Best hunting boots reviews


Hunting Boots – What to Look For:


With hunting season fast approaching, it is prime time to choose the most reliable hunting boots. Of course, with so many options available, it may be difficult to decide what are the best hunting boots to suit your needs. Ideally, you will want boots that coincide with the season, but there are other factors that you should keep in mind.


The Seasons

The season that you are going to go hunting is a big factor when you are deciding which hunting boot is the best choice for you. If you are going out in the early season when it is still relatively warm, you will want boots that provide heat relief and comfort while you walk. These should be lightweight and breathable. If you’re going out midseason, you will want a boot that is appropriate for cooler weathers. The insulation in these boots should range from 400 to 800 grams. Of course, there are some hunters who prefer hunting in the late season. You want to find boots with high insulation values, anywhere above 1,000 grams is ideal.

Active Hunting vs. Sedentary Hunting

Just like the time of year that you are planning on going hunting, you want to take into consideration how you hunt. You can get any old cheap boot if you plan on sitting around and drink a few beers while watching for slow animals, or you may want boots that give you optimal comfort while walking and stalking your prey. High end features like Vibram soles or footbeds with special features can make a world of difference when you are navigating your way through miles of rough terrain.


Choosing the Best Fit

While we cannot tell you who makes the best hunting boot available, we can tell you that it is very important that you find boots that fit you well. These boots will be on your feet for long hours and you want to find boots that can accommodate this stress. Plus, since you will be in the elements, the fit of the shoe, combined with the weather-proofing abilities the shoes have, it will help with keeping you comfortable.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product review Waterproof Price Ultra Insulation Weight Our Rating Where to buy

MuckBoots Woody Elite

YES $$$$ YES 2 pounds A+ AMAZON

Bogs Classic High New Break Up

YES $$$ No 4 pounds A AMAZON

Wolverine King Caribou III

YES $$$$ YES 5 pounds B+ AMAZON

LaCrosse Grange

YES $$ No 2 pounds B+ AMAZON

Danner Jackal II

YES $$$ No 2 pounds B AMAZON


Hunting boots are one of the most essential aspects of your hunting gear. If your boots are uncomfortable, your entire trip will leave you miserable. If you’re miserable, you could miss some incredible opportunities! Take the time to invest in a good pair of boots, you’ll be glad you did.


Choosing the best hunting boots – Professional buying tips


huntbotsThere are millions of Americans that want to be well equipped whenever they go out in the woods in order to hunt. Besides having a good rifle and special gear, people need to protect their feet as they advance from one place to another. This is why the interest for high quality hunting boots has grown in the last couple of years. The market offers a wide variety of products, designed to meet every requirement. Now, you should consult with attention the current best hunting boots reviews, written by seasoned hunters and specialists, known for their ability to blend easily with environmental conditions. Well, terrains can sometimes present serious roughness which can, if not handled well, compromise the hunting experience. You wouldn’t want to end at the end of the day back home empty handed!

Today, you have the possibility to learn more about the best hunting boots in 2015 and then improve every moment of the act. A great pair of boots needs to keep your feet dry and comfortable, even though the terrain condition raise in difficulties. With professional footwear during hunting sessions should offer precise support as you advance in rugged places. A day in the field can succumb to discontent and failure, if you are not properly equipped. Now, with a powerful pair of hunting boots you will be able to have heightened hunting precision, which in fact translates into positive results.

You should know that all the major hunting boots available on the market can be divided into 3 major types: rubber boots, Pac boots and leather/nylon boots. With a better understanding on the pros and cons of each product, you will be able to choose wisely the proper product for your daily needs.


Best Hunting Boots for Alaska


Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot


Sorel Men’s Conquest Boots have been dubbed the best hunting boots for Alaska weather because they can withstand the harshest conditions. The boots are made from a waterproof leather and the seams are sealed to keep your feet toasty and dry. With the built in bootie, you are guaranteed a barrel/lock closure, which is perfect for making your way through deep snow. You can get extra support by adjusting the Achilles adjustment strap, which comes in handy when you encounter uneven terrains. For extra comfort, the boots feature an EVA comfort footbed which also provides thermal protection while hiking in temperatures as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The benefits we mentioned are not the only ones which were appreciated by previous customers. Click here to see their testimonials!


Going through the best hunting boots in 2015 ensures that you will be able to handle every phase of the hunt with ease. Pac boots, very popular in the North American continent consist out of a rubber bottom and leather, nylon upper for better impact management as you run. Such boots are warm and constructed with attention, in order to administrate better the moment feet touch the ground. You should know that Pac boots are waterproof, designed to keep warm even in cold, snow and icy conditions. They are not intended for simple walks, but in winter conditions, Pac boots represent the best choice you’ve ever made. The second major types are rubber boots. American and Australian hunters prefer rubber boots because they keep feet dry in various wet conditions. You should also know that rubber tend not to absorb scent, which deliver assistance when you’re out hunting.


