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Top rated Karaoke Machines in 2014


When thinking of ways at which it is possible to have fun, such as during birthday celebrations or get-togethers, singing is never out of the picture. The best karaoke machine reviews have identified some of the models that can prove to be the best companion in such fun-filled times, including the five that I will briefly discuss below.


How to choose the best karaoke machine – A buying guide


karamachAt some special events, like birthdays or parties, you need to have the right fun activities to keep everyone entertained and singing is definitely among them. Karaoke is loved by everyone and is a great way to get the party started or kick it into a higher gear. You can get a karaoke machine with a wide array of classic hits, to make people sing to them. To be certain you get a top model, you need to find some time in your busy schedule and take a look at the best karaoke machine reviews. Models with the best features available will be found, if your read them carefully. Take into consideration some simple steps and at the end of the day you will have a lot of fun with a serious machine. that can even prove to be the best karaoke machine in 2014.

Technology advancements have improved the karaoke machine and have made it ideal for home use, not just for singing in pubs or bars.  Today you are able to choose from a lot of different models, but you need to know exactly what you are looking for. If you have some knowledge about karaoke machines, you won’t make a wrong choice. Now you can find 3 kinds of karaoke machines you can go for: simple plug and play, software-based models and last by not least, component models. All of the 3 types have some advantages and some weak points as well. But karaoke machines are also divided based on their price, so there will be: low-end, mid-range and high-end karaoke machines.

The plug and play karaoke machines are like a compact unit, having the speakers, the amplifiers and the screen in the same design. Sometimes the screen can be separated, but normally it should be the central part of the unit. You will find portable units of this sort that can be easily transported from one venue to the other. Their main issue is that you will find it hard, if not impossible, to upgrade the power or the sound quality.

Your other option is to get a software-based karaoke machine.  You can install one to your PC, Mac, Linux and there are even some for PS4, X-Box, Nintendo Wii and other game consoles. The software can be customized to your preferred settings and you can connect it to any kid of speaker or amplifier. The downside to it is the lack of user-friendly features, which may complicate things in some circumstances.

We have come to these conclusions, only after we have gone through the most appreciated karaoke machine reviews. To know the main features of a certain type of model, will surely be of help.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Record function Price Wired/Wireless Microphone Auto Voice Control Customer Rating Where to buy
Memorex MKS-SS2 NO $$$ Wired Yes A AMAZON
Memorex MKS-SS1 No $$$ Wired Yes B AMAZON 
Akai KS 886 Record to SD & USB $$$$ Wired Yes C+ AMAZON
Akai KS 212 No $$ Wired Yes C AMAZON  
Singing Machine SML-383 No $$$ Wired Yes C AMAZON 


The component karaoke machine is the last choice you can make, if the other two types were not to your satisfaction. You will be able to integrate one to your home theater system, with the menu and the lyrics displayed on your HDTV. In some cases, it can even be transformed in a blu-ray player. Obviously, it won’t be as good as the real thing. The lack of portability options is this category’s main downside.

You can choose out of the 3 types of karaoke machines, the models that best covers your preferences. You should take your time before reaching your final decision, so you will end up with a great model. For prices under $200 (low-end models) you can get karaoke machines that are for children. Amateurs and enthusiasts should get machines that have prices between $250 and $500 (mid-range models). While anything above $500 is for professional users (high-end karaoke machines).


Things to consider:


Don’t hesitate to read customer reports and reviews as well, because they can prove to be the key for finding the karaoke machine you have always dreamed of.

-          Decide if portability is a key factor for you;

-          there are 3 different main categories: software-based, plug n’ play and the component karaoke machine;

-          the more songs there are the better;

-          Always check your budget and make sure it is bigger than $300;

-          For portable models make sure they have an easy setting up process and multiple microphone jacks.




Akai KS 886 DVD/CD+G Karaoke with iPad Cradle


For entertainment purpose this karaoke player from Akai is the perfect thing to own. Connect two microphones to it and sing with a companion some old classics or some new wave hits. With its features you can control a lot of things, from the voice to the echo. It will be able to read a multitude of audio formats, including Mp3s. We view it as one of the best karaoke machines in 2014.



 The capacitative TFT screen is big at 7 inches and in color

 Built-in speakers that enhance listening pleasure, making this the best portable karaoke machine 2014 for many users

 Top-loading CD+G/DVD karaoke player guarantees ease of use

 SD and USB slots ensure connectivity with external audio sources



 Line in headphone output jack located up front is made for use only with iPhone

 Recording function may require upgrade for some users who want to record and play back


“The fun times have truly begun after I got this karaoke machine. A house party now is just not the same without the Akai KS 886 and my guests have a blast always.” – George Orton


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Memorex MKS-SS1 Karaoke Machine


Best Karaoke Machine Reviews With this karaoke machine, you will be able to let others hear more of your voice and not the music coming from the source, which is basically made possible by Auto Voice Control. It reduces the original vocal guide that is embedded in the song being played. More so, it also has great audio quality, which can be attributed to its use of powerful speakers that are designed on the base. It allows the production of high quality sound, which should be an essential for karaoke machines.



