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Golf Shoes – What to Look For:


For those who are not familiar with the game of golf and they are just starting out, they may not be familiar with the ins and outs of the game. One of the aspects that gets highly overlooked is the importance of a good pair of golf shoes.

Did you know that some of the top ten golf shoes don’t even look like golf shoes? Many of the most popular shoes look like regular shoes that you can wear everyday while walking in the streets. While we cannot tell you what’s the best golf shoe on the market, we can help inform you of what to look for when choosing the highest rated shoes.


It’s All About the Fit

Just like all shoes, when you are choosing among the best rated golf shoes, you want to make sure they fit properly. The shoe is an important aspect of the game, as it can give you stability, better traction, and of course the comfort! You will want to test your shoe out in the store before making the purchase. We recommend wearing the socks you will generally wear with the shoes and perform several simple tests: wiggle your toes and grip the shoe as you are mimicking a swing, stand on one foot at a time, and also walk around. This will give you a good idea how the shoe will feel when you are wearing them out on the green.


Waterproofing is Key

If you are an early morning player, you may want to waterproof your shoe, or choose shoes that have already been waterproofed. These types of shoes with leather uppers are the best choice because they give you optimal support and waterproofing. Synthetic shoes do not give you much support nor are they very breathable. This will leave your feet feeling hot and smelly by the end of a long game.


Shoe Style

While most golfers don’t focus on the style of the show, some consider their shoes to be an extension of their personality. There are many options available, so you don’t have to choose the old saddle shoe style.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Men – Women Price Fabric Sole Our Rating Where to buy

Nike Golf Zoom Advance

Men $$$$ Leather Manmade A+ AMAZON

Adidas Powerband

Men $$$ Leather Manmade A AMAZON

Asics Matchplay 33

Women $$ Synthetic Rubber B+ AMAZON

Callaway XTT LT

Men $$ Leather Manmade B+ AMAZON

Nike Golf Ace

Women $$ Synthetic Manmade B AMAZON


Golf shoes can give you a good advantage while playing the game. You will experience better traction, control, and maybe even see an improvement in your swing. All it takes is a little patience and taking some time out to be properly fitted for the best golf shoe for your feet.


Expert advice on buying the best pair of Golf Shoes


Thousands of Americans love to play golf. This is a magnificent sport which fascinates youngsters and adults alike. In order to enhance your skill set and register more holes in ones than ever, you need to be comfortable every moment of the game. This is why so many golfers are now searching for professional shoes designed especially for high gaming comfort. Since there so many shoes available on the market, finding the right one can be pretty challenging. A good idea would be to check out some of the best golf shoes reviews. Once you consult professional information, you will be able to wisely invest in a great pair of golf shoes.

You should know that golf shoes are not required to play the game. Still, you should know that wearing a pair of golfing shoes can significantly improve your gaming skills. With the ideal shoes on, you will be able to play the game better. How can the shoes improve your way around the golf course? Well, a high quality shoe can deliver additional comfort and enhance support on different types of terrains. Taking into consideration that an average golfer can spend from four to six hours to play all 18 holes, the comfort you experience during each hit will make all the difference in the world. How can you find the best golf shoes in 2016 ? Since there are so many options available on the market, understanding what to look for in a great product can help you invest wisely.


Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet


ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe


These shoes by ECCO are made of leather and a synthetic material, which has been hydromax treated to resist moisture. The molded traction bars on the man made sole help keep you confidence and in control—whether you are on the green or at the tee. These shoes fit true to size, so you can be sure that they are one of the best golf shoes for wide feet. The stylish design of these shoes give you a street-smart look, thanks to the contrasting colors and the secure lace-up fit. The sole can grip even the dampest of greens, but giving you the freedom to wear the shoes off the green if you chose to do so.


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There many things to take into account while browsing for a new golf shoe. You need to know what type of materials was used in order to make the shoes. Other important things are price, frequency of play and fitting parameters. Most shoes were designed with molded grip bottoms, special spikes and mid-sole for enhanced comfort during every minute of the game. With high quality golf shoes, you will enjoy better traction while walking on surfaces with short grass. You won’t have to worry about slipping on the course! Proper golf shoes can handle hilly terrains with no problems whatsoever! You will have the much needed support in order to precisely swing and hit more holes in ones than ever.


Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet


Adidas Men’s Puremotion Golf Shoe


These shoes are considered to be the best golf shoes for flat feet because they give you a natural fit that provides you with optimal comfort and performance. The lightweight shoe is designed to allow your feet move naturally, thanks to the glove-like fit. The shoe is known to improve your golf swing due to better stability, posture, and athleticism. The anatomical web shape allow your toes to move naturally, as well as grip down at that critical moment during your swing that gives you extra balance and stability. The lift in the lower heel brings your foot closer to the ground which aides in improving your posture while giving you more energy throughout the round.


