Best monitor for photo editing


Top monitors for photo editing in 2014


The whole output of the computer is relying on its monitor. If you are using your computer for any special purpose then you also requires special monitor. Monitors that are used for gaming and photo editing purposes should have high resolution and good picture display. This article has some best gaming monitors under $150 that are good in their function.


How to choose a good monitor for photo editing


monittPhotography is becoming more and more popular these days, as a hobby or as a full time profession. Technological progress has really improved the quality of your normal camera and also has made the photo editing options more diverse. As you get more passionate about photography, you will start to edit your photos more often and for this you need the right kind of monitor. Since you don’t have experience in finding a monitor, a often asked question arises: What model to go for? We will answer this question by giving you the knowledge to pick out the right solution. And the end of this buying guide, you will know exactly what monitor is within your reach.

There are a few general things to look for in a monitor and the first one is the image quality. The ideal monitor should produce more than 500 million different colors, so you modify your photos professionally. Afterwards, you need to look for a monitor which won’t shift the color, as you are viewing the screen from different angles. Generally, LCD screens have a problem with this feature and may darken the colors if they are not of top quality. The next step is to test the monitor’s color precision, to make sure it doesn’t change the tone of the picture coloring.

The features and tips we describe in this buying guide, have been chosen by us after we read the most reputable monitor reviews. Our professional team also added pieces of info from their own personal experience with different monitors.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Inches Price Monitor Type Touch Screen Customer Rating Where to buy

Dell UltraSharp U2412M

24 $$$$ LED-Lit No A+ AMAZON

Asus VE228H

21.5 $$$ LED No B+ AMAZON

Viewsonic VX2450WM

24 $$$$ LED-Lit/LCD No A AMAZON

Viewsonic VX2453MH

20 $$ LED-Lit No B+ AMAZON

AOC e2050wd

24 $$$ LED No B+ AMAZON


In some cases, the problem related to shifting color tones is not with your monitor, it can be with the PC’s graphics card. You should upgrade it every now and then, to make sure this doesn’t become an issue for you. If you have a new generation monitor and an obsolete graphics card, you are going nowhere with your photo editing possibilities. Also, check how well you can read texts that will appear in your photos. This can be a good way to reveal the monitor’s quality. Next, we are going to present the types of monitors recommended for photography. From one of these categories, you can choose the model you think is the best monitor for photo editing in 2014.

The LCD monitors are the most common on the market and there are subcategories to such a monitor. IPS (in-plane switching) is most recommended subcategory by specialists, with the most precise color readings. Also, TN and VA monitors are reliable choices, but inferior and less expensive. And if you are thinking of a LED monitor, then you should invest in a RGB-LED model, which has a superior color accuracy and color gamut.

Take these features into consideration and you will be able to select the right type of monitor. Then you can start editing photos and videos professionally with stunning end results. For more insight about different models, you should check out the best monitor for photo editing reviews. The best monitor for photo editing in 2014, can be yours, if you are aware of a few basic features. Stay informed about what you are buying and you will undoubtedly make the correct decision.


Useful tips about a monitor for photo editing:

-          A High image quality;

-          A superior color accuracy;

-          The colors shouldn’t change too much when shifting the angle of view;

-          The best LCD monitors are the IPS ones; TN and VA models are good as well and less expensive;

-          For LED technology get the RGB-LED monitors for superior color precision and gamut.



Dell UltraSharp U2412M monitor


Variation is always good and this monitor offers flexibility in picking the view that works best for you. This monitor has the wide range to tilt, pivot and adjusts heights. It is not only smart in providing variation but it also gives the increase viewing area. It has amazing and best quality colors to make every single thing sharper. It also has customizable energy feature. You can adjust colors of the text, reduces its brightness etc to save energy.  It is good for the environment too; it has mercury and arsenic free panels.

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“When I read what features it had, I was impressed. I continued reading a few reviews about it and I was convinced into buy it. I turns out that I was right and because of its top features, I can use it for quality photo editing.” – Gregg Wilson


Asus VE228H monitor


If you looking for the monitor that can fulfill your entertainment need then this monitor is the best for you. It has many special features that can take your entertainment to whole new level. Firstly, it is best in providing high definition images; it has resolution of 1920 X 1080. Along with this, its pixel pitch is around 0.248mm. Its quality color display always makes sure that you get the perfect colors and increases the quality of your any image. It is also present with speakers.

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“Asus VE228H monitor was my investment for a top monitor. While most people buy it for gaming purposes, I got it for video editing. The video quality is sublime and can only I recommend it.” - Frank Oliver


Viewsonic VX2450WM monitor


Picture editing is not an easy task. Some pictures require details of every object to make them masterpiece. This 24 inches color and full HD monitor is best monitor for photo editing. It has very wide screen to make everything clearer. It has the quality to adjust the color and contrast of the picture automatically so you can always see the best high definition image. It has the resolution of 1920 x 1080p. This monitor is also capable of saving much amount of energy. It provides up to 50 % saving of electricity.

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“For a very decent price range I managed to get this LED monitor. It consumes less power than my old LCD, plus has a better picture quality. This makes me a satisfied customer and I must recommend it for its top performances.” -  Christian Hunter


Viewsonic VX2453MH monitor


Best monitor for photo editingThis 24 inches monitor has color display and shows the picture in best possible quality. It has full HD resolution of 1920 x1080 p. Every picture that is viewed on this LED monitor is sharp and crispy that makes it one of the best monitor for photo editing. It has ultra thin shape and designed to be fit anywhere and looks beautiful. It is good on energy bills and saves up to 40 % of electricity. It is also equipped with speakers and gives clear and loud sound.

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“For my PC, I wanted a monitor with top video features, so I could do a bit of photo editing. This hobby of mine is even more pleasant with this monitor from Viewsonic. It is definitely a great monitor.” – Eddy Madsen


AOC e2050wd LED Lit Monitor


A reliable monitor is what gamers and photo enthusiasts need, but if you are from the second category you should seriously consider getting the AOC e2050wd because it has been voted as one of the best monitors for photo editing in 2014. This 20 inch monitor can be mounted on the wall even and offers a top picture quality. The design is also ultra-slim and it doesn’t weight almost anything.

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 “From a price-quality ratio this was the best choice I could have made. I put it to a lot of tests and it didn’t disappoint one bit. Video editing is well within this monitor’s capabilities, so this makes me a happy customer.” – Robert Johnston


Viewsonic VA2448M monitor


This monitor is in demand and likable by many people because of its extremely useful features. This LED monitor has the screen size of 24 inches. It gives the full HD view because of its highest resolution i.e. 1080 p. It has thin design and can be mounted in wall and placed according to your need. It is the full multimedia provider and has integrated speakers also that produce quality and clear sound. Its color adjustment and bright color makes it ideal to be used for gaming and photo editing.

“Getting a Full HD monitor was a priority for me because I wanted to play the games that I like and also to edit some photos. After doing a bit of market research I came across this model from Viewsonic and thanks to it, I can do the things that I want in the best conditions possible.” – Nick Stoner