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Professional buying guide – How to find the best food dehydrator


fooddehhIn order to have the best possible diet, you need to diversify your menu and this can only be done, if you have a lot of different kitchen utensils. Nutritionists recommend eating dry foods when you are on a diet so  if you love dry foods and would like to get the chance to make some for yourself, then a food dehydrator would be the right choice. Buying a reliable food dehydrator is not an easy task so a good idea is to read some things about the main & vital features. Knowing more about the capacity will improve your knowledge and you’ll be not investing in an useless food dehydrator. The first thing you need to consider is how much dry food you and your family consume. This way you can decide on the size of the dehydrator and the number of trays. More trays give you the option of drying more types of food in the same time but if you have a limited amount of space in your kitchen, then you should look for one with a compact design.

You need to be aware that there are 2 types of food dehydrators and they don’t use the same system for drying food: the horizontal system and the round stackable sytem. These separate systems are different and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The round stackable drying system will heat up the bottom of the device, so the heat rises upwards. The dehydrators that use this system need to be checked if they come with an interior fan. In case they don’t, there is a good chance they won’t dry the food properly, especially for the upper levels. To eliminate the chance of foods not being properly dried, a dehydrator with a rotary system should be bought. With such a dehydrator, the food on the top trays will be dried evenly. This is due to the spinning motion that will create a steady air flow, going upwards from the heat source.

All the following features were selected by our team only after consulting the most reliable dehydrators reviews. With these features, a top model will make properly dried fruit, which can be used to make some special kinds of desserts . We did the job for you so you won’t have to spend hours reading 10 different product reviews.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Number of trays Price Watts Temp Control Customer Rating Where to buy
TSM 32702 Stainless Steel 5 $$$$ 1800 YES A+  AMAZON 
Nesco FD-60 Snackmaster
Nesco American Harvest FD-37 4 $$ 400 NO C+ AMAZON 
Excalibur 2500ECB 5 $$$ 440 YES B AMAZON 
Nesco Gardenmaster FD-1010 4 $$$ 1000 YES B+



Coming back to the 2 options you have…the horizontal drying system requires a fan, that will suck up cool air from the back and heat it, then distribute it evenly inside the dehydrator. Because the air enters horizontally, you won’t need to rearrange the trays every couple of hours. This way the dehydrator will not lose of heat and it will prove to be energy efficient. Different fruits need more or less time to dry and this is why a dehydrator is equipped with a thermostat. An accurate control can be kept over the temperature level inside the dehydrator, if it is equipped with a thermostat. In truth, the square design has been proven to be more energy efficient than the round one. The only downside for this model is the price, which can be more expensive

Before you make the actual purchase, the most reliable sources of information that you need to look for are the best food dehydrator reviews. They will help you to know a model’s pros and cons, so you are perfectly aware of the features that come with the model you have decided to buy. Hopefully you will end up with a model worthy of the title of the best food dehydrator in 2014.

What you need to keep in mind – Short and simple:


The reviews and customer reports you will read, will prove to be a very important advantage when finally buying a food dehydrator.

-          More trays mean more food for you to dry;

-          Food dehydrators use 2 types of systems: the round stackable drying system and the horizontal drying system;

-          A thermostat will allow you to set different heat levels;

-          Energy efficiency is also something to look forward to;

-          A built-in fan will make a huge difference.


Top rated Food Dehydrators in 2014


There are different brands and models that have been commended by many people in a variety of best food dehydrator reviews. To be able to help people who are looking for the best product within this category, I will identify five of the possible options that can be taken into account, as well as some of the features that differentiate each from the others.



Nesco Gardenmaster FD-1010 Food Dehydrator


If you enjoy eating dry foods then purchasing the Nesco-American Harvest FD-1010 dehydrator is the best thing you could possibly do. In order to prepare different fruits or vegetables you will have more than one temperature control so the end result is perfectly dry. Use it for preparing desserts or even beef jerky whatever is better for your needs. Multiple trays let you dry different types of foods at the same time for more diverse results.

