Best lightweight laptops reviews


Top lightweight laptops in 2016


Either you are a student or in a profession. Laptops are the best alternatives for your computers. Although laptops nowadays are coming with specifications that will take care of all your needs, but if you need laptops that are well in your budget but also have good specifications, then here is a list of best laptops under $600 that gives more than what it costs.


How to choose a good lightweight laptop – Expert buying guide


toshbaShopping for a brand new laptop comes with its challenges, on a market flooded with new products month after month. If you want to narrow things down to one or two products, there are some things to consider: how long will you use the laptop, the type of work will you do, portability, size, performance and design. The proper way to go about this particular business is through information, professional and in details, usually from some of the best lightweight laptops reviews. There are many products available on the market which can spike your interest, all of them revolving first and foremost on price. Several years ago, the right starting price for a high quality laptop is of $1000. Now, you will find that the possibilities appear to be endless.

You will see that Apple, Samsung, Toshiba and Asus offers high quality laptops, designed to help people see movies, TV shows, documentaries, play games, run applications and many more. There are active people that need to have around them lightweight laptops, ideal to use irrespective of their location. For them a device that doesn’t weigh a lot represents a great addition, especially during business trips. Going through some of the best lightweight laptops in 2016 represents a firm step in discovering the ideal product, suited to meet your computing personality. Thousands of technicians recommend 13 inch, 11.6 inch and 11 inch laptops, which are lightweight and easy to carry around. You can even resort to midsize laptops of 15 inches, designed to pack a lot of fun and technical enthusiasm in one relatively small design. There are also bigger versions of 17 inch which can provide a full and pretty exciting media experiences but they are a bit hard to carry around.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Price Screen Size Memory Our Rating Where to buy

Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5148

5.5 lbs $$$$ 15.6 inch 8 GB DIMM A+ AMAZON

Samsung Chromebook

2.4 lbs $$$ 11.6 inch 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM A AMAZON

Acer Aspire One AO756-2641

3.05 lbs $$$$ 11.6 inch 2 GB SDRAM B AMAZON


2.5 lbs $$$ 11.6 inch 4 GB DDR3 B+ AMAZON

Dell Latitude D410

3.79 lbs $$ 12.1 inch 1GB DDR2 RAM B+ AMAZON


Read with attention some of the best lightweight laptops reviews and determine easily the proper device to use. Another important thing to take into account is design, which pops out whenever you turn the laptop on and other people are around. As you probably know, laptops are a direct extension of your personality. It plays a major part in your life, so it’s only natural for you to want a product that looks great. You should also be on the lookout for accessories or special functions which can enhance the laptop’s entertainment levels. Apple for example offers through all its products a superb set of human interface tools which expand media experiences. According to recent statistics it seems that there is a growing interest for thin ultrabooks which are plain and simple breathe-taking to use.

With attention you will discover from the best lightweight laptops in 2016 a product that can enrich your portable computing experiences. It is important to have by your side a laptop that completes your productivity patterns, from business, media to creative and thus pave the way for great moments. Anywhere you are, a lightweight laptop, with a powerful processor and advanced graphics can respond well to every command and in the process make you happy.


Things to consider:


–          Weight and screen size from 11.6 inch to 17 inch displays. Choose the one which fits both your needs & budget

–          Design that matches your personality and stands out in a crowd

–          Performance and technical functions

–          Accessories and media functions (user interface, touchscreen pad, speakers system and Full HD resolutions)



Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5148 laptop


In the best lightweight laptops reviews this is the product that gives you all the features that a modern laptop should include. This product has high speed quad processor and its multiprocessing speed will make your programs run at full speed. Also, it’s fitted with an 1 TB hard disk, so you can store all the data you want. 8GB of RAM can be doubled if needed, it has a high connectivity speed, both 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports, included speakers and webcam, high graphics and lightweight makes it good choice for all kinds of users.



Combining multimedia, entertainment and multitasking features the S855D-S5148 laptop from Toshiba offers a complete computing experience, letting users easily accomplish their daily tasks

With a 15.6 inch HD display and SRS Premium Sound HD system this laptop delivers smooth audio and video clarity during songs or movies played

Running on the interactive Windows 8 OS the laptop feature a large and intuitive touchpad which permits people to navigate from one application to the next in a comfortable manner

This lightweight computer is powered by AMD A-Series Quad-Core A104600M (2.30 GHz) processor that limits the appearance of lag while running different applications



For newcomers to Windows 8 OS, controlling the laptop’s functions will take some time of accommodation ( 1 or 2 days max)

The air vent is located on the right side of the laptop which for right handed people means exposure to hot air


“This Toshiba laptop is a top model which has a long list of top features. I saved some money because I had to have it. Things like a 8Gb DIMM RAM, a quad-core processor, a 1 TB hard drive and many more, make you realize how high-tech this laptop is.” – James White


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Samsung Chromebook


This product has an efficient system and many impressive features that you will like. While using a laptop, sometimes the main issue is about the consistence performance in speed. This product has multi processors and has a fast booting time. With the power of Google, it comes with many Google apps along with other you like to install. It comes with a professional security system to give your better protection. It is high portable with its light weight and comes with many network solutions that enable it to work in any place you like.



