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What to look for when buying a french door refrigerator


frdoorYour kitchen must be equipped with a high performance refrigerator, which make your drinks, food, fruits or leftovers last for longer periods. But there is one type of refrigerator which stands above all others when it comes to its performance level and we are talking about the French door refrigerator. While it’s more expensive than other models, it makes up for it in features. But like with all electronic devices, not all of them have high quality and if you want to avoid inferior models, you should read the next paragraphs. This buying guide will single out some interesting features that you need to take into account.

The first pro of such a refrigerator, is the size, bigger than your regular model. It also has two doors, which underneath have one or two freezer shelves. Durability is a key issue to look for because these types of refrigerators are used normally in large homes. Being used by a big family will test its sturdiness. We advise that you read the best French door refrigerator reviews, so you discover the most durable and reliable models. Surprisingly this large type of fridge, doesn’t consume a lot of energy and all top models are Energy Star qualified.

The essential features of a top notch French door refrigerator were chosen by us, only after consulting reputable website reviews. The info we provide, hopefully, will allow you to invest in a state-of-the-art model.

If you decide to purchase such a refrigerator, you won’t harm the environment either, because of the materials and technology that go into its construction. Some refrigerators still harm the ozone layer, even to this day with their emissions, but the French door refrigerators are well passed that stage in development. Now we move towards the refrigerator’s interior which should be diverse, with numerous racks and shelves, so you have the right place for all types of foods.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Capacity (cu. ft.) Ice&water dispenser Customer Rating Where to buy
Samsung RF323TEDBSR 37.8 x 38.2 x 75.5 inches $$$$ 32 YES A AMAZON
 Liebherr CBS2062 35 7/8 x 24 1/4 x 80 5/16 inches $$$$$ 18.8 YES A AMAZON
 Samsung RF4287 36.2 x 35.8 x 69.9 inches $$$ 28 YES B AMAZON


33 x 36.5 x 72 inches $$ 22.2 YES C AMAZON

Electrolux E23BC78IP

29.5 x 35.6 x 69.5 inches $$$$ 36 YES C AMAZON



 How to find a good french door refrigerator


The refrigerator’s top part is always for food that doesn’t require freezing temperatures. For accessories, you can opt for a model that is equipped with an ice maker, especially helpful for doing ice smoothies. Another helpful feature is the water dispensers, adding diversity to the refrigerator. The truth is that this type of fridge has a expensive price, but wet think that the advantages that come with one, more than make up for it.  Over time, if you get a top model, you will save up money on your electricity bills, while having a huge capacity for storing food.

So, now that you know about what to look for in a French door refrigerator, you have the ability to make a top choice. For a modern kitchen there is no better type of refrigerator than this one. The best French door refrigerator in 2014 will have the main features presented, plus the additional one. We advise that you also read the reviews we have made for some of the most reliable models available in the market.


Things to consider:


If you want to find out all the secrets behind such a refrigerator take a look over the customer reports and know exactly what model to get.

-          A French door refrigerator has a large size, so it is used mostly for large families;

-          Durability is a key factor for the best models;

-          The style is modern having often a stainless steel construction;

-          They are environmentally friendly;

-           Energy Star ratings;

-          Accessories like an ice maker or water dispenser are extremely useful.



Top rated French door refrigerators in 2014


Since the kitchen is every cook’s kingdom, it needs to come equipped with the most efficient equipment and the fridge is one of them. It is perhaps the most important element in the kitchen, thus the best French door refrigerator reviews should be the safest place to search for the right one.



Samsung RF323TEDBSR French Door Refrigerator


If you want to invest in a top refrigerator for your large family then a good suggestion would be this efficient and stylish French door refrigerator from Samsung. The Twin Cooling Plus System will mean that every inch of its spacious interior will be cooled properly to the temperature of your choosing. Having an Energy Star rating will also ensure it will not consume too much electricity, so it is safe to say it is one of the best French door refrigerators in 2014.



 Built with  Ice Master technology that ensures ice production of up to 12 pounds daily and storage of up to 10 pounds of ice

 Every corner inside the fridge is adequately illuminated so everything remains visible thanks to built-in high-efficiency LED lighting

 Produce stays fresher inside thanks to the Twin Cooling Plus system, making this the answer to what is the best french door refrigerator with bottom freezer

 Get fresh filtered water from an advanced technology refrigerator that dispenses ice-cold water through state-of-the-art filtering system and a simple push of the lever



 Bottom freezer only has two layers of drawers, which can prove inadequate for users who need freezer space for storing irregularly-shaped frozen goods


 “Just by looking at its features I could tell that this refrigerator was something special and it was perfect for my needs, having a large capacity. Two months into using it and it works like a charm.” – Emily Steer


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LG Liebherr CS2062 36 refrigerator


If there is a brand that is fully aware of designing and releasing storage facility products that meet high standards of quality and professionalism, then LG is certainly one of them. The Liebherr CS2062 model is a refrigerator with an adequate 180-libre capacity and stylish glass shelves that give out a sense of class and elegance to its overall design. It is easily cleaned and fully equipped with a system that warms people whenever the door is left open, thus ensuring the food safety. Moreover, the LG Liebherr refrigerator comes with FrostSafe and NoFrost features help keep all food perfectly frozen for longer time periods.



