Best microwaves under $100

Best microwaves for the money


Owning a microwave will let you have a lot of advantages that previously you simply couldn`t have. You don`t necessarily have to get a very expensive one to use in your kitchen because there are cheaper options that have excellent features as well, which normally should suffice. So you know which model is best for you, we have the best Panasonic microwaves reviews, but the next list of the best microwaves under $100 should be all you need.


How to choose a good and cheap microwave


Every kitchen should come equipped with a powerful microwave, designed to heat up different food. We are not surprised to see the sudden growing interest for advanced microwaves, capable of helping people prepare different types of food with ease. Such kitchen appliances use “micro waves” in order to heat food at an impressive frequency of 1500 megahertz (MHz). The waves are safely absorbed by sugars, fats and water converted in heat. Still, you need to know that micro waves are not absorbed by plastics, ceramics or glass. This is why you don’t have to place metal pans or different utensils in the oven. In order to find the right model you should consult some of the present best microwaves reviews, written down by experienced cooks and satisfied users. With quality information you will complete your kitchen with a powerful appliance that won’t let you down.


Only by learning more about the best microwaves in 2017 will you be able to identify a product that responds well during all culinary endeavours. The microwave ovens are highly efficient in heating different types of food. There are many types of microwaves available on the market: microwave with grill, built-in combi and regular. These are the primary kitchen appliances that you can opt from. Microwaves with grills can be used in order to crisp food and eat them seasoned with other ingredients. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people use in their kitchens combi microwaves, with grill and convection (hot-air) oven which offers more culinary flexibility. Such devices also include advanced steaming function, for more demanding works. Another thing to take into account revolves around microwave size. The current capacities vary from 17 L to over 32L. Microwaves suited for family usage has mostly the following capacity 27 L, more than enough to place different types food.



Comparison Table


ProductCapacityPricePower levelsCooking powerOur RatingWhere to buy

Oster AM930B

0.9 cu. ft.$$10900 WAAMAZON

Oster OGB81101

1.1 cu. ft.$$101000 WB+AMAZON

Sunbeam SGS90701W

0.7 cu. ft.$$10700 WBAMAZON

Oster OGG3701

0.7 cu. ft.$10700 WC+AMAZON

Sunbeam SGS90701B-B

0.7 cu. ft.$$10700 WCAMAZON


Once you go through the best microwaves reviews you will be able to find the product which heats up different types of food. Most appliances come with 800W to 1100W power, with higher wattage the quicker you’ll eat. There are also other things to take into account: price, type of cooking, accessories, automatic cooking, defrosting, chaos defrost, linings, multi-sequence cooking, sensor cooking, child lock, turbo reheat, drop-down door and preset programmes. Microwaves should come with the following accessories: safe trays, steamers, dishes and also egg poacer which ensure heightened cooking precision.

With attention, you will be able to find some of the best microwaves in 2017 and ultimately narrow the gap on only one. The first thing you need to do is use only safe containers or tableware while heating different food. You don’t have to use containers with metal trim while heating food. You might want to leave food to stand for around 2 minutes after it’s cooked. Furthermore you have to keep the microwave clean in order to limit the appearance of problems. Make sure that the device includes a user friendly interface, needed to make any culinary project easy to handle with no waste of time.


Things to consider:

–          Types of microwaves: with grill, built-in, combi and regular

–          Size and heating power

–          User-interface with preset programmers, multi-sequence cooking and automatic cooking

–          Child lock mechanism

–          Chaos defrost and also turbo reheat



Oster AM930B


The Oster AM930B can easily fit the bill of one of the best microwaves under $100. It is a microwave which comes in a nice design, with a black color which will prove to fit right in your modern kitchen. A child safety lock is included as well, to protect your little one from doing himself any harm. The 900 watts of power are also a definite plus, which will defrost or cook your meals as you see fit. The one-touch controls will not present any difficulties in learning how to use them.



Sleek design and compact features make this a real favorite in dozens of top affordable microwaves reviews, thanks to how it easily fits into a standard kitchen countertop

Orange may be the new black, but getting this stylish black microwave will still be one great decision. The unit looks smart, sophisticated and it should fit in with the rest of the discriminating homemaker’s kitchen décor.

With ten adjustable power levels, getting the cooking done has never been a more pleasurable experience. Thaw, reheat frozen dinners, bake some potatoes, heat up some cocoa, pop in some pizza or put in a bag of popcorn-the list of what you can do with this microwave is endless!

One-touch cook settings help you complete kitchen work in nearly half the time, without the guesswork and without wasting food!



No one-minute or half-minute button, but still cooks quickly nonetheless

Unit gives off four beeps when done, just to ensure that the cook gets alerted effectively


“I was impressed with the style of the Oster AM930B Microwave Oven. It has a very nice and professional color coating that makes it compatible in my kitchen. The product can also be adjusted which makes it easy to sue. I consider this as one of the best kitchen gadgets.”  Corine Weeks


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Oster OGB81101


Its excellent performances and features have granted the Oster GB81101 the title of one of the best microwaves under $100. The one-touch controls are very easy to learn and they will let you set the 9 different cooking functions. Your child`s safety is also taken into account because this microwave comes with programmable child lock system to prevent any unfortunate accidents. The 1000 watts cooking power can be put to good use and heat, defrosting or cook your favorite foods and dinks.