 Dual microphone outputs enable duet singing with a separately-purchased second microphone

 Comes with one dynamic microphone that is perfect for use with the unit

 Auto Voice Control serves as intelligent vocal guide to make users sound like a professional singer

 Built-in 4-watt speakers found at the base are powerful enough for intimate gatherings



 No screen to view lyrics on, necessitating print-out of lyrics for the user or iPod or MP3 integration

 Microphone volume is always louder than music volume


Memorex MKS-SS1 Karaoke Machine is a product that makes singing very fun. I can sing my favorite classic songs to an audience that I care about.The nice design makes makes me get even more into the groove of the song. I recommend this karaoke machine for all the party people out there.”  Joyce Simmons


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Memorex MKS-SS2 Karaoke Machine


One of the reasons on why I recommend this specific model is that it has an input for musical instrument. You no longer need to sing on your own as you can plug a guitar or keyboard that will serve as your accompaniment. Additionally, having two 5-watt speakers attached to the base of this karaoke equipment is also a good thing. This makes it possible for the resulting sound to be clearer and crispier. Regardless of the room at which it will be placed, one can be assured that the clarity of audio will reverberate.



 Variety of line-in jacks enable connectivity with smartphones, tablets and many other audio devices through headphone jacks so users can stream custom playlists

 Instrument input designed for accompaniment with keyboards or a guitar

 Achieve Audio balance through Auto Voice Control that is easy to use

 Extra microphone jack enables use with a second microphone unit, to be bought separately



 Best portable karaoke machine  reviews suggest microphone upgrade

 Not made for professional use but works really well for smaller gatherings


The audio clarity was the first thing I liked about the Memorex MKS-SS2 . The cheap karaoke machine was easily afforded and I made myself the perfect Xmas gift. Me and my friends have a blast with it.”  Nancy J. Blain


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Akai KS 212 CD+G Karaoke Player


If your idea of a party includes singing, this karaoke machine is another model that I can recommend. It has the ability to turn the mood into something that is livelier since it is designed with LED light effect that can add up to the fun that you might be having. In addition, in many best karaoke machine reviews, this model has also been recommended for those people who are looking for a product with good quality but who are working under tight budget.



 Top loading feature of the CD+G karaoke player is intended for ease of use and no-fuss loading

 Attractive LED Light Effect in different colors makes singing fun and exciting

 Built-in speakers work well to enhance listening as well as singing pleasure

 Two inputs for microphone let users enjoy duet singing when they want to



 Not for laptop integration so users can’t sing along with online sources when they desire

 Requires external karaoke music source from an audio device


Akai KS 212 CD+G Karaoke Player was my choice for a top ten karaoke machine and I don’t regret it one bit. The product is very classy and helps get the party into a higher gear. In my opinion it’s one of the best rated karaoke machines and I recommend to everyone.”  Amy Stegall


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Singing Machine SML-383 Karaoke System


Although compact and simple in terms of design, this karaoke machine is very powerful. It is fully loaded with features that can help in the production of better audio output. It has an excellent ability to manage echo, in such a way that it does not negatively the voice of the one who is singing. There were also many who liked that it has a video output that makes it more fun to sing along because the lyrics are provided right in front of your eyes.



 Impressive portability from a well-built, easy-to-carry singing machine

 Unique vertical loading changes the standards of typical top-loading apparatuses with a special flair

 One mic included so users can enjoy singing right out of the box

 Balance and Echo control so users can always sound impressively like a professional



 Requires connection to TV for song lyrics as the machine has no screen on which to display lyrics

 Requires purchase of second mic for  duet singing as the unit comes with just one microphone


I am very pleased with the Singing Machine SML-383 because it has everything I could have wanted from one and definitely it is  worth the money I put into it. The product comes in a simple yet elegant design which makes it really attractive and enjoyable. I can’t complain one bit about the sound so I have to recommend it. I would suggest waiting for Black Friday to obtain this karaoke machine.”  Josie Haughton


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Emerson Portable Karaoke System GF827


In various best karaoke machine reviews, the high level of satisfaction of the users of this product stems from the built-in 7-inch screen that will provide you with the opportunity to clearly see the lyrics of what you are singing. Even if it already has a screen, it still has a sleek design that makes it good when it comes to portability. This karaoke also has Digital Control and Balance echo, both of which are helpful in being able to optimize the audio output.



 CD+G/DVD/MP3+G karaoke player system lets users integrate a variety of external audio and storage devices

 Sleek, portable design lets users bring the karaoke system anywhere

 Color TFT screen measures 7 inches, large enough to view the song lyrics

 Two mics in the package means users can always do karaoke parties with duet singing



 Intended for home and recreational use, not meant for professional use in big venues

 Requires original discs and will not play burned discs, which may limit users’ choices


The portability of this model  makes it one of the highest rated karaoke machines. This was frankly the main reason why I choose it. Now, wherever karaoke is needed to liven the party, I am there to start the fun with this portable karaoke machine. So, what’s the best karaoke machine? The Emerson GF827, of course.”  Nick Robinson


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