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With the best golf shoes in 2016 in your possession every game becomes a reason to smile. Players with the right shoes can comfortably play for hours and hours! This is why you need to find shoes made out of special materials like leather, synthetic leather, Gore-Tex, spikes and polyester. Recent statistics pointed out that leather golf shoes have always been preferred by players. Leather shoes are comfortable and elegant. Golfers love them because they are light and easy to wear. There are also some synthetic options but only a couple of folks prefer them. You should also take into account the shoe’s design. Make sure that it is directly linked to your gaming personality!


Best Golf Shoes for Walking


Nike Golf Men’s Air Range WP II Golf Shoe


These shoes are the best golf shoes for walking long distances on the green because they feature an ergonomic design that promotes natural motion and flexibility while walking. The golf specific patterns are designed to penetrate the green, giving you lateral support and optimal comfort while walking. The stylish shoe features a full-length Phylon midsole and Phylite and TPU Nike Power Platform outsole. The mesh and synthetic leather combine to give the shoe support while still allowing for moisture to wick away, leaving you comfortable and dry.


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Top rated golf shoes in 2016


For many people around the world golfing is a more than a sport. To this end, we are not surprised to see so many people search for reliable golfing instruments, which they can use on the golf course. Out of the many products needed to progress and win games, one seems to be essential: golf shoes. Without the proper shoes, you won’t be able to have control over your actions on the field and end up with a long losing streak. How can you find the most efficient product? Consult with attention the latest best golf shoes reviews and make the selection process easier.



Nike Golf Men’s Zoom advance golf shoes


Best golf shoes reviewsWhen it comes to high quality golf shoes, one brand sets itself apart from the others: Nike. Today, you have the possibility to use one of the best golf shoes in 2016 from Nike: Golf men’s Zoom advance shoes, a pair that will improve your stability during the game. Made out of leather and with a manmade sole, this pair of golfing shoes is a great addition to any pro gamer. You should also know that the shoes are made out of premium full-grain waterproof leather, designed by Sadesa. Important fact about it: they include composite nylon and a solid TPU midfoot harness system.



Not many shoes come better equipped than these. Made entirely out leather, they will last for a long time and maintain their shape no matter how big of a golf enthusiast you are.

The manmade sole is perfectly crafted to provide you with all the stability you need.

These shoes improve your balance and increase your golf score due to the extra grip they bring to the table.

The price is not very high considering the fact that these professional golf shoes.

In terms of comfort, there are few pairs of shoes out there more comfortable than these.



Make sure you know exactly what size to buy. They might not fit like your regular Nikes.

The metallic eyelets could have been better constructed.


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Adidas men’s Powerband 4.0 golf shoe


When you are out golfing, stability must follow every step of the way. A hole in one or simply a continuous winning streak can become a reality once you find your balance. One of the most important golfing accessories that need to be in your possession is the shoes. To this end we recommend you use without reservations Adidas men’s Powerband 4.0 golf shoes, a pair that will give the possibility to play better than ever. It’s your turn to win game after game and set aside the presence of problems. Well now, that sounds pretty darn good, no?



Considered as some of the best men’s golf shoes 2016, Adidas’s Powerband 4.0 really stand out on the golf course.

These shoes are built for professionals but don’t cost as much as you would pay for a regular pair of running shoes.

The technology behind these shoes is amazing. They come with a manmade sole but are also fitted with stitching and additional materials which are designed with the latest devices.

They come with Adidas’s fit form design which allows the shoe to take the shape of your feet.

They are also well ventilated for those hot, long summer games.



Remember that these shoes fit differently so be extra careful what size you get. This is a bit of a hassle considering the fact that a shoe should be the size stated on the badge.

They wear down a bit too quickly if used on a regular basis.


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Asics women’s matchplay 33 golf shoe


When you are out shopping for a pair of high quality golf shoes, it’s important to consult the latest top rated golf shoes reviews, written to point out the greatest deals. Now, you have the opportunity to select Asics women’s match play golfing shoes which will improve the way you play. Made out of synthetic materials and with a solid rubber sole, for enhanced stability during every moment of the game, this pair of shoes will not disappoint. Furthermore it comes with a compression molded EVA midsole and the upper leather is waterproof, letting you play without any restrictions at all.



These golf shoes are perfect for women who need to feel comfortable during those long, exhausting games.

The rubber sole offers both grip and stability so as to allow you to hit the perfect shots each and every time.

Even though these shoes have no spikes, they are still very useful on the course because of the extra traction delivered by the sole.

They are casual and can be worn outside the golf course.



Unfortunately these shoes are not waterproof as advertised, which is a must on a golf course.

The removable foam insole should be replaced every once in a while which means an extra investment.


“I’m positive I got the best golf shoes for the money I paid because I feel no discomfort when having them on. The price I paid for them is quite cheap if I take into consideration the level of comfort they provide.” – Samantha T. Wilson


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Callaway Men’s XTT LT saddle golf shoe


When you’re out on the golfing course, it’s important to have a keen mind set to success and the right tools to achieve high performance. A growing number of the latest best golf shoes reviews underline the efficiency of Callaway Men’s XTT LT saddle, a pair which will improve your golfing force, bringing you a much deserved winning streak. Made out of leather and with a manmade sole, this unique pair from Callaway features XWT technology, which keeps the feet, fit in the shoes. Quite ideal for a game, no? Furthermore the shoes come with 7 new Chevron comfort spikes, for additional comfort during games.



