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Top rated hair dryers in 2014


Regardless of the type of hair dryer you prefer to use, ceramic or tourmaline, you’d definitely need a reliable source to demonstrate which are the best hair dressers you could use and have the hairstyle you desire. That is why the best hair dryer reviews have come forward with the best of the best.


Professional Buying guide


babyhairWho doesn’t want to take precise care of every hair follicle in order to make it look pretty amazing on various occasions? Well, thousands of women invest with attention in professional hair dryers that can provide the right assistance during each phase of hair care process. How can you find the most efficient dryer, capable of respective the hair structure? You might want to read some of the best hair dryer reviews and use the information towards narrowing your search down to one or two products. This type of hair care device represents a great to any woman that wants to look great under any social circumstances. Dryers offer women the possibility to safely dry their hair follicles when they get out of the shower. Furthermore such devices can be used in order to style up the hair and add something special, for all to see.

As you probably already saw, the market is more than generous when it comes to hair dryers, offering something for all types of hair. Finding the best hair dryer in 2014 can significantly improve the way you take care of your hair and look quite beautiful whenever you go outside. There are a couple of things to consider while you search for a particular product. The first thing is budget. You will find cheap and expensive hair dryers that can accommodate any budget. Hairstyle can be easily set-up once you find the ideal dryer, designed to help you enjoy positive results. Take into account your hair’s appearance and thus choose better what type of dryer to have


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Watts Price Speed settings Weight Customer rating Where to buy

BaByliss Pro BABP2800

2000 $$ 6 2.5 pounds A+ AMAZON

BaByliss Pro BAB2000

2000 $$ 6 2 pounds A AMAZON

Conair Infiniti Cord-Keeper

1875 $$ 3 heat/2 speed 1 pound B+ AMAZON

Babylisspro TT

1000 $ 2 heat/2 speed 1 pound B+ AMAZON

T3 Tourmaline 83808

1800 $$$$ 2 2 pounds B AMAZON


For example hair texture usually ranges from thin to thick, or straight and curly, which require special drying functions. If you don’t really know what type of hair you have, consider consulting with your hair stylist.

In order to determine the best hair dryer in 2014, you have to set out a budget and go from there. Best starts from your capacity to own the respective device. Now you will discover that hair dryers use different drying technologies in order to brighten up the hair structure and appearance. Most of the present dryers come equipped with ceramic, ionic technology and tourmaline drying technology which safely takes care of the hair structure with ease. Dryers that use ceramic technology add a special shine and protects the hair follicles from damage or frizz. Hair dryers with ionic technology feature negative ions which safely smooth hair and also improve drying time, offering women the ability to get the job done faster than ever. Dryers with tourmaline technology add an impressive shine to the respective hair structure, making it pretty special to have.

A powerful hair dryer can make all the difference in the world, regarding beauty levels and personal style input. You should also search for dryers that include various attachments such as: concentrator or comb attachments which add a bit of style to your hair. Accuracy it exactly you need whenever you want to look beautiful.


Things to consider:

-  Hair dryers use tourmaline, ionic and ceramic drying technology, which takes care of the hair’s appearance.

-   Dryers should come equipped with a wide variety of attachments, capable of improving style input.

-   Dryers offer a quick drying function, for women that are active and always on the run to get from one place to another.



BaBylissPro BABP2800 dryer


Best hair dryer reviews

If you are reaching out for professionalism and effectiveness then you’d know that BaByliss is a brand that has released exceptional product throughout the years. The Pro BABP2800 hair dresser is a strong helping hand when drying your hair, as it runs with 200 watts, utilizing the ionic feature. Moreover, it treats wet hair with care due to its porcelain ceramic technology that dries your hair faster and healthier, compared to other conventional products. Thanks to the AC motor it comes embedded with and the 6 levels that help you control both speed and heat, it is a durable product that will last long without causing any problems what so ever.



Combines ionic technology that emits negative ions and  porcelain ceramic technology to generate far infrared heat, which eliminates static and protects luster of hair while reducing drying time

High heat and superior air pressure offered by commercial-grade porcelain ceramic and powerfully efficient 2000-watt motor

With 6 heat and speed settings for faster drying without damaging the hair

Cold shot button complemented by concentrator nozzle and detachable filter



May be louder on high settings and heavier as the best professional hair dryer 2014

Attachment angle can get hot at high settings, requiring careful handling


I can easily prepare myself and my hair before going out with the help of BaBylissPro BABP2800 porcelain ceramic 2000-watt dryer. This hair dryer is very efficient and works like a charm. A great hair dryer, no doubt!.”  Emily Wells


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BaBylissPro BAB2000 Xtreme dryer


Based on recent customers reviews another BaByliss model poses as a most favorable of the best hair dryer reviews among both women and men. The BAB2000 from the Pro series provides an anti-frizz effect while leaving the hair soft and silky, due to its ceramic technology. Your hair is perfectly protected and in good hands during any drying process with the BAB2000 model as it comes with an advanced and highly appreciated feature that sends infrared heat, thus providing gentler care of your hair, leaving you totally contented with the outcome. Finally, it runs with an exceptional dryer that reduces the time you spend on beautifying your hair.



