Best kitchen faucet reviews


Top rated kitchen faucets in 2014


To provide style to the kitchen sink, many beautiful faucets are present in the market. They have diverse design and different qualities. The larger the quantity of the product available, the harder it is to select the best. Best quality faucets can be found by reading best kitchen faucet reviews.  These reviews can help to select the best quality material. Those faucets are best that last long and have elegant design also.

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How to choose a good kitchen faucet


fauceA modern day kitchen must be designed so the owner has everything he needs in order to cook properly, eat and wash the dishes afterwards. For this, all kinds of kitchen equipment and utensils need to be purchased. The sink is a central piece of your kitchen and it must have a reliable faucet. To avoid fitting your sink with a low standard faucet, you need to know what features to look out for in a reliable model. The best kitchen faucet in 2014 is not inaccessible to you, if you will be aware of the following details we will concentrate our attention.

For starters, never buy a faucet only because it has a nice design, the practical side must remain the main priority, always. The faucet’s head has to be able to swing and cover all the length of the sink. If it doesn’t do this, we don’t recommend buying it. The installation process isn’t hard and it can be done without any complicated steps. Your faucet will have 2 stylish finishes, chrome and the PVD. Both are rust resistant and durable, ensuring the faucet will last at least a decade.

Our analysis is based on some of the most reliable reviews, written by leading experts. By comparing the information given by all of them, we have come up with this list of important features and tips.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Installation method Price Material Number of handles Customer Rating Where to buy

Moen 7594CSL faucet

Deck Mounted $$$$ Metal 1 handle A+ AMAZON

Delta 19949-SSSD-DST Savile

Deck Mounted $$$ Metal 1 handle A AMAZON

Delta 9178AR faucet

Deck Mounted $$$ Metal 1 handle A AMAZON

Delta 4353-SD-DST Linden

Deck Mounted $$ Metal 1 handle B+ AMAZON

Kraus KPF1612 faucet

Deck Mounted $$ Solid brass 1 handle B AMAZON


You are faced with 2 options, either go for a classic spout or a pullout one. The second option is more expensive than the other. For the first category, the gooseneck models will prove to be the best. This design will ensure less splash when the water will hit the sink’s surface, especially in a shallow sink. But the general rule is that the head should easily swivel from side to side. The pullout spouts have the ability to change from spray to stream, with just the push of a button. The best kitchen faucet reviews recommend buying a spout model, even though it will cost more. Next, the water temperature control needs to work well and be accurate. When it is set at the central position, the hot and cold water balance needs to be just right. The single-level models will prove to be superior when it comes to temperature control. They have the ability to save your last temperature setting, after you have closed the water flow.

The models using knobs will always reset the temperature. Kitchen faucets have a multitude of design options, from modern chrome finished models, to standard PVD ones.

Through reading customer reports, you will find out what manufacturers fail to write in their product descriptions. The information they put out, shouldn’t be overlooked. If you keep in mind the details presented, you can choose wisely a top model that might even be the best kitchen faucet in 2014. Some of the models can be found in the comparison table or in the reviews you can find below.


What can you look for in a kitchen faucet:

-          Classic or pullout spout;

-          Chrome or PVD finish;

-          The head should swivel and reach every edge of the sink;

-          Functionality is much more important than the design;

-          The temperature setting must be accurate;

-           Single-lever models are superior.


Moen 7594CSL faucet


Stainless steel increases the durability of faucets and also gives them classic look. Faucets made of stainless steel last longer and are highly appreciated by the users.  Moen 7594CSL Arbor One-Handle faucet is made up of stainless steel that gives it grey metallic look.  It has High-arc spout. It is provided with a single handle. This lever design of single handle makes the use of this faucet easy. For me, it is the best faucet available in market due to its beautiful design and high durability.

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I managed to install the Moen 7594CSL kitchen faucet in our kitchen sink easily. After 3 months of using it, I couldn’t notice any problems in the way it works.”  Erick Scalia


Delta 19949-SSSD-DST Savile Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet


A pull-down faucet has many advantages over the standard models and by getting this one from Delta you will have them at your disposal. Its spout will reach any area giving you a steady stream of water. Also the spout will swivel 360 degrees and will also come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The fact of the matter is that this model is surely one of the best kitchen faucets in 2014.

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 “After using it in my kitchen, I can honestly say that a pull-down kitchen faucet such as this one. is much better than a regular one. The 360 degree swiveling opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities.” – Amy Harden


Delta 9178AR faucet


Delta 9178AR DST faucet is one faucet among the tea pot inspired faucet series of Delta. This faucet has its own quality features. Because of arctic steel, it doesn’t corrode. It has elegant and stylish design.  It is the beautiful and useful addition to my kitchen. I find it very helpful due to its single handle control that can easily be operated with one hand. For complete sink access it is provided with high-arc spout swivels 360-Degree that doesn’t limit the access.

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I bought Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland single handle pull-down faucet a while back. The positive customer reports made me consider purchasing it and the way it performed in the months it has been in my kitchen.”  Joann Parsons


Delta 4353-SD-DST Linden Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet


The best kitchen faucets reviews have acknowledge the fact that this model from Delta looks great and at the same time works smoothly on your kitchen sink. With it you will get water efficiency with a smooth and steady flow. If you have a modern looking kitchen then this faucet will definitely integrate itself perfectly in the overall design. You will be able to get it for excellent deals as well.

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 “I installed this faucet easily in my home and I so far it has pleased me with its operation. It keeps a steady flow of water and I can easily adjust the temperature as I like.” – George Matthews


Kraus KPF1612 faucet


Many faucets are present in the market. Kraus KPF1612 faucet is one of the best faucets available today. It is selected by many people due its stylish design and remarkable functioning. It is made up of solid brass and it is triple plated with chrome. Its single lever makes its handling easy. To prevent unwanted water loss, it has seal drip-free ceramic cartridge. It has 180-degrees Spout swivels. It is the beautiful addition to my kitchen sink due to its unique style.

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This Kraus KPF-1612 Single lever pull out kitchen faucet is impressive. I bought this because of the design but to tell you honestly it has a better function compared to other faucets in the market. It is very operational and one of a kind. The faucet cannot easily get stains and rust.”  James Martin


Delta 16971SSSD faucet


Best kitchen faucet reviewsDelta 16971 faucet is a simple and beautiful design faucet that is provided with soap dispenser. It is a very reliable kitchen faucet that has diamond seal technology. This technology helps the faucet to be used 5 million time. Diamond seal technology increases the Delta 16971 life. It has MagnaTite spray head docking and also has soap and lotion dispenser that color match with it. It is the classic addition to my kitchen sink and also it is easy to work with.

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I am using the Delta 16971-SSSD-DST Velino Pull-Down kitchen faucet and I have no complains to make about how it functions . The design is nice, the water flow is steady, making me recommend it for other kitchens.”  Nathan Samwell


Pfister 13310SS faucet


The faucets that are highly durable can be found in many best kitchen faucet reviews.  Pfister 133-10SS faucet can be found in these reviews because it is made up of extra durable stainless steel that increases the life of this product. Pfister 133-10SS faucet is provided with ceramic disc valving. This makes it more reliable and also leak free.  I like its design. It looks good with any type of sink. It is ideal for kitchens and even for showers and laundries and bathrooms too.

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The stylish look of  Pfister 133-10SS kitchen faucet made me to buy it. There is no sign of rust, nor does it give the water a metal taste. Overall I think it is a solid faucet.”  Matthew Hernandez