Best portable fishfinder reviews


Top rated portable fishfinders in 2014


Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities you can have and a lot of people across the US are doing it. Thechnological advances have made it easier to find the fish and thus catch more so the fishing session becomes more fun to everyone involved. One prefered tool of fishermen today is the portable fish finder which uses sonar to find you the schools of fish you are looking for. The following suggestions are made so you know which devices to purchase.



How to choose the best portable fishfinders – Buying guide


portfishToday, millions of Americans love to fish on rivers, lakes with their friends and family members. Are you currently searching for new ways to fish better than ever and ultimately go home with a lot of fish? If you are then you should consider investing in a powerful fishfinder, designed to upgrade your fishing precision, every time you are out with a fish rod in your hands. Once you start reading the best portable fishfinder reviews you will be able to narrow down the selection process to one product. With professional information on top rated fishfinders, you will be able to have in your boat a reliable assistant during every fish session. Why should you opt for a fishfinder? Well, this is without a doubt a device that can redefine the way you fish.

With the best portable fishfinder in 2014 you will be able to fish with more precision, thus ending up with quality results, which is exactly what you’re looking for. Fishermen need to see exactly where fish banks are located in order to take out of the pond tons of fish. The guessing game is obsolete, now this advanced device can fully upgrade your fishing experience. Most of these devices use sonar signals in order to safely locate and offer visual images of moving and still objects located beneath the surface of the water. You will see exactly what goes on in the water, thus pointing the road in the right direction with no problems whatsoever.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Display Size Price  Depth  Weight Customer Rating Where to buy
 Garmin Echo 100 4 inch $$ 600 ft >1 pound A AMAZON

Humminbird 120 Fishin’ Buddy

4 inch $$$  240 ft  5 pounds A+ AMAZON
 Lowrance HDS-5 GEN2 5 inch $$$$$ +600 ft 4.7 pounds B AMAZON
 Humminbird 408120-1 5 inch $$$$ +600 ft 4.4 pounds B+ AMAZON
 NorCross HawkEye F33P 2.3 inch $$ 100 ft 1.6 pounds B AMAZON


You should know that the fishfinders come in different types, obviously with advantages and disadvantages. If you are on the market for such a device, you will be able to find one, given the price variations, for various brands.

Top of the notch fishfinders use innovative sonar technology, which keeps track of whatever goes on in the water. Even though you end up with the best portable fishfinder in 2014, you need additional information, which can enhance the fishing experience. Still, you should also know exactly how the device works in order to safely end up with quality results. Well, fishfinders use sonar technology. This particularity means that the sonar sends an electrical impulse, which is ultimately converted into a specific sound signal. The signal manages to penetrate the water in a cone shape, which travels on the bottom of the water, going through objects and then sends the signal back. The sound echo brings back to the respective fishfinder and thus you will benefit from quality images of what goes on in the river.


It is important to see with accuracy what you fish and this device can bring in detail whatever goes on in the water. You will be able to distinguish with precision fish from debris and pinpoint easier schools of baitfish without any problems whatsoever. According to recent statistics it comes as no surprise to see fishfinders being so popular in the US today. The fishfinder come with maps, chart plotters and GPS system, with better fishing management whenever you go out.


What you need to keep in mind:

- Portable fishfinders use advanced sonar technology in order to locate fish and guide users in the right direction.

-  Portability is the key note of fishfinders, letting people takes them from one boat to another.

-  Fishfinders with high-end power technology which safely underlines the presence of fish banks.


Lowrance HDS-5 GEN2 Plotter/Sander


A professional fishfinder will definitely help you know where the fish are and thus improve your catch. One of the best portable fishfinders in 2014 is without a doubt the Lowrance HDS=5 GEN 2, which comes with a 5 inch color LCD that will show you everything you need to know about the underwater world. With it also you will always be able to pinpoint your location and save your hot spots, where the fish always are.