Integrated with instant cool shot button for more comfortable hair drying process, helping users transition with ease between high temperature settings

Uses ceramic hair drying technology that allows rapid generation of far infrared heat while gently drying the hair from the inside out and roots to tips for uniform drying results

Ceramic element also significantly eliminates problem frizz so hair is  lustrous, smooth and silky after drying

With convenient rocker switches for more versatility in drying



Cold setting button needs to be depressed continuously

Rocker switches may be difficult to slide with just one finger


I am using the BaBylissPro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme dryer for my hair. It is really efficient, with my hair being dried properly and without damaging it. Always BaBylissPro delivers high quality hair products.”  Lisa Kiely


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Conair Infinity Cord-Keeper styler


Totally girlish and highly appealing to women, the Conair Infinity styler comes with a nice pink color and solid structure that steals the show. It runs with a 1875-watt high-torque CD motor power, 3 heat settings and 2 levels of speed so that anyone can have complete control of any drying or hair-straightening process. Given the features included in the Infinity hair dresser, one can clearly say that it is perfectly capable of satisfying even the most challenging needs. Moreover, it has a filter that can be easily removed, while the ceramic ion technology it comes embedded with helps to treat your hair with respect, leaving them healthy and shiny.



With 1875 watts of drying power using combined efficiency of tourmaline ceramic and ionic technologies

No-frizz hair, only lusciously smooth crowning glory with state-of-the-art tourmaline ceramic system, according to best professional hair dryer reviews

Eliminate static electricity generated from hair drying so hair comes out shiny healthy and more manageable with ionic technology

High torque motor offers maximum drying power, supplemented by locking cool shot button, plus 3 heat and 2 speed settings and a convenient retractable cord that goes into the handle for convenient storage



Longer profile and heavier, bulkier build

May require two-hand operation of switches


I can easily style my hair with the help of the Conair Infinity Cord-Keeper tourmaline ceramic ionic styler. This hair dryer can easily dry my hair without making it dull and dry. Even if it’s an affordable hair dryer, the quality and the performance never disappointed me. ”  Vance Fludd


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BaBylissPro TT dryer


BaByliss has the pleasure to see almost all of its products on the tops of the best hair dryer reviews within each passing year. This year, the TT tourmaline travel dryer is a promising model that has been warmly welcomed by people that care about their hair and need a professional product to ensure them that their care will be protected during any drying process.  The TT tourmaline dryer from the Pro series comes strong with a 100-watt motor force and is embedded with the titanium tourmaline feature that both are guarantees of great hair care. Additionally, its small sized design makes it perfect in case you are setting off for a trip.



Uses revolutionary Tourmaline Titanium Technology so hair gets that extra shot of luster and shine minus the annoying frizz and static electricity that are a problem with standard hair dryers

Foldable and conveniently stows away in tiny package to fit into a travel bag or beauty essentials kit, truly meant for keeping beautiful on the road

Has removable filter cover with stand and concentrator nozzle for customized, dedicated drying

Dual voltage motor works sturdily to give hair drying satisfaction while on the go anywhere



Dryer meant for personal use, not for professional purposes

No cool shot button


The red BaBylissPro TT tourmaline titanium travel dryer is a professional, affordable and stylish dryer, which I’ve used for almost a year. I don’t have any problems with it because of the good features with which it’s equipped and the accessories included in the package. My conclusion is that it’s one of the most reliable hair dryers 2014, which can be the perfect Xmas gift for that special lady.”  Rachel Smith


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T3 Tourmaline 83808 dryer


Whoever has used the Y3 Tourmaline 83808 hair-dryer, states that is comes loaded with advanced features that help keeping your hair in a healthy and stylish-looking condition, which is highly appreciated, especially among women. Irrespectively of the hair type, it provides a precise effect and it is ideal particularly for long or thick hair types that require a more sensitive care. What is more, while using the T3 Tourmaline model you ensure your hair is protected, since the hair-dryer comes with a negative ion feature that both acts with anti-frizz properties and seals the cuticle layer of your hair, thus leaving them perfectly healthy.



Enjoy soft, smooth and shiny hair from a hair dryer that doesn’t damage the crowning glory, truly meant as a woman’s ultimate best friend

Hair is protected while drying thanks to the device’s revolutionary technology that closes cuticle layers

Say goodbye to blow-dried, frizzy look from early generations of hair dryers

Emitted negative ions infuse moisture and sheen to the hair, while removable filter and screen, ionized concentrator, cool shot feature and 2-speed setting help achieve that perfect look



Needs voltage converter for countries using 220 volts

More expensive than others in its class


I give it a 5 star rating. My hair gets dried in an instant with it and it is not getting burned in the process as well. I end up by recommending it, for its well balanced set of features. The Black Friday deal I got for it made it very cheap and if you’re lucky enough to find it for sale, go for it. I don’t really know who makes the best hair dryers, but  I know this model from T3 is reliable.”    Kathryn Edwards


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