Best Inflatable Life Vest Reviews


Top rated Inflatable Life Vests in 2017


Life vests are basically designed to save people from drowning in an event of any water-related accidents or calamities. And though it serves one major purpose, life vests actually come in different styles. It is also made of different materials. The best inflatable life vest reviews talks about the most effective designs for life vests that are available on the market. Here is what our team has compiled from the internet.


Mustang Deluxe Auto Hydrostatic Inflatable PFD


Built primarily for rescue operations, the Mustang Deluxe Auto Hydrostatic Inflatable Personal Floatation device justifies its perfect 5-star rating posted in the best inflatable life vest reviews. It features an automatic hydrostatic inflation system that expands only when it is submerged at least 4 inches of water. There is no premature inflation caused by rain or water sprays. With its 420-denier nylon construction and polyurethane coating, this floating device is expected to last for a long time – even without maintenance for the first five years.

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Mustang Survival MIT Manual Inflatable Personal Flotation Device


All of Mustang’s products are inspired by the best inflatable life vest in 2017, just like the Survival MIT Manual Inflatable personal flotation device. This PFD is lighter than other products because of its Membrane inflatable technology that reduces its weight while providing a flexible and more comfortable fit. The high quality of this life vest is apparent with its material as well as the craftsmanship. Every detail of the vest, such as the straps and buckles, is well-made. Unlike the previously mentioned PFD, this unit is operated manually.

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Onyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Life Jacket


While most life vests are too bulky and tend to restrict movements, the Onyx M-24 Inflatable life jacket allows the widest range of motion. This unique vest design basically makes it the best inflatable life vest in 2017. Aside from maximum mobility, the slender vest design is also advantageous during hot weathers as it keeps the user cool and comfortable. The soft neoprene neckline does not keep the user in a stiff position, unlike the bulky life vests. It is also the most convenient life vest because it can function both automatically and manually.

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Mustang Survival MIT Automatic Inflatable Personal Flotation Device


Since Mustang has established a name in the PFD industry, most of its products on the market are well-recognized. The Survival MIT Automatic inflatable PFD, for example, is well-known for its convenient automatic activation system. The integrated membrane inflatable technology reduces the weight of the vest, providing a lighter and more comfortable fit. The floatation properties of this vest are quite impressive, providing about 26 lbs of buoyancy. Aside from its professional-looking design, the bright neon accents allow it to be easily spotted during rescue operations.

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Onyx Co2 Automatic Vest-Universal Adult


Another highly-rated from Onyx is the CO2 Automatic Vest designed for adults. It features the same slender design that the Onyx vests are known for. It has the same construction and is built using the same materials. It also has the soft neoprene neckline which adds comfort and reduces stress in the neck area. It can function automatically when submerged in water, and it can also be operated manually by pulling the attached T-cord. It has reflective piping which allows greater visibility, especially in distressed weather conditions.

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