Best Mountain Bikes under $200


Comparison Table


ProductTarget GenderPriceWheelsFrameOur RatingWhere to buy

Generic Hyper Havoc


Stowabike Folding Bike

Unisex$$$$26″Steel foldingAAMAZON

Mongoose Montana


Mantis Colossus


Huffy DS-5

Men$$26″Hi-ten steelCAMAZON


Buying Guide


Mountain bikes are very popular among people that desire to pedal away without stress on different trails. With the right bike, no road becomes too hard to handle. If you are currently looking for a sturdy mountain bike, the following rows will prove to be quite helpful. Today’s offer on such bikes is impressive, manufacturers competing to capture rider’s attention through the release of cool and reliable models. So, picking out the right bike is no slim picking. For instance, the market offers early-entry, medium and advanced skill based mountain bikes, which incorporate specific features. As a result, the first thing that you have to do is determine your riding skill, and then take things from there.


Budget considerations

You probably have a budget which has to be respected. Fortunately identifying out one of the best mountain bikes under 200 in 2017 is a blast. Why? Well, manufacturers responded to a growing demand from users: create powerful but also affordable bikes. We took this into consideration during our research. Going through professional reviews and user testimonials enabled us to understand what makes certain bikes great. Now, the type of terrain you are going to tackle on a daily basis plays an important role in selecting a bike. For dirt, gravel and muddy roads, mountain bikes are perfect. Even though this is a subtle distinction, some riders don’t realize just how it affects the riding experience. So, you should look for a bike with a solid built, wide and knobbed tires and also a smooth suspension system. These are the primary characteristics of a reliable mountain bike that can be used on even the roughest of roads.


Desirable features

Finding one of the best mountain bikes under 200 becomes easier once you know exactly how to approach the search. The suspension system is very important to the smooth functionality of the bike. Most of the current mountain bikes models come equipped with one of the following systems: full suspension, hard tail (front suspension) or lack of suspension. Try your best to avoid deals that sound too good to be true. There are cheaper versions of mountain bikes which incorporate low quality components that break down on rough riding trails. Stability is important during each ride and for this reason you need to pay attention to the bike’s construction. So, we recommend that you opt for a bike with a solid fork and shock dampening system. Such traits permit the mountain bike to match the terrains conditions, helping riders control easier the whole experience.


Keeping an eye out for the brand

Most of the best mountain bikes under 200 come with a simple design but solid construction. An important aspect about the mountain bike is the component manufacturer. You should keep a look out for brands like Shimano, RockShox, WTB, Fox or SRAM, known for their high quality products. If the bike is equipped with components from one of the brands mentioned above, you will most likely pedal away without worrying about technical problems. Recent surveys show that Shimano components are appreciated for their sturdy construction and prolonged lifespan.


Things to consider:

–         Suspension system, this ensures riding smoothness and higher rider control

–         Size of the wheel (26 inch, 27.5 inch or 29 inch) which accommodates changing terrains

–         General design, to match rider’s personality

–         Component quality, look for products designed by Shimano or SRAM




Best mountain bikes for the money


The rest of this article will identify some of the best mountain bikes under $200. The brands and models that will be mentioned below are some of the best choices that are currently available. This is based on the ratings and feedback given by the people who have used them in the past. By the time you have finished reading this article, you will surely be enlightened on the right choice to make.



Stowabike Folding Dual Suspension


The superiority of this bike is apparent from the fact that it has dual suspension and that it is made from high quality materials that are built to last and withstand wear and tear. More so, another important reason on why this mountain bike is popular is its space efficiency. It is foldable, which means that you no longer have to worry about how to store it in your house, even if there is limited space. This also makes it easier to fit the bike inside the car or the trunk and bring it to your destination.



As one of the best mountain bikes under $200 from Stowabike, the 26” folding bike is fitted with dual suspension and high quality components from Shimano which last for a long period of time

Features a solid folding frame that allows people to easily fold the bike and store around the house without problems

With a solid construction and an elegant design, this mountain bike incorporates a left shifter (Microshift) 3 speed drip and right shifter (Microshift) 6 speed grip

The mountain bike comes equipped with a Saigun QD-23a derailleur and Shimano RD-TZ50 rear derailleur for heightened control during rides



The assembly manual is not well represented, reuniting illustrations that won’t offer enough guidance

The suspension system requires a bit of adjustment till first ride


Buy from for ($129.99)




Mantis Colossus


Equipped with 29-inch wheels, this model is another one that is often listed in the best mountain bikes under $200. Because of the large size of its wheels, it will be able to roll smoothly regardless of the terrain at which it will be used. If you decide to use it on a concrete road, it will perform well. The same thing is true if it is used in a rugged surface. With the use of this bike, there will be fewer worries on where to go as it can basically take you wherever your destination is.



Placed among this year’s Black Friday deals on mountain bikes, the Colossus model from Mantis is a powerful riding instrument offering riders the chance to reach their potential on different trails

Equipped with 29” alloy wheels which handles asphalt, pavement, dirt and muddy roads this mountain bike is reliable enough to reach any destination in style

Incorporates solid twist-grip shifters that permits riders to easily control all of the 21 speeds

Features a high quality steel frame and front disc brake for a comfortable and stable riding experience



Some assembly is needed but the instruction manual does provide real assistance


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Products that are no longer available


Huffy Men’s Alpine


One of the best features of this mountain bike is the Enzo twist shifting system, which is basically responsible for having the guarantee that shifting gear will never be a hassle, and hence, the entire bike ride will be a smoother experience. The steel frame of this mountain bike is also worth commending because it is built to last, making it perfect for tough users. This will provide the assurance that the bike will be functional longer, even with frequent use.



Schwinn Women’s SX2000


The Schwinn Aluminum Mountain Geometry Frame is one of the things that set this mountain bike apart from others in the product category. This makes sure that the bike is a snap to control, making it easily follow the commands of the user. The rims of this bike are made from aluminum alloys that have the ability to resist rusting. Such material is not only lightweight but also durable. Lastly, it is equipped with padded Schwinn saddle to help promote the comfort of the biker.



Mongoose XR200


Best Mountain Bikes under $200This bike will require some assembly, but it is nothing too tiring that can negatively affect its reputation as one of the best mountain bikes under $200. On an average, it will take about half an hour to complete its assembly, which is not too long at all. Many of its buyers have commended the aluminum suspension frame of this bike. It is liked by many not only because of its durability, but because it helps the bike to run smoothly even on rough surfaces.