induction cooktop which can even be a great Xmas gift.” – Yvonne O. Egbert


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Nesco PIC-14 Portable Cooktop


Compared to conventional burners, this induction cooktop from Nesco will prove to be a better choice not only because of its energy efficiency, but also because of the fact that it is safer to operate and it functions quicker. Compared to other cooktops, however, this will prove to be better because it has silent operations, which is because of its quiet motor. Lastly, this can prove to be a good choice because it is easy to clean.



 Small and compact frame is perfect for use in cramped dorm rooms, patios, RVs or for camping outings and picnics

 Unit is safe to use in homes with small children, handicapped  or elderly people

 Provides rapid and even heating so foods always come out nicely cooked

 Is 84% more energy efficient than conventional cooking ranges



 Will work perfectly only with induction-compatible pots and pans, which can be bought separately

 Operates noiselessly except for the unit’s cooling fan


“I wanted to take advantage of the new portable induction cooktop technology and with Nesco PIC-14 I can do just that, while being able to make good use of its portability. Because it’s perfect for cooking all sorts of dishes and is extra safe, I think it’s the best portable induction cooktop 2014.” – Roberta G.


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SPT SR-964TS Portable Cooktop


Whether you would want to cook or just warm food, you will surely not regret choosing this model, given the wide array of choices that you can possibly be confronted with. There are many of the features in this product that are also present in the more expensive counterparts. One thing that many have liked is that it will allow you to cook precisely, basically because you can easily input the temperature that is desired, depending on what you will cook or warm.



 LED panel is touch sensitive and has built-in control lock that enables the cooktop to maintain temperature settings evenly

 Provides dual functions of warming and cooking so nothing ever goes wrong in the cooking process

 Engineered to deliver 13 different keep-warm settings: from 100OF to 180OF in 20-degree increments; from 190OF to 250OF in 20-degree increments; and 280OF, 300OF, 350OF and 390OF

 Has 8-hour timer and seven power settings: 100-300-500-700-900-1100-1300-watt



 Requires an AC outlet to run

 Only works with induction-ready cookware


“I am absolutely thrilled about the superior performance level of this best rated induction cooktop from SPT. And to think I’ve managed to get with a huge Black Friday discount, makes me even happier. I recommend it because this model is of top quality and will make cooking easier, plus tastier.” – Gabriel H. Parrish


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NuWave PIC-1300 Portable Cooktop


In many best portable induction cooktop reviews, people have revealed that this is an excellent choice when it comes to flexibility. Aside from having six pre-programmed settings, there are more than 50 options when it comes to its temperature. Users can choose anywhere from 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from flexibility, its visual appeal is another reason for its popularity. In fact, even if it is served at the middle of the dining table, it can look like an elegant centerpiece, which is also functional at the same time.



 Offers cooking flexibility for the serious kitchen professional, with the widest range in its class: 52 temperature settings ranging from 100OF up to 575OF

 Engineered to deliver programmable stage functionality and up to 100 hours of program memory plus performance and has what to look for in portable induction cooktop

 Equipped with six different pre-programmed temperature settings for less guesswork

 Lightweight and portable, goes on a small countertop or cramped living spaces with ease



 Requires a standard AC outlet to operate

 Should only be used with compatible pots and pans


“I chose this cooktop from NuWave because it presented me with a lot of options when it comes to cooking a wide array of meals. I don’t think many cooktops have the number of options this one has and this is why I recommend it to other households. I’ve been asked what is the best portable induction cooktop and I can only reply with the NuWave PIC-1300” – Ray T. Crandall


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