Best Gas Snow Blower Reviews


Top rated gas snow blowers in 2014


The rest of this article will be helpful if you are looking for a high quality gas snow blower, without minding the price that you have to pay. However, if you are only interested with the best electric snow blowers under $100, this review will not be helpful, basically because the products are more expensive, and more importantly, because they are gas-powered.


How to choose the best gas snow blower – Professional advice


gassnWinter can come with a wide range of problems which need to be handled with attention. Well, people have to deal with snow which adds layer upon layer in the back and front yard. Your house needs to be free of snow, in order to offer safe passage without dealing with slippery snow. This is where snow blower can offer much needed assistance and transform pesky snow into a distant memory. Once you manage to consult the best gas snow blower reviews, you will be able to invest in a high quality device, capable of dealing with precision with different amounts of snow. When it comes to areas where snowfall is a recurrent problem, a powerful snow blower can help manage better snow areas, clearing pathways with ease.

Finding the best gas snow blower in 2014 can be pretty difficult, given the wide range of products available on the market. With a powerful blower you will be able to clear a long or steep driveway, patio or backyard in just a matter of minutes, which comes in handy when you are in a hurry. So, in order to end up with a relevant device that delivers high quality results you need to understand more about the best snow blowers available on the market, and know their advantages and disadvantages. Most of the current devices fall into 3 major categories: single-stage gas models, single stage electric models and also two-stage gas models.

You should know also the distance covered in order to calculate better where the snow will be thrown. With a clear picture on the maximum distance of each snow blower, you will be able to manage better each blowing session.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Price Clearing Width Power Customer Rating Where to buy

Husqvarna 1827EXLT

326 pounds $$$$$ 27 inches 414cc A+ AMAZON

Husqvarna 12527HV

238 pounds $$$$ 27 inches 291cc B+ AMAZON

Murray 1695885

106.9 pounds $$$ 22 inches 205cc B+ AMAZON

Power Smart DB7651

185 pounds $$$ 26 inches 208cc B AMAZON

Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700

58 pounds $$ 21 inches 123cc C+ AMAZON


Well, electric snow blowers can throw with ease snow by up to 25 feet. A powerful gas snow blower can throw snow by up to 35 feet while the latest 2-stage gas snow blowers can throw snow by up to 50 feet away. Depending on your needs around the house, you will be able to find the proper device, which upgrades your clearing possibilities. With the best gas snow blower in 2014, you won’t have to worry about getting into problems.

Before you start identifying the most efficient blower, you have to consider with precision the area which needs to be cleared. Furthermore you have to consider the amount of snow that has to clear daily. Another thing you need to consider is weather conditions, which may offer more things to handle.

One thing is certain: a powerful gas snow blower can significantly improve your home maintenance program. You should find a model which is easy to manoeuvre around various obstacles. You need a powerful snow blower which can improve every phase of the respective clearing operation. Fortunately, the market is more than generous when it comes to clearing snow areas. Are you ready to significantly improve your day to day maintenance precision? If you are then choose with confidence a gas snow blower which won’t let you down.


Things to consider:

-  Gas snow blower can throw away by up to 35 feet away snow with precision.

-  Gas snow blowers come with an economic and sturdy design, which maintains the whole experience pretty comfortable.

-  The device can handle with ease fluffy snow.

-   Snow blowers are lightweight with an easy to manoeuvre functionality, day and night.



Husqvarna 1827EXLT Gas Snow Blower


Best Gas Snow Blower ReviewsIf you are looking for convenience and power, the best gas snow blower reviews have noted that this specific model is one of the best choices that can be taken into account. It has a convenient power steering mechanism that will make it a snap for you to maneuver the equipment. Additionally, it has trac drive for the purpose of reducing vibrations. It also has hydrostatic transmission that can help in allowing the blower to work effectively even in deep surfaces.



Wide 27-inch clearing swath that allows easy clearing of bigger areas in a single go, of quality construction and with easy handling and maneuverability

Two-stage unit with 414cc engine, and patented heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission for greater power through deeper snow drifts, supplemented by adjustable drift cutters to propel deep snow into auger housing for easier clearing

Trac Hydro Drive offers better traction through special tread pattern that reduces rolling vibrations

High-speed impeller, heavy-gauge auger, heated handles, impressive trigger control power steering for excellent maneuverability plus standard LED headlight for better visibility when conditions are harsh



High price point does not offer value for money

Heavy unit


“I took the advice of the best gas snow blower reviews and got this Husqvarna model. Its performances have impressed me and clearing a walkway through the snow is no longer a difficult and time consuming task.” – Thomas F. Belden


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Husqvarna 12527HV Gas Snow Blower


This snow blower is powered by 12.4 gross torque motor from SnowKing, which proves to be extremely powerful. It has the ability to remove a considerable quantity of snow with the large cleaning width of up to 27 inches and depth of 23 inches. The power steering is trigger-controlled, which makes it easy to maneuver. Even with just a single hand, users won’t find it hard to control such. It also has LED headlight that will make users to operate the unit easily even in poorly-lit conditions.