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 “I can’t compare my old fishfinder with this one, which really has been of much help. I paid a bit more but I got the quality that I wanted, helping me catch bigger and better fish.” – Luke Johnson


Garmin Echo 100 Fishfinder


Best portable fishfinder reviews

If you want to find the fish more easily than getting the Garmin Echo 100 is a excellent option. The 4 inch dislpay shows you where the fish are up to a depth of 600 ft. The best thing about it is, from me, was its great quality to price ratio which is among the best there is. I like the simple design and also the easy to use controls and menu, making it one of the top portable fishfinders in 2014.

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Garmin Echo 100 Fishfinder is the reliable tool for all the fishermen out there. This product never disappointed me. I find it very easy to use and very accurate in its readings. I always know where the fist are with its help. “ LukeBurke



Humminbird SmartCast RF35 Fishfinder


This fishfinder is very convenient for transportation, because you always have it with you on your wrist. Even though its display is small, just 1.25 inches, I was surprised to see that it was very accurate in displaying the fish below. It is able to find fish at depths of 120 feet and it is very accurate. As you can imagine the whole device is completely waterproof.

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I was really attracted by the features of Humminbird SmartCast RF35 Fishfinder. After finding your review, I bought this product immediately. I easily find the fish with this compact fishfinder.“ Leo Lang


Humminbird 120 Fishin` Buddy Fishfinder


The best portable fishfinder reviews have taken to the Humminbird 120 Fishin` Buddy becasuse of its efficeincy. It is equipped with a 4 inch monocrome dispay which I found to be very accurate and extremely trustworthy. This is due to the 8 level greyscale as well, which differentiates certain underwater objects. Geat battery life as well, able to work up to 30 hours in one charge.

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I never have to worry about not catching a fish with my Humminbird 120 Fishin` Buddy Fishfinder. I find to be very accurate in its readings and a definite great piece of help when looking for schools of fish..“ Erick Coleman


NorCross HawkEye F33P FishFinder


With the NorCross F33P you won`t miss any solid object, pland or fish which can be found from depths of 1.5 to 99.9 feet. The most impresive feature it has to offer, which I personally tested, is that it can operate at low degree conditions, the limit being 0 degrees F. Simple to use as well, just toss it from the side of your boat, open the monitor and you are ready to find your fish. The advantages that it manages to present make out of it one of the top portable fishfinders in 2014.

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Humminbird PiranhaMax 230PT Fishfinder


The Humminbird Piranha Max 230PT will give you the possibility of a greater catch and with less effort from your part. The underwater environment and fish of course are displayed by a 4 inch LCD display which is capable of a four level greyscale. I appreciated the fact that it gives you 3 different types of beams: a 20, 60 and 90 degree one. So many qualities have made the best portable fishfinder reviews to recommend it to fishermen al over the US.

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Finding the best fish finder is not a problem anymore. Humminbird PiranhaMax 230PT Fishfinder is the perfect model for me. It is easy to use so and very quickly I find out where the fish are. “ Richard Hernandez


Humminbird 408120-1 Fishfinder


The best portable fishfinders reviews suggest that a top choice for a successful fishing session is the Hummingbird 408120-1 fishfinder and its top performances. The LED 5 inch display will show you in excellent detail what is under your boat, if there are fish or not. The sonar also will show you which kind of bottom there is below your boat, if there are some kind of structures and many more in clear and detailed images. You will also have maps of rivers, lakes and the entire US costline so you always can map your favorite spot which produced the best fish in the past.

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Lowrance 000-10236-001 Elite-5 Fishfinder


So you can find fish more easily and catch bigger and better fish, you need to have with you a reliable fishfinder and the Loweance Elite-5 is just the one for you. You will be amazed by the detail readings which the color 5 inch display shows. The maps of coast are very detailed and reliable, showing very accurately where you are thanks to its built-in GPS. Also you will be able to easily go through the sonar`s history so you will be able to get to your hotspot easily. Plus the whole device is very easy to control thanks to its simple menu and controls.

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If the model you search for is not here, you can check this website: – a reliable source when it comes to the best portable fishfinders in 2014!