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Top rated car alarms in 2014


When you buy a car you make a solid investment for the future which costs you a pretty large sum of money. Now it something would happen to your investment, like for example it will get stolen you would lose a great deal of resources. To avoid this scenario you need to get your vehicle the best security system available. The following selection is made up of the best car alarms which can be bought on the free market.


Get the safest Car Alarm – A buying guide


Millions of Americans own different types of cars that require to be protected from unwanted intrusion. The best way to keep your car safe when you are not around is to find a reliable car alarm. Today’s market is more than generous when it comes to car alarms, designed with atention by engineers working in the automotive industry. Keeping thieves away represents the primary purpose of car alarms. Since there are so many models in this particular segment, finding the ideal product can’t be done without consulting the best car alarms reviews. We took the liberty of studying over 40 top rated devices, recommended by car owners in different forums and specialized magazines. After two weeks of extensive research and countless tests we managed to emphasize on what makes car alarms great.

It is essential to equip your car with a powerful alarm, capable of keeping electronics like radios, GPS devices safe and secure. Since the first models were released on the market, car alarm systems evolved a lot. Most of the present car alarms can secure vehicles by disconnecting the ignition system and alerting owners through pages or SMS that somebody is trying to break in. Going through the best car alarms in 2014 ensures heightened security levels to your vehicle. Day and night, your car will keep away from prying eyes!


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Pager type Price Dimensions Remote Start System Customer Rating Where to buy

Viper 5904

2 way $$$$ 6 x 6 x 5 inches YES A+ AMAZON

Viper 5704v

2 way $$$ 6.6 x 6.5 x 6.1 inches YES A AMAZON

Viper 5901

2 way $$$ 8.3 x 6.5 x 5.9 inches YES A AMAZON

Viper 350 Responder

2 way $$$ 7.4 x 5.6 x 4.2 inches No B+ AMAZON

Viper 350 Plus

1 way $$ 8 x 6 x 1.5 inches No B+ AMAZON


Most of the top car alarms use high tech software in order to customize security performance. The devices use advanced techniques like dome light detectors and motion sensors in order to secure the vehicle. According to our technical studies it seems that the current car alarms deliver multizone protection, which offer users the possibility to select specific components to protect. One important thing to consider is the remote starter range. Most of the current remote starters come with 500 feet range, letting you create the proper control climate around your vehicle. With a professional remote starter you will be able to access your car faster and easier.

A lot of drivers go through serious problems when they drive or park. Unexperienced drivers have significant problems while backing up or parking in tight spots. There are many cases when people drove over light polls, toys, bicycles, garage walls and many.


This is where backup sensors from advanced car alarms can offer proper assistance. A good backup sensor will deliver an ultrasonic signal after a professional analysis of the distance between the car and objects. High security systems include guiding motion sensors which improve every driving experience. Furthermore you should search for a car alarm with a panic alarm. This particularity gives you the possibility to set the alarm via a simple button.

With one of the best car alarms in 2014, your vehicle will be fully protected from burglars. Every experienced driver understands the important role that a car alarm plays. Securing your vehicle with a good car alarm is a guarantee that all mobile electronics and the car itself won’t go anywhere. Thieves know better than trying to jack a car set out with a car alarm. This is why you need to carefully weigh your options and select a reliable device!


Viper 5904 Security System


You won`t get a better car alarm than the Viper 5904, which will protect your car againsed the most experienced car theives. The remote which has a nice display can be recharged via a USB port and can receive signals from the car from up to a mile away. A lot of neat things are diplayed by this system like: the internal car temperature and the parking meter`s timing as well so you don`t end up with your car thowed. All these features and more make it one of the top car alarms in 2014.

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The Viper 5904 Security System is a great protection for your car. I am happy with this product because it is easily recharged through an USB. The product also received signals even I am away of home or I am in a travel. The product is one of kind. I assure you that this is worth your investment.”  David Richards


Viper 5704v Car Alarm


One way to protect your car is through the Viper 5704 car alarm which has been praised for its performances by the best car alarm reviews. To install it in your car is a very simple process if you just follow the steps in the instruction manual, a trait which I found very helpful. Control it via an remote which has intuitive control so anyone can use it.

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If you are looking for a car alarm that will protect your car for unwanted events then I recommend the Viper 5704v Car Alarm. The product is very much useful to secure your car even when you are asleep. The product is reliable and durable which makes it one of a kind. The product is essential.” Jerry Burch


Viper 5901 Car Alarm


One of the top car alarms in 2014 after the opinon of specialists based on its top performances is the Viper 5901. The remote is a central part of this security system, being equipped with a SST tested one mile range, a large display which shows you clearly the text and a lithium-ion rechargabel battery. I came to admire the large LCD which fits inside your car that shows all the data you need to know about your car and its security system.

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The Viper 5901 Car Alarm is a good investment for your car. The product is made of solid structure that will surely last with you. It has a big LCD display that can actually show you the security of your car. The product is very much useful. I am not the only one saying this, other people say it too.” Melanie Maurice


Viper Responder 350 Responder Car Alarm