These are, according to the best men’s golf shoes reviews, some of the most elegant golf shoes on the market.

They will make you feel like a professional even if you are setting foot on a golf course for the first time.

They are durable because they are made out of leather and they come with a manmade sole for excellent stability and extra grip for those long shots.

The spikes will allow you to get a strong stance before each and every shot and will also allow you to put your entire body in the shot.



It is hard to nail the proper size shoes you need. With these shoes you probably need to get ½ sizes larger than usual.

The shoe is a bit too narrow which may be a bit uncomfortable for those with larger feet.


“I always wondered who makes the best golf shoes and after wearing this pair for over a year, I know Callaway is ahead of the competition. I’ve won a huge number of games with these ones on and I consider them to be my lucky shoes because I received them as a Xmas present from my wife.” – Robert A. Patterson


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Nike golf women’s Ace golf shoe


It’s very important to walk on the golf course with a pair of reliable shoes, bent on maintaining the stability levels high. To this end we recommend that you use with confidence Nike golf women’s Ace golf shoes, a pair which will simplify the way you play. They are made out of synthetic materials for enhanced comfort, while the manmade sole keeps the stability levels high. Furthermore the golfing shoes have the upper side waterproof, full-length comfort sockliner and also a full length Phylon midsole, ideal to maintain the golfing experience free of incidents. Now is a pair of golfing shoes that need to be in your life!



With these shoes you get excellent value for money. They are waterproof, comfortable and highly efficient when it to offering that extra grip you need to put some power into your shots.

They come with Nike’s power platform flex which takes great care of your feet.

The spikes are well attached and will not remain in the ground.

They look like professional golf shoes despite costing so little.



You might not be able to fit in these shoes considering the size chart is totally different than with normal Nike shoes.


“The only thing I didn’t like about my new golf shoes was the fact that the sizes are different from normal Nike footwear. I feel very light on my feet when wearing them and now I know which golf shoes are the best, the Nike Ace. Because I got the on Black Friday, they weren’t expensive either.” – Olivia Gunthrie


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adidas Men’s Adipower

1.adidas Men’s AdipowerThe adidas Adipower have been specially designed for men’s use. These golf shoes can be purchased in a variety of sizes, ranging from 7.5 D(M) US to 13 E US. The main reason this model is one of the most popular ones we’ve come across is that it can often be found at discount prices, so users can take advantage of the sales organized by various online marketplaces, including Amazon. The model offers enhanced stability on account of the materials that were employed in its construction. These are some golfing shoes that will leave you wanting to play more.



The adidas Men’s Adipower is a model that’s well-known for being comfortable even during long golfing sessions.

All of the materials that are used in the build of this product are high quality, from the rubber sole to the cloud foam insole.

The ADIWEAR traction has been specially designed so that it is abrasion-resistant, which makes the six-spike thintech outsole a lot more durable than the ones of other units on the line.

This is one of the most acclaimed pair of golfing shoes, as more than fifty buyers have written detailed positive reviews about the way it performs.



The white cloth material around the heel quickly gets stained brown.


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Women’s FootJoy Lopro

2.Womens FootJoy Lopro

This FootJoy Lopro product has been specially designed for women and for girls. It’s both fashionable and remarkably comfortable, and does what it’s supposed to do and does it well. What’s more, this pair is easy to clean and maintain as it has been found to be among the most durable units that are available on the market today. The model can be purchased in a broad array of color combinations, ranging from white and taupe to white, pearl, and silver. Available sizes range from 5 B (M) US to 9.5 A (N) US.



The model has a soft full grain leather upper as well as a well-cushioned and flexible sole, which both make playing golf on the field an exceptionally enjoyable experience.

Thanks to their design, these shoes can even be used outside the golf course.

Durability is at the core of the FootJoy Lopro as the product is made of leather.

The unique slip-last construction provides a good fit right after coming out of the box.



Although there’s a high number of positive reviews on this model, some people say that it’s a little loose in the heel.

Other individuals have complained about some sizes not being extremely accurate.


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Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Control II

While 3.Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Control IIit might not be as affordable as other products on the line, this one is well-known for its durability and the comfort it offers to users. What’s more, it has been constructed by Nike, one of the most reputable brands in the world when it comes to designing top-quality products for sports and outdoor activities. The product can be bought in a large
variety of color combinations, which gives users a lot of freedom in regards to their sense of style. We might even go so far as state that these shoes are so beautiful that you won’t ever feel like taking them off your feet.



The product combines motion and flexibility and gives users the advantage of truly light feet. Nothing beats movability when you’re on the field.

The spikes of these golf shoes are known not to stick in the ground, as they’re very well-attached to the product.

This model has gathered over two hundred and fifty positive user reviews on Amazon, which goes to show just how popular it is among golfers.

Furthermore, this product is destined both for younger and for older players as it offers the same degree of comfort.



Sizes might differ depending on the marketplace you choose for your purchase.

Some users claim the shoes get dirty too easily.


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