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Top rated DVD recorders in 2014


There are thousands of Americans are searching for new ways to enhance their visual experiences. Constantly investing in the quality of their home entertainment systems, people want to collect reasons to smile and enjoy great movies. The best way to capture interesting shows and movies from your TV can be done through a professional and advanced DVD recorder. Now the market offers a lot of products, all created to become your daily source of entertainment. How can you find the ideal one for your media needs? Well, you can consult some of the best DVD recorders reviews, written by specialists in the field that understand better the multimedia world.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Resolution  Price Memory Recording Customer Rating Where to buy

Magnavox MDR535

1080p up $$$ 500GB HDD From HDD to DVD A AMAZON

Magnavox MDR533H

1080p up $$$ 320GB HDD From TV or HDD to DVD B+ AMAZON

Toshiba DR430

1080p $$ No From TV to DVD B+ AMAZON

Magnavox ZV427MG9

1080p up $$$$ No From VCR to DVD and DVD to VCR B AMAZON

Toshiba DVR620

1080p up $$ No From VHS to DVD B AMAZON


Magnavox MDR533H/F7 HDD/DVD recorder


Best DVD recorders reviewsIt is very important to invest in a high quality DVD recorder, capable of storing different video files such as movies, TV shows or even games, worth sharing with friends and family. Still, what is the best recorder from the many available on the market? Choose one of the best DVD recorders in 2014 from Magnavox: MDR533H/F7. This advanced DVD recorder comes with ATSC tuner and can stream an impressive 1080p video resolution, which enhances the cinematic experience. You should also know that the device has a roomy 320 GB HDD memory where you can store any type of video file you want to watch later on.

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Toshiba DR430 DVD recorder


Are you searching for a powerful DVD recorder capable of capturing different videos from your TV or DVD discs? Well, if you are then you should learn more things about Toshiba DR430 DVD recorder, a model designed to redefine the way you watch television, or better said replay it. Most of the present best DVD recorders reviews gave to this model high mark of efficiency and functionality. It delivers a video conversion by up to 1080p resolution, by appealing to the HDMI port, taking the DVD experience to new levels. An amazing viewing experience will be accessible every time you want!

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Magnavox ZV427MG9 DVD recorder


It is important for you to have a high quality DVD recorder capable of recording different types of movies from your TV. How can you pinpoint with more efficiency the ideal product? Well, according to recent user testimonials and product descriptions it seems that you can use with complete confidence Magnavox ZV427MG9 DVD recorder, a model designed to become your daily source of entertainment. It comes with an HDMI output and user friendly remote control. You can use the device in order to play DVDs, DVD_R/RW, CD-R/RW, DVDR-R/RW, Audio CD and also MP3 discs. This is a great electronic device worthy of your living room!

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Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS recorder


Shopping for a brand new DVD recorder can be pretty difficult, given the multiple products available on the market. Now, you have the possibility to choose Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS recorder, a model with viable recording and playback options. This model features One Touch recording that allows you to record all you favourite shows with no problems whatsoever. This model delivers HD video conversion by up to 1080p through the HDMI port. It is accompanied by a user friendly remote control and also an exclusive 90 days warranty! This is why so many of the latest top rated DVD recorders reviews gave the model such high marks of efficiency.

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Sony VRDMC6 DVDirect DVD Burner


Are you searching for powerful DVD recorder that won’t disappoint while playing various discs? Well, stop your search and understand more about Sony VRDMC6 DVDirect recorder, a model that makes transferring movies and digital photos easy as cake. You will have no problems in expanding your entertainment area, making room for new reasons to smile, while watching top shows and movies. This model can be used to record digital photos of any kind from family vacations or trips around the world. Easy to manage to its simple format, the device is quite affordable and it won’t leave you hanging.

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