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 “I like to watch my weight and with this thought in mind I decided to get this dehydrator from Nesco-American. I can’t complain one bit about the dry food that comes out of it, making me a satisfied customer. The well functioning of this dehumydifier makes me recommend it.” – Mary Lawson

Nesco Gardenmaster 1000 Watt Food Dehydrator


Nesco FD-60 Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator


The Nesco FD-60 is considered by many to be one of the best food dehydrators in 2014 because it has a well balanced set of features while still having an accessible price. The thermostat which it is equipped with can be set from 95 to 155 degrees F, so the fruit or vegetables which you put on its 4 trays will turn out without a drop of moisture.

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“Many nutritional magazines suggested that I buy a food dehydrator and I settled for the Nesco FD-60 because it was compact and it had all the makings of a great model. I was right by making this decision.” – Amanda Russell


Nesco FD-75 Food Dehydrator


Best Food Dehydrator Reviews

Among other features of this food dehydrator, one that I assert as being significantly useful is the Converga-Flow drying system. This is an innovative feature that is patented to the manufacturer. This is helpful towards having a more efficient and quicker system to dry the foods that are placed in the unit. Additionally, the Vita-Save opaque exterior of this unit has also been lauded by many people basically because it prevents the penetration of harmful lights that can be detrimental to the processing capability of the dehydrator.

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I used tNesco 600-Watt Food Dehydrator last Christmas for dehydrating vegetables and fruits. It made them perfectly dry and in no time. I am really satisfied with the product especially when the holiday season starts.“ Thomas Trotter


Nesco American Harvest FD-37 Food Dehydrator


Designed with 400 watts of power, this model is another product that has often been given positive remarks in many best food dehydrator reviews. Aside from the powerful motor, I also like the fact that it comes with a transparent top that will make it easy for you to monitor the process of drying that is being done by the machine. Additionally, this food dehydrator also has an air flow that will not require the trays to rotate. Rather, it is activated by the fan that is installed in the product.

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The 7 trays included in the package of Nesco American Harvest FD-37 400 Watt Food Dehydrator are really useful. I can easily dry a large amount of fruits with it. I already dried a lot different fruits and veggies with it and the results were perfect.“ Travis Garcia


Excalibur 2500ECB Food Dehydrator


According to many best food dehydrator reviews that I have read in the past, many of the users have been satisfied with the use of Excalibur 2500ECB because it was able to provide them with quick and efficient system in order to dry their foods. Additionally, there were also many who were satisfied with the fact that the unit is relatively easy to clean. Because of this, you can be assured that the product can have a longer functional life because it is easy to maintain such at its best condition.

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With Excalibur 2500ECB 5-Tray Economy Dehydrator fruits and vegetables are quickly dried. I find it very easy to use. Even my daughter can use it all by herself and she cleans the trays after she is done using it. This the best food dehydrator I’ve ever owned.“ Geraldine Tran


Excalibur 3500B Food Dehydrator


If you are into food dehydration, which is a healthy and nutritious way of processing your foods, you should definitely give this model a shot. It is one of the food dehydrators from Excalibur, reflective of the commitment of the manufacturer to offer only the best in the marketplace. Although there were some minor issues that have been reported, majority of its users have still expressed favorable feedback about this unit, making it an option that you will not surely regret making.

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Excalibur 3500B Excalibur 3500B 5 is everything I wanted from a quality dehydrator. I even make tasty beef jerky with its help, loved by the whole family. It even didn’t cost me that much and  it has worked like acharm for almost 6 months.”  Laura Murray


TSM 32702 Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator


To make natural and nutritious snacks, such as processing of raw foods, the TSM stainless steel food dehydrator can prove to be an option that you will not regret making. It has a motor that runs 800 watts of power, making sure that it will deliver superior and efficient performance to achieve the best results. It also has 5 trays that are made from stainless steel. Such material is commendable because it is not prone to rusting, and hence, you can expect that it can last for a long time.

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The palatable taste of some foods dried in TSM Products Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator never diminishes. This is a very effective food dehydrator from my experience with it. My family just loves this model for the tasty dry foods that come out of it.“ Joseph Lee