Best front load washing machine reviews


What to look for when buying a front load washer – Expert buying guide


frloadLaundry time is a regular chore you need to do every week or even once every couple of days. And to make sure you clean every stain out of your clothes, you must invest in a reliable washer. Now, it is very important to invest in the right one, with a top model lasting you a decade or maybe even more. The last thing you need, is to see your washing machine breaking down after just a few months. In the washing machine market one thing is certain, the front load washers are better than any other type. They are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly, so not to harm the already battered natural environment.

We shall begin with the biggest advantage of the front load washing machine and this is its energy and water efficiency. Even if you pay a bit more for such a washer, in time, your investment will save money because it consumes far less resources than a top load washing machine. Your water and electricity consumption rate will be considerably reduced. Compared to other washers, the front load machine has a very compact design. You can fit one in much tighter spaces, this being especially useful for people who don’t have big homes. But it won’t sacrifice its load capacity, with some models even holding more than 15 pounds of clothes in one wash.

All the features presented in this buying guide were selected after a a thorough research by our team. This effort also included reading the most reliable front load washing machine reviews.

To differentiate between models, you need to turn to their wash cycles. We recommend that you buy a washer with a high number of wash cycles and check out the customer reports to see if the cycles do their job or not. You can find all these details and more, in another valuable source of information, the best front load washing machine reviews. More cycles mean that you can wash better different kinds of fabrics, without damaging them, prolonging their life span.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Quiet settings  Capacity (Cu. ft.) Customer Rating Where to buy
LG FWM3987HW  38 11/16″ H x 27″ W x 29 3/4″ D $$$$$ No 3.6 A+

38.7″ H x 27″ W x 39.8″ D  $$$ No 3.6 A AMAZON
GE Profile PFWS4600LWW
 39 3/4″ H x 27″ W x 34 3/8″ D $$$$$ No 4.3 C+ AMAZON
Electrolux EIFLS55I
38″ H X 27″ W X 31 1/2″ D  $$$$ No 4.2 C+ AMAZON
Electrolux IQ-Touch EIFLS60JIW 38″ H x 27″ W x 31.5″ D  $$$$ No 4.3 C AMAZON


 Best front load washer – Buying guide


Another front load washer quality is the ability to spin your clothes at high speeds. Your laundry will be cleaned better this way and at the same time it will be dried to some extent. If the clothes are already almost dry, your dryer will be used for a shorter period of time, thus saving energy. Because such a washer is doesn’t use too much water, this will mean you will consume less detergent for your clothes. The next step is to take into consideration the top laundry capacity of your washer. For 1-2 persons you should opt for a under 12 lbs maximum load washer, between 12 lbs and 18 lbs for 3-4 people and more as the family gets bigger. The LED display on a normal front load washer, plus the buttons and knobs will help you operate its every feature easily. Normally, the control panel of a washer is not very difficult to operate

The best front load washing machine in 2014 doesn’t prove to be so elusive, once you know all these little details. All types of clothes will be cleaned by such a washing machine. One of these washers may cost more money up front, but over time, the high Energy Star rating will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Your bills will significantly decrease and you will be able to spend this money on other things you find important. High technological features give this type of washer its place at the top of the quality pyramid, way above the rest. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get one for your home.


Things to consider:


Reading customer reports will prove to be very useful when trying to choose the right front load washer.

-          Front load washing machines are energy efficient;

-          A load capacity that is enough for your family members;

-          The more washing cycles the better;

-          A high water efficiency makes sure you use less detergent as well;

-          The design of such a washer is more compact than other types of machines, thus saving space;



Top rated front load washing machines in 2014


There are a lot of front load washing machine brands and model available in the market today, which is why it is sometimes hard to pick out what is best and perfect for you. However, you do not have to stay confused as we are here to simplify that task. In this article, we have listed the best front load washing machine reviews so you can have a guide on what models to check out.