Best Hunting Boots for Cold Weather


Irish Setter Men’s Snow Claw XT WP Extreme Cold Boot


These boots are considered to be the best hunting boots for cold weather because they use 2,000 gram thinsulate ultra insulation as well as featuring EVA plus Thermal Boost Nanotechnology. These ultra-dry boots are waterproof so you do not have to worry about your feet getting wet or cold if you get caught in the rain or snow. The outsole of the boot features a rough and rugged rubber tread that gives you incredible grip so that when you are hiking, you do not lose your footing on the slippery surfaces. These boots combine the comfort and flexibility of fabric with durable weatherproof leather. The ScentBanTM technology is ideal for covering up your scent from your prey, helping you to sneak up on the animal.

This product doesn’t have just positive reviews, click here to see what unhappy customers wrote about this product!


The latter category, leather/nylon hunting boots combine with precision the best functions of Pac boots with the ones of rubber boots.

Today, a growing number of individuals, professional and beginner hunters use leather/nylon boots because they provide heightened stability every phase of the hunting experience. If you want a stylish and strong pair of hunting boots, this is certainly the proper way to go about business.


Best Hunting Boots for the Money


LaCrosse Men’s Silencer HD Hunting Boot


If you are looking for a boot that is priced under $150, then the LaCrosse Silencer boots are one of the best hunting boots for the money that you will be spending. These boots combine comfort with durability. The leather trim and nylon combination make the boots waterproof as well as resistant to abrasions while you are in the pursuit of game. The Thinsulate Ultra Insulation adds warmth to the boot, keeping your feet nice and warm while you are perched out in the elements. The nylon shank gives you arch support which helps to alleviate sore feet at the end of a long day.

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Things to consider:

–   Hunting boots are often divided in three major categories by hunting communities: Pac, rubber and leather/nylon boots, which offer different advantages and disadvantages.

–  Hunting boots provide support and comfort during each phase of hunting sessions, helping users have tighter control over the whole act.

–   Hunting boots are waterproof, warm and provide stability as you tackle rough terrain conditions.


Top rated hunting boots in 2015


Being in the middle of nature and going hunting stirs up a special feeling but in the same time means you have to be well prepared with top of the line equipment. Your hunting boots must be resistant and at the same time comfortable because you are going to go through possibly some very rough terrain in search of game. These next options will narrow down your search for the top hunting boots in 2015.



MuckBoots Woody Elite


The best hunter boots reviews praise the MuckBoots Woody Elite Boots becasuse of their great features which come in handy during a long hunting session. The rubber sole has an innovative design that minimizes the risk of you slipping, thus gaining a lot of stability. The main material used for thir construction is the highly acclaimed, CR Flex Foam, which is both very flexible and at the same time waterproof and impressed me a considerable deal. Also you won`t have to worry about their smell because of the inscentible scent masking.



Designed especially for hunting parties the Woody Elite feature the exclusive “Inscentable” scent masking technology which ensure proper camouflaging results

These hunting boots combine comfort with superior feet protection while used on rough terrains

100% waterproof due to the natural-rubber material the boots keep the feet dry even during rainy hunting sessions

Incorporating a solid molded traction outsole the boots provide heightened stability even on uneven surfaces



The boots can be a bit tight around the top but these are rare situations, often registered in people with thick legs

Not recommended for long sessions of deep marsh hunting


If you are looking for a hunting boot with a great level of comfort and durability then I recommend MuckBoots Adult Woody Elite Boots, from my personal experience with them. This hunting boots is exceptional. It may not be the most stylish one but I can prove that this product is the most efficient one. ” John Hudak


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Bogs Men`s Classic High New Break Up Boots


Best hunting boots reviews

This pair of boots are considered to be by the best hunting boots reviews a top choice that you can make. They are completely waterproof, as they should be so your feet stay dry no matter the weather and where you go through. The main material from which it is built is neoprene and the sole is made out of quality rubber. My favorite thing about it is the anti-fungal sockliner that also has the advantage of not smelling.



As the best insulated hunting boots reviews pointed out this model features anti-fungal and odor repellent sockliner which comes in handy after each hunting trip

Resisting to even minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit the Classic High hunting boots include a durable non-slip rubber which ensure stability on icy surfaces

The boots are recommended for trekking and hiking through more pesky weather conditions

Features solid internal shank for enhanced feet support and comfort



Despite the solid waterproof construction these boots are not recommended for hunting in the tropics (at least not for prolonged use in such locations)

It includes only a 7mm neoprene liner but the layer is more than capable of resisting long hunting trips


I don’t have to worry about my feet getting wet and cold when I go hunting because I know that Bogs Men`s Classic High New Break Up Boots are extremely reliable. This hunting boot is comfortable and it is designed in such a way that my feet are always warm.” John Stewart


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Wolverine Men’s King Caribou III Hunting Boot


With the Wolverine King Caribou III hunting boot you will be able to keep your feet dry and warm while you try to hunt for that elusive big game. The upper is made from 1000-denier Cordura material and Gore-Tex membrane lining which while protecting your feet, are also waterproof and breathable. It has extra insulation on the interior for keeping your feet warm even through the coldest conditions. There is no doubt that they are one of the best hunting boots in 2015.