Regarded by many users as the best lightweight laptop under 500 the Chromebook from Samsung weighs only 2.4 pounds and provides 6.5 hours of mobile entertainment

With a silent operation and no fan to remain cool this laptop requires only access to the internet in order to provide an exciting computing experience

Equipped with top Google applications and powered by Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual Core processor this model gives users the chance to comfortably go about their daily computing tasks without dealing with frames

For additional connectivity it incorporates 2 USB ports (3.0 and 2.0) and HDMI port, enough for active persons that always have around additional external devices



The screen doesn’t present high resolution (only 1366 x 768) but enough considering the laptop’s price

Doesn’t run on Mac or Windows OS


“This Samsung Chromebook not only looks great, but functions properly as well. Its compact size and light weight means I can easily fit it in my bag and take it with me wherever I go.” – Vicky Goss


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Acer Aspire One AO756-2641 laptop


This product is designed especially to provide you a powerful and lightweight portable laptop in decent prices. It has 320 gigabytes of disk space with 1.1GHz processor speed and 2GB of RAM. It has a wide screen display and high graphic, so you can enjoy you videos and pictures in high quality along with 128mb of video memory you will be able to decent 3D games smoothly. Don’t need to buy speakers and webcam separately because it comes with both of them already built-in in it.



Weighing only 3 lbs and with 1” slim profile the Aspire One A0756-2641 from Acer is considered by IT reviewers as the best lightweight laptop under 500

Powered by Intel Celeron 1.1 GHz processor and running on Windows 8 OS this laptop offers users the opportunity to safely perform different computing tasks without fear of frames

The computer comes equipped with a built-in HD webcam and 2 stereo speakers that permit people to place video calls and interact with friends in a comfortable manner

Due to its slim design and 11.6” HD widescreen CineCrystal display with LED technology the laptop is light enough to carry during business trips



The touchpad is at times overly sensitive but through proper adjustments it can render proper finger response

Doesn’t do so well with high demanding games but its understandable given the low price


“Acer Aspire One lightweight laptop was bought by me a while back and I am impressed with it because it works perfectly. For a small laptop it has a 320 Gb hard disk and can even support Windows 8. I reckon it’s one of the best rated lightweight laptops around and it’s perfect for a traveler like me. I’m not sure what is the best laptop money can buy, but I know this model is good enough for me.” – Becky Lewis


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ASUS K200MA-DS01T HD Touchscreen Laptop


2A great laptop for active people who are always on the move is the ASUS K200MA-DS01THD. This model is compact and extremely lightweight, plus its display uses touchscreen technology. You will have 500 GB of HDD memory space at your disposal, so you can save all sorts of files, from personal ones to movies and music. In total the laptop has 3 USB and 1 HDMI port guaranteeing numerous connectivity options and fast data transfers. The HD Web Camera will ensure your picture feed is crystal clear when you’re having a conversation with someone on Skype. This ASUS model is surely a great choice to make for a touchscreen laptop.



An Intel BayTrail-M N2815 Dual-Core processor, great for multitasking

The 11.6” HD display which uses touchscreen technology

4 GB of RAM so demanding applications work without lag

1 HDMi, 1 VGA, 1 SDXC card slot and 3 USB ports for easy connectivity options

It’s extremely light, weighing just 3 pounds



The screen is too shiny and reflective for some (we recommend that you don’t use it when in direct contact with bright sunlight)

The screen gets a lot of finger imprints (if you are obsessed with cleaning we suggest getting a screen protector, so you don’t end up wiping the screen every few minutes)


“For my needs the capabilities of this touchscreen laptop are satisfactory. It’s good for multitasking, great for the travelling businessman, so I’m sure it’s one of the top ten lightweight laptops in 2016. I also had the opportunity to buy it with a Black Friday discount.” – Jack F. Walters


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Dell Latitude D410 laptop


Best lightweight laptops reviewsThis laptop is best suitable for business travelers and students. This laptop is very light in weight which makes it easy to carry it anywhere you like. It has small size and lightweight, also it has all the specifications that you will need to complete your work. With almost 2GHz Processor, 40 Gigabytes of hard disk, DDR2 1 GB RAM, XP supported this product is a great choice for anyone who needs a low cost laptop with considerable speed and disk space.



Preloaded with Windows XP operating system this lightweight laptop is easy to carry around without compromising in any way computing performance

The laptop is powered by Intel Centrino 1.86 GHz processor which allows people to smoothly run different applications and programs

Equipped with 12.1 inch screen and 40 GB hard drive the computer offers all the necessary functions a student might need to go from one application to the next

With an elegant design the laptop is very light and easy to carry around, thus making it a great addition to students and business people



Does not include a SD card reader but people can purchase an external one

Does not come with an optical drive


“I didn’t need a fancy laptop which would have cost me a small fortune so I opted for the Dell Latitude D410. My requirements are met of by its excellent features. Carrying it around with me couldn’t be easier because it’s so lighweight. The price was quite affordable and I think I got the best deal for the money I had. ” – Rachel Stevens


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Lenovo Thinkpad X200 – Not Available


This product is well equipped with the features and specifications that you will need on your business trips or at your school or work place. With the ability to work for almost 7 hours with only one time charging and weighting only few pounds, this product ranks high in best lightweight laptops reviewsIt has multi processors, high graphics display, 2GB of RAM, decent space for storing your data. With its long battery time and light weight, you are able to take it on your trips without any concerns.

“If you are looking for an accessible priced laptop than I suggest Lenovo Thinkpad X200, which I have been a proud owner for more than 6 months. It hasn’t let me down so far and from my point of view its capabilities are sufficient so I can do my work in optimum conditions. It is one of the best Xmas gift I have ever received.” – Stephen Jackson