LG WM3987HW Front Load Washer Dryer Combo


Get rid of your space problem with this combo washer/dryer from LG which will make you clothes clean and dry in no time at all. With it you will have a 3.6 cu. ft. front load capacity which you can put to good use. Also have access to 9 wash cycles and 6 dry cycles at the same time. Many think of it as one of the best front load washing machines in 2014.



 Boasts of an extra-large capacity with its 3.6-cubic foot washer-dryer combo tub, which lets you maximize 9 different wash cycles and 6  different drying cycles powered by high efficiency Direct Drive Motor

 Direct Drive Motor powers the ventless condenser dryer so installation is quick, easy and hassle free

 Operates with legendary LoDecibel Quiet operation complemented by TrueBalance Anti Vibration System even when operating at top speeds of up to 1200 rpms

 Everyone’s answer to what is the advantage of front load washing machine due to its unparalleled efficiency in energy and water usage



 Wash cycles can take longer than traditional top-loading machines especially with the unit’s customized settings

 Price point is a bit higher due to the washer-dryer combo


 “For my small bathroom this was the correct investment and with it I manage to keep my clothes clean and looking like new for a longer time. I like the fact that it has 9 wash cycles for different clothes.” – Helene Stoner

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GE profile PFWS4600LWW washer


Best front load washing machine reviews

It is no surprise why GE profile PFWS4600LWW belongs to the top rated front load washer. It offers big washing capacity of 4.3 cubic feet, which is more than enough to put in large number of clothes in just one washing.  Aside from its big capacity, the GE profile PFWS4600LWW works with amazing technology that cleans clothes faster, without making any annoying noise. Another feature of this particular front load washer model is its overnight cycle. The GE profile PFWS4600LWW cleans your clothes even when you are sleeping.  This is especially advantageous to people who are always on the go, and have no much time to spare for laundry.



 Overnight Ready feature can wash and make ready-to-wear a small load in 8 hours or less even when load is not changed from washer to dryer cycles

 Steam Refresh feature helps ease out the wrinkles in clothes while reducing odors and rejuvenating fabrics

 Steam Assist feature infuses steam into fabrics so soils get easily dissolved and tough stains are eliminated

 Pre-set cycles help with specific fabric care by focusing on specialty loads that include fleece, delicates, brassieres, pet bedding and performance fabrics



 Vibrates a bit when in drying spin cycle so may require reinforced flooring or may not be recommended when laundry has to be done on upper floors

 Pricier for being a washer-dryer laundry pair as it incorporates two different functionalities in one product


I have no worries anymore regarding my laundry, after I bought the GE profile PFWS4600LWW . This machine is easy to manage and cleans my clothes without leaving any stains behind. I can think of any complains about the way it functions.”    Barbara Martin


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Electrolux EIFLS55I washer


The Electrolux EIFLS55I is one of the most efficient cleaning devices today. It is equipped with advanced feature that can wash clothes in just 18 minutes and dry it, too, for 18 minutes as well. This technology is designed to meet the needs of busy people. Though it washes really fast, you can be assured that your clothes are really clean and are stain free. More so, the Electrolux EIFLS55I is also very delicate to the fabric of your clothes.  Aside from these, this model is also very user friendly. It has IQ touch control that lets its users have much control over the cleaning cycle without any problem at all.



 Exclusive IQ Touch Controls are complemented by IQ Touch control panel that displays all washer options at all times

 Perfect Steam system that adds steam to specific wash cycles so clothes get that deeper cleaning, which results to whiter whites, less wrinkles and more powerful removal of stains

 Has Perfect Balance System powered by patented Luxury-Quiet® so oversized loads stay balanced inside the tub while the machine operates without  creating a lot of noise

 Has a customizable wash cycle that personalizes washing requirements at the touch of a button



 Requires cleaning after each use so the unit does not get mildewed or moldy

 Door gasket or seal has to be dried after use to ensure long-term use of the unit


My clothes are always stain free with the help of the Electrolux EIFLS55I. This affordable and functional front load washing machine cleans my laundry in just about 30 minutes. My family and I love our new washer which we’ve managed to get with a Xmas discount.”    Dennis Richardson