Get quick weight defrost even when food comes straight from the freezer to the microwave oven, thanks to this unit’s awesome 1000 watts of cooking power

Enjoy express cooking and prepare full gourmet meals that the whole family can share together at the table

Child-safe lockout feature provides protection at its most critical, so meals can be prepared even with curious children around the kitchen

Never hate washing up after, thanks to the removable glass turntable that is always a breeze to clean



Display may be too small and hard to read for some users, but it’s all really just a matter of taste

Cooking times need to be carefully set because of the extra powerful wattage, just to prevent overcooking certain food items


“ I find the Oster OGB81101 Microwave Oven as one of the best kitchen gadgets which can make my culinary activities easier and faster. The product is inexpensive so you can have it anytime you want to. The shipping time is not long so you can have it as soon as possible.”  Elsie Mcpherson


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Sunbeam SGS90701W


Cooking and defrosting foods will be a simple task for the Sunbeam SGS90701W because of its 6 different programs and 10 adjustable power levels. With so much variety for such an affordable price you will be able cook a lot of different meals or heat any kind of drink. The one touch controls won’t prove a problem to learn, so you can easily select the power level you require. The LED display shows the exact hour or how many seconds remain of the selected program.



Ten adjustable power levels are complemented by 700 watts of cooking power, to help the busy homemaker prepare instant gourmet meals at the mere touch of a button, leaving more time to bond with the family

Six different auto cooking /one-touch menu options leave no guesswork to how snacks or meals can be prepared, so everyone can sit down quickly to hearty feasts or sumptuous snacks

Removable glass turntable is easy to clean and maintain, while being easy to put back without use of any tools whatsoever

LED display is brightly illuminated while supplementing the digital clock and digital timer to show precise cooking times, letting the cook know exactly what is happening inside the oven unit



Removable glass turntable does not come with notches inside the unit, thus requiring proper alignment when replaced

Beeping sound at the end of cooking cycle is very audible and repeats itself when dish is not taken out immediately


“For a very affordable price, you can have the Sunbeam SGS90701W Microwave Oven. This microwave can be controlled and adjusted to the right cooking settings easily. I never feel any stress using the product because of the great performance and functionality it exhibits. I’m sure I’ve made the best deal for the money I was prepared to spend.”  Annabelle Meyers


Buy from for ($88.03)



Oster OGG3701


Best microwaves under $100

If you want a simple microwave but with still a nice and modern design that the Oster OGG3701 is a good option. You will have six cooking options so you cover all food and drink types there are. There are also 10 power levels for the 700 watt engine so you have all the control you need for what is going on inside it. The  turntable is made out of glass and you have the option of taking it out.



Go digital with a 700-watt microwave oven that has been nicknamed top affordable microwaves 2017, thanksto its ten adjustablepower levels that take the hassle and guesswork out of cooking

With 6 auto cooking/one-touch menu, user can easily prepare hot beverages, popcorn, pizza, baked potatoes or reheat and heat up frozen dinners for quick enjoyment from the freezer to the oven to the table

Digital clock and digital timer give cooks the precise time that is required to prepare a full meal or just one dish at a time, leaving more options for the details that do matter like conversations with colleagues or delightful interactions

US-made product serves as a guarantee of superior quality and outstanding and innovative cooking technology



Operates with a loud sound to let the cook know it’s doing its job

Small interior made for preparing small servings of great feasts


“I never had any trouble using the Oster OGG3701 Microwave Oven, even for the first time because it is easy to use and to manage. The controls are intuitive and I can choose the setting I want without any hassle. I recommend it as one of the best rated microwaves under 100 in 2017. Such a cheap price doesn’t need a Black Friday discount to be accessible. ” Amie Stevens


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Sunbeam SGS90701B-B


The Australian home appliance company, Sunbeam, is known for their top microwaves and the SGS90701B-B is a perfect example. Although not hugely powerful, this 700W microwave has 10 different power levels, giving the user a wide variety of culinary possibilities. Even though the company is from Down Under, this model still fulfills all the North American Electrical Standards, so you don’ t have to worry about its reliability.

The one touch controls will make setting the correct cooking time easy, while the LED display will show the time too. Furthermore, the affordable price range of this model makes it a consumer favorite in the US.



The compact and sleek design makes it ideal for counter tops with a limited amount of space to offer

The ten power levels are great for a lot of different things, from defrosting to melting butter

For its small size, the 700 watts of power are among the best in its class

The SGS90701B-B is easy affordable for any customer with an average budget available

It will alarm you once the heating is done, so you don’t forget about your hot coco



Some people have found it awkward to adjust to its controls (this is not a major issue and you should be able to get used to them in a short while)

The rotating glass plate makes a rattling noise when not placed properly on the carousel (this problem can be easily solved if you make sure the glass plate is correctly placed over the carousel)


“I decided to buy this microwave around Xmas, so it had a very affordable price. For my small apartment it’s perfect, it doesn’t occupy too much space on my kitchen counter and it defrosts or warms without any problems. What more could I ask for from a top 10 microwave oven.” – Constance Cox


Buy from for ($57.28)




Oster OGZB1101 – Not Available


One way to go if you want to purchase a microwave at a decent price is the Oster OGZ1101. Its 1000 watt engine has 10 different adjustable levels so a wide variaty of choices is assured. Inside you will be able to find a glass turntable which can always be removed if you decide it has no purpose. To set the different programs is easy and you won`t encounter any difficulties.


“I never encounter any difficulties in using the Oster OGZB1101 Microwave Oven. For almost 3 years of its service, the product didn’t give me any problems. Damage is not a problem with this product because it is made of good quality materials. I am not sure which is the best microwave under 100 in 2017, but I know this is a reliable model. “ Magdalena Bowers