Considered by seasoned hunters as the best insulated hunting boots 2015 the King Caribou III offer stability and proper feet comfort

Made of highly resistant 1000-denier Cordura material and completed by GORE-TEX membrane lining the boots are 100% waterproof and keep the wearer’s feet dry

Due to the 800-gram Thinsulate insulation system which provides additional warmth this pair of hunting boots is great for winter hunting sprees

Features the exclusive compression molded EVA foam midsole that delivers proper fit and stability



Not available in sizes for men with small feet


 “They impressed me from the first moment I looked at them and after I tried them on, I knew they were right for me. I always feel warm and comfortable while I have them on, going hiking or hunting. This was one of the best Xmas gifts I ever got and I believe they’re one of the best rated hunting boots in 2015.” – Will Kern


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LaCrosse Men`s Grange Boots


The LaCrosse Grange hunting boots offer anything that you expect from a pair such as them, meaning comfort and protection from the elements. As you can imagine they are waterproof with a sturdy sole made out of top class rubber. The ankle-fit design is a feature that I admire about it because it prevents as much as possible ankle accidents by keeping it in a reinforced natural position .



The Grange hunting boots feature a solid rubber sole which ensure proper stability even while hunting on tough terrains

Due to its ankle-fit design and durable contoured heel counter these hunting boots from LaCrosse represent a great investment to hunters that enjoy a bit of comfort

It incorporates the exclusive Chevron-cleated outsole that ensures wearers won’t track mud or dirt towards or from the prey

Tough, affordable and made with lugged outsole the boots provide hunters heightened control over the environment



Weighing 2 pounds, the boots can be a bit heavy for smaller individuals

Manufactured in China not the U.S.


LaCrosse Men`s Grange Boots are perfect when I need to go over rough and wet terrain. It doesn’t lack comfort one bit. The protection is always on the go. I have no problem with this product because it is really cool to wear even in any weather. The product is affordable and I believe it’s one of the highest rated hiking boots.” Catherine Miller


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LaCrosse Men`s Brawny II Thinsulate Boots


If you are looking for a pair of boots that is waterproof and comfortable at the same time, than you should try the LaCrosse Men`s Brawny hunting boots. The material from which it is mainly built gives it these wonderful qualities and that material is 900-Denier Nylon. I was impressed by the fact that it offers full protection against most venomous snakes in the US. These features and more make out of it one of the top hunting boots in 2015.



Designed for people that love to hunt, the Brawny II boots come with a waterproof construction which ensure dry hunting even during rainy seasons

Incorporating Thinsulate ultra technology these hunting boots will keep the user’s feet warm in cold weather

This pair is made with lightweight 900-denier nylon upper and highly resistant scuff toecap for added feet protection

Hunters can use these boots on rough terrains due to the exclusive LaCrosse Bob outsole which maintains stability and traction



The boots can be a bit too warm causing the feet to sweat but with the right pair of socks this minor issue disappears


LaCrosse Men`s Brawny II Thinsulate Boots have really impressed me since I bought them. The level of protection and the warmth they provide were exactly what I was searching for. The product makes a big difference and I believe it’s the best deal for the money I paid for it. Actually, the Black Friday deal i got it for, made it a lot cheaper. ” Harold Rogue




LaCrosse Men`s Alphaburly Sport Boots


For hunting it is recommended that you have the LaCrosse Alphaburly 1000G boots which will prove very comfortable and resistant. The whole boots are made from high quality rubber which will keep your feet dry at all times. The fleece liner on the interior is so it keeps your feet nice and warm. The last feature is a characteristic I admire about them and also got me quite nicely through cold weather.




Combing comfort with hunting utility features this pair of hunting boots ensures proper stability during long hunts

Designed with insulated rubber-clad neoprene the hunting boots will keep the feet dry, warm and comfortable

Due to the midsole cushioning and special grip-ready outsole hunters with this pair of boots on won’t have to worry about instability on rough terrains

The Alphaburly hunting boots offer hunters the chance to enjoy high mobility and thus hunt without restrictions



For some users the boots can be a bit too heavy but such situations are rare, often reported by unexperienced hunters

Takes a while to put the boots on


LaCrosse Men`s Alphaburly Sport Boots was my choice after I analyzed many possibilities. In the end it turns out I made a great decision when buying them. They are fully waterproof and I even have used them in below freezing temperatures with my feet still feeling warm and comfortable. The reviewers placed it in the top ten hunting boots list in 2015.” David Jones