Best gas range reviews


Top rated gas ranges in 2014 


Having a reliable helping hand in the kitchen and an assistant you can depend on for your culinary activities is a great deal. That is why you need the very best gas range reviews to pint out the most qualitative products to serve your needs the best way.


How to find a good gas range – Expert Buying guide


gsrangToday, more and more people are searching for precise gas ranges in order to cook and ultimately prepare delicious dishes. As so many people pointed out, cooking with natural gas is easy and pretty economical, because it costs about half in direct comparison to regular electric ranges. You should know that gas ranges cost a bit more than regular electric ranges, but you will be able to regain your money as months go by. This is why you need to read the best gas range reviews, written by specialists and professional cooks, which provide much needed insight in developing the right kitchen. New and advanced gas cooking equipment can significantly improve your culinary projects, letting you prepare different dishes with precision.

It is important to find the best gas range in 2014 in order make sure that you won’t have to deal with regrets later on. Today, the market offers a wide range of products, and for this particular reason you have to be connected professional information and thus ensure that you will end up with a great device. Gas ranges come in different shapes and sizes, offering various culinary possibilities. There are traditional free-standing ranges which include cooktop and special oven, which people usually use with no problems whatsoever. You can also have built-in ranges which offer a slide or drop design. Sill, taking into account recent statistics it seems that cooktops and ovens are basically separated from the respective gas range which has its specific cooking features. This particularity offers people more flexibility, during installation and great convenience.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Range/Fuel Type Price  No. of burners Dimensions Customer Rating Where to buy
Verona VEFSGE365DSS Duel-fuel $$$$$ 5 42 x 38.5 x 29 inches A+ AMAZON
Frigidaire FGGS3045K Gas $$$ 4 27.7 x 30 x 36.6 inches A+ AMAZON

Gas $$$ 4 24 x 24 x 44 inches B

Frigidaire FFGF3011L Gas $$ 4 28.5 x 29.9 x 47 inches B+ AMAZON
Bertazzoni Master A304GGVXE Gas $$$$ 4 24 x 25 1/8 x 35½ – 37¼ inches B AMAZON


Finding the best gas range in 2014 is no easy picking but with the right guide you will accomplish this objective. You have the possibility to choose commercial-style ranges which have a chrome or stainless steel finishes, ovens and even multiple burners. Most of these ranges include built-in safety measures and insulation, which protects the user during each phase of the cooking process. If you decide to purchase a gas range you need to install and advanced exhaust fan which eliminates the normal by products of cooking such as smoke, grease, heat and steam. An exhaust fan can improve the way you handle all phases of the cooking experience, casting aside those extra “side effects” of preparing a meal. You have to think real hard what you are going to use the gas range on a daily basis. One thing is certain: your kitchen will register a major quality boost once you start using a powerful gas range.

Every day culinary choirs become a whole lot easier once you find the ideal gas range. Upgrading your existing culinary equipment is essential if you want to prepare delicious dishes whenever you desire with no problems whatsoever. You should pay attention to dimensions in order to install the gas range with ease wherever you want in the kitchen. Style and price are also important things to consider, because they can go a long way in the selection process. Fortunately the market offers products in different styles and price ranges.


What you need to keep in mind:

-   Gas ranges are available from 20 inch to 40 inches in width, ideal to accommodate any kitchen with ease.

-  Use models with stainless steel construction in order to enjoy their culinary assistance for a long period of time.

-  You can choose from free-standing ranges and commercial ones, which present different advantages and disadvantages.

-  Gas ranges usually come with separate or built-in ovens and cooktops.


Summit TNM63027BFKWY gas range


A good idea for a small kitchen is this gas range from Summit which has a compact size but which will help you cook a lot of different dishes. It even has a modern look to it thanks to the stainless steel oven doors and digital clock. The glass on the oven door is transparent and there is a light as well so you are perfectly aware of what is going on inside the oven, features that recommend it as one of the best gas ranges in 2014.

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 “In the months I have been using it, the gas range has proved to be reliable, without anything special to point out about it both positively and negatively. Food tastes like it should, but cleaning it turns out to be a bit tough though.” – Andrea Collins


Frigidaire FFGF3011LB gas range


Best gas range reviewsWhen dealing with the best and highest rated gas ranges, it is not easy to choose the right one for your needs as they all fit advanced features and heavy-duty constructions. The Frigidaire FFGF3011LB model, though, makes a difference with its profound broiling system that operates with 18.000 BTUs that allow any user to cook fast and easily, thus saving time and effort. Moreover, it comes with a big-sized window that helps you look inside the oven and monitor your cooking process and also 4 burners that operate with 9.000 BTUs, leaving you relieved of any worries while cooking.

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I like the black Frigidaire FFGF3011LB, 30 inch gas range compared to the other gas ranges in the market. This gas range is really affordable. It is also small enough and for this reason, I have placed it with easy in my kitchen. ”  Greg Young


Bertazzoni Master Series A304GGVXENG gas range


An electric device worth mentioning as one of best gas ranges this year is the A304GGVXENG model by the Bertazzoni’s Master Series. It stands out with its reasonable price and great functionalities. More particularly, it comes with a powerful convection oven with a capacity of 3.6 cubic feet and 4 solid sealed burners which enhance any cooking activity. Moreover, it is so easily cleaned that it only takes a few minutes to have a completely shiny gas range, ready for your next culinary desire. Undoubtedly, a device that is worthy of the high rates and customer reviews of appraisal.

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I am happy to own Bertazzoni Master Series: A304GGVXENG 30 Pro-Style gas range because it works very well. It is not hard to clean either. I cook in a proper way with its help for my family. ”  Gene Perkins


Amana AGR5844VDB gas range


Being granted with a gas range that comes with self cleaning features is a big relief, indeed, as it saves you from a lot of effort and time to clean it up after several uses. Amana AGR5844VDB gas range is such self-cleaning product that also enables its users to benefit from the feature that allows them to choose whether they want a low or high self cleaning process. Moreover, its cooking area is made of steel and porcelain and on top of that, it comes with hard-duty grates that are made from steel and provide quick food-heating.  Apart from that, you can see inside the oven while cooking food in it, through its big window, while the handy control panel is easily used, giving complete control of the oven’s usage.


GE JGB600SETSS gas range


The JGB600SETSS model by General Electrics is a device that has jumped right out of the tops of the best gas range reviews, where it rightfully owns a place, anyway. It is a stylish and impressively efficient device that comes with 5 burners that operate with 17.000 BTUs, which is not so commonly found in moderate gas ranges, and can be covered so as to keep them clean when not in use. Moreover, its oven transfers heat of 5/0 cu. Ft allowing its users to cook practically anything they desire without any difficult of any kind. Finally, the self-cleaning mode sets you free from any cleaning task, thus giving you more time to enjoy your family’s and friends’  company over a fine dinner.


LG LDG3016ST gas range


Never again have functionality and style been more perfectly balanced than now with the LDG3016ST model by LG. It is an electric device that offers multiple comforts to its users, due to its 2 convection modes that allow its users to both roast and bake. In addition, it comes with 5 sealed burners, an upper oven with a 2.2 cubic feet capacity and a lower over that has a powerful 3.9 cubic feet heat capacity. What is more, it is equipped with an auto-switch off feature that shuts the oven down after 12 hours thus making night cooking a piece of cake.