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Electrolux IQ-Touch EIFLS60JIW washer


Carrying one of the best brand names in cleaning devices, the Electrolux IQ-Touch Series EIFLS60JIW is undoubtedly deserving its place in the best front load washing machine reviews. It is efficient, safe, and very easy to use. It is equipped with a powerful technology that can remove stains and clean clothes faster, reducing your time spent doing the activity. Even with its power, the Electrolux IQ-Touch Series EIFLS60JIW takes extra care to your clothes fabric, making sure that it is kept on its tip top shape in every wash. Operating this front load washer is very easy as it offers IQ Touch.



 Has Perfect Steam System and IQ Touch Control that have allowed Electrolux front loading washers to symbolize to everyone what is the advantage of front load washing machine

 Sure-2-Fit® Capacity Washer with a powerful motor and large-capacity tub of 4.3 cubic feet so more washing can be loaded at each wash cycle

 Carries Luxury-Design® Lighting that is at once as beautiful as it is functional thanks to how it makes it easy to locate any article of clothing in the tub

 Fast wash cycles that eliminate waiting time and help users finish the laundry in less time



 The design necessitates washing out and drying after each use to prevent musty odors, mold and mildew in the detergent dispenser and tub

 Is relatively pricier


The Electrolux EIFLS60JIW has proven , in the months that I have used it, that it is a most reliable washing machine. Laundry day is no longer difficult and in no time at all I have all my family’s clothes clean. I just set the cycle that i want and go about my business until it is over. I’ve managed to make a top Black Friday deal with this model.”  Joan Davis


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Samsung DV210AEW washer - currently not available


The Samsung DV210AEW is a front load washing machine that banks on its high efficiency and security. Cleaning clothes is easier and quicker with its six wash cycles and three wash options. Moreover, these features also make it a point that the fabric of the clothes put in are well taken care of in every wash. Additionally, the Samsung DV210AEW also has vibration reduction technology that reduces the noise the machine makes when cleaning. Unlike other washers, this particular front load washer cleans in complete silence, so it won’t bother anyone. The Samsung DV210AEW has 4 cubic feet capacity.

Samsung DV210AEW was bought by me because it is energy efficient and it is very easy to operate. It is also silent when doing its job and doesn’t fade the color of my clothes one bit. I fully recommend investing in this front load washer which is under valued in my opinion”   Nancy Miller


Whirlpool WFW70HEBW Front Load Washer - currently not available


The Whirlpool WFW70HEBW is an excellent front load washer to own which has one of the best quality to price ratios for such a machine. Being Energy Star qualified means you will consume less water and electricity, so you save money on your yearly bills. The Quiet Spin technology which it is equipped with will let it work without disturbing anyone in the process.

 “Satisfaction is the word I am using to describe my experience with this front load washer, bought by me a while ago. It is very effective and allows me to save some money because it consumes so few resources.” – Rachel Norton


Bosch Axxis Series WTE86300US dryer – currently not available


The  Bosch Axxis Series  WTE86300US dryer is packed with amazing features, making it one of the best choices for a front load dryer. It has an internal water heater, so stains, like coffee spills, juice stains, or even mud, can easily be removed from your clothes. Furthermore, it also has CEE Tier III Energy Star compliant that helps in cleaning clothes faster, while still taking care of clothes’ fabric. Other great features of  Bosch Axxis Series  WTE86300US washer are eWash options, adaptive vibration control, and speed washing cleaning cycles.   More so, it has a big washing capacity of 4.1 cubic feet. With this, you can finish all your laundry in just one washing as it can accommodate a week worth of clothes.

I can easily wash my clothes with the new Bosch Axxis Series  WTE86300US. The washing cycles are thorough and don’t take too long. I can’t identify one major defect for this washer which was a perfect Xmas gift made by my parents. I think this is the best front load washing machine which I was able to get for the sum of money I had available.”   Mario G. Burke