 Energy Star rating of this appliance guarantees efficient energy use for its lifetime

 European flair in the design ensures the appliance to be a lovely addition to a contemporary kitchen, with its sleek lines and clean, compact silhouette

 Can be the much awaited answer to what is the best french door refrigerator with bottom freezer thanks to its impressive modern styling and ingenuous appliance engineering configuration

 Free-standing appliance blends so well in the modern kitchen it looks just like a built-in refrigerator



 The inside keeps everything well-organized easily, making the unit look smaller than it really is


 LG Liebherr CS2062 36  French door refrigerator has the best structure and design I’ve ever seen. After using it for 4 months, I believe his may be the best investment that I did in my life ”  Melissa Taylor


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Samsung RF4287 refrigerator


Best French door refrigerator reviewsThere have been more than 69 years that Samsung is designing solid and efficient electronic storage facilities with supreme levels of quality. The RF4287 is a 28 cu. Ft spacious refrigerator with insulation features that help users to store food easily and keep them safely maintained for long periods. What is more, it comes with low energy consumption, since its Energy Star approved, thus making it an even more appealing electric device in the household.  All in all, we are dealing with a refrigerator that mixes style, great particularities and affordability in both purchase and use, so it has every right to be referred to as one of the best of its kind.



 Has integrated ice machine and dispenser for fresh filtered water both on the outside of the unit, with options for either cubed or crushed ice

 Large 28 cubic feet cooling appliance that provides more functional space inside for better organization and easier storage

 Energy Star rating guarantees conscious cooling that is friendly to the environment

 Precise temperature control in mid-drawer plus  Smart Divider feature ensures impressive food item organization and customized cold storage for various types of food



 Operates with a slight humming, mechanical noise that mostly emanates from the rear of the unit


I am amazed with the added features of the Samsung RF4287 28 cu. Ft. 4-door French door refrigerator. This refrigerator is very stylish which makes my kitchen looks modern. It’s capacity works just fine for me. ”   Larry Vetter


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General Electric: GFSS2HCYSS refrigerator


General Electric is a dominant brand in electric equipment and that is why every model they have released throughout the years has been seen in the best French door refrigerator reviews. The elegant GFSS2HCYSS model could make no exception and blends with every kitchen at ease. It is a fine demonstrator of professionalism and durability, while its food maintenance features are advanced, like the Climate Keeper, which is a system that maintains food in just the right temperature. The two evaporators also enhance the overall freshness maintenance of the fridge and the wide drawers provide more than enough space for anything one could desire to place in the bright interior of this GE model.



 Stainless steel finish guarantees durability and reliability while clean elegant lines make the unit a great addition to any modern kitchen

 Energy Star rated appliance is ready to produce ice right out of the box, highly functional and advanced technology

 Clear, bright illumination helps in locating food items inside

 Frozen foods can be easily accessed with the well-built and easy-access design of the storage baskets



 Four plastic rollers are fixed and immobile, which can be a concern when floor is not evenly leveled out

 Light bulbs illuminate well while also giving off heat


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Electrolux E23BC78IP refrigerator


Once having tried a refrigerator made by Electrolux, it is for sure that you will reconsider purchasing another one, as all Electrolux’s products come with high efficiency, quality and great features that stand out. The E23BC78IP model is a French door fridge made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 22.6 cu. Ft. Keeping food unspoiled and fresh for longer time is an easy task for the E23BC78IP and the same applies for both maintenance and cold storage. Moreover, it is stylish and elegant due to its luxuriously designed shelves that are made of glass and the IQ-Touch feature that enables users to control the shelves the way that is more convenient.



 Belongs to Electrolux’s line of Icon Collection French Door refrigerators built with Custom Temp Drawer™ that perfectly stores under intuitive preset selections including Fish/Shellfish, White/Sparkling Wine, Cheese

 Three customizable settings allow maintenance of freshness and ideal serving temperature

 Nine versatile preset selections help in storing food items to their ultimate freshest

 Theater Lighting that gradually illuminates the inside space so food items are immediately visible in soft but ample light



 As a counter depth refrigerator, the unit is relatively pricey

 Indoor ice maker takes up extra space on the inside, which can be a concern for some buyers


“The Electrolux refrigerator was brought to our house after 3 days. The package was sealed securely. When I opened it, there were no marks made from the shipment. So far, so good, it works like a charm.”  Kathleen Montoya


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Samsung RF4267HARS refrigerator – Not available


When it comes to advanced features and user-friendliness the RF4267HARS model by Samsung is a fine choice and it is rightfully considered as a top rated refrigerator. It comes with a capacity 25.5 cu. ft that is adequate even for the most demanding needs and French doors. Moreover food freshness is ensured due to the Water 2 and ThrutheDoor Ice features it comes embedded with. Food maintenance is never an easier task than now and the SmoothFinish settings that are made of stainless steel guarantee its perfect use. It’s handy and also user-friendly, so it is the perfect helping hand in the grounds of your kitchen.