Two-stage Snow Thrower with 291cc gas-powered engine designed with electric start option and convenient trigger control on power steering for easy maneuverability even in the toughest conditions

Easy press of a button when connected to AC outlet, eliminating problems with a dead battery or starting during cold conditions, making this the best gas snow blower with electric start 2014

Chain drive transmission propels 16-inch by 5-inch wheels for top-of-the-line snow clearing plus ejection while LED headlight facilitates operation even in low light conditions

Chute controls adjustable through single hand control while auger and wheels are engaged



Main left handle with two large spring-loaded levers not meant for ergonomic handling by users with small hands

Quite heavy and hard to move around by smaller individuals, and quite pricey


“The raw power delivered by this snow blower’s motor has convinced me to purchase it. I have a large yard and I needed a wide blower able to deliver. Because it works so well for me, I recommend it for other people in need of a heavy-duty model.” – Samuel J. Hitt


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Murray 1695885 Gas Snow Blower


If you are looking for a snow blower that will prove to be ideal for light applications, this model is recommended by many experts, including those who have reviewed the product in the past. This has the ability to blow up to 8 inches of snow. One of its best features would be the polymer auger that is wear-resistant, making it possible to preserve its best quality in the long run. Lastly, it is powered by Briggs & Stratton engine, which is an assurance of its reliability and performance.



Gas powered single-stage 205cc 4-cycle OHV snow thrower with electric start option and wide clearing swath of 22 inches

Engineered with Briggs & Stratton 800 Snow Series OHV Engine, with cord included to facilitate electric start functionality for greater versatility

Handles from eight inches to a foot of snow  including fluffy snow,  and throws snow up to 30 feet away, making unit ideal for light use purposes

Clear pavements of snow with wear-resistant auger constructed of polymer material



Engine runs on mixture of gas and oil, requiring periodic maintenance

Not designed to be CARB compliant and not for sale in state of California


“I’m more than pleased with the way Murray 1697885 removes the snow from my alley and driveway. What was a hard thing to do before, using just a shovel and my body strength, is done now in a matter of minutes and without much effort. My wife made me a great Xmas gift which had an affordable price for a gas snow bower.” – William Flores


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Power Smart DB7651 Snow Thrower


A solid design combined with a powerful engine lets you make short work of excess snow on your property. You will be able to use 4 different forward speeds and also 2 reverse getting the job done in a very professional manner and in less time. The 24 inch cleaning width and the 21 height of the intake makes it very efficient and fast. It is no wonder why it is considered one of the best gas snow blowers in 2014.



Lauded in dozens of best gas snow blower with electric start reviews thanks to wide clearing swath of 26 inches for  fewer passes over a broader trail and 208cc LCT gas-fed engine with option for electric start

21-inch intake height facilitates efficient snow removal complemented by  12-inch all-steel serrated augers that pull snow into blower unit

Comes with four forward and two reverse speeds for flexibility and ease of use

20-inch clearing depth from a powerful professional snow engine with direction control panel



Pricier than smaller-sized models and heavier at 185 pounds than 24-inch models

Performance is up in the air for handling occasional tougher snow conditions


“The cleaning width was just what I was looking for and the positive feedback from customer reports erased all the doubt in my mind. Clearing a path through the snow has never been easier and I know for sure I have made a great investment for when the hard winter days come. I didn’t cost me much either because I got it for a Black Friday deal. This is the best deal I could have got on a snow blower for the money I had available.” – Henry Jennings


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Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700 Snow Thrower


When snow is piling up in your yard or drive way you need to remove it somehow. A great solution is to get the Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700 Snow Thrower which is well viewed by the best gas snow blowers reviews. It won’t take you too long to finish your yard because this blower has a cleaning width of 21 inches. Also the whole machine is built for durability, resisting the elements.



Generous 21-inch clearing width that ensures faster operations and more rapid clearing jobs to cover wide areas in less time and guaranteeing faster completion

6.5-inch EZ chute control, with 4-cycle engine that runs on smart oil-and-gas mixture and with engine-driven wheels measuring 7 inches by 1.5 inches plus a 13-inch intake height

Auger able to pick up and throw snow (even fluffy snow), making unit safe for pavements and driveways

4-cycle gas powered with 123cc OHV engine



Requires periodic engine maintenance, being gas powered

Not recommended for handling clearing of wet, heavy snow, while  snow shoot requires a lot of muscle to turn


“No more problems for me when clearing the yard of snow thanks to this snow blower from Yard Machines. I finish this task quickly and without much effort, leading me to believe it’s the best rated gas snow blowers 2014. For a machine under $375, I don’t think you can do much better than the Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700.” – Nathan N. Moon


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Power Smart DB7659 Gas Snow Blower – Not available


Size is essential when looking for the best product within this product category. Ideally, it is recommended that you choose one with compact size, especially if you anticipate small to medium tasks. Because it is compact, you will find it easy to store and maneuver. This model also features push button electric start, which will make it a snap for you to launch its functionality. Lastly, another feature worth noting is the fact that it is relatively easy to use.

“My driveway is easily cleared of snow now that I have this snow blower from Power Smart. I may not know what ‘s the best model, but I know this is a leading one for sure.” – Joshua Douglas

Poulan Pro PR521 Gas Snow Blower – Not available


In many of the best gas snow blower reviews that have recommended this model, one thing that is commonly mentioned by its users is the fact that it is easy to put the pieces together. Since it is easy to assemble, it will not take a long time before it can finally be used after being taken out of the box. The auger blades used in this model have also been highly commended. This is basically because the latter makes it possible for the product to deliver maximum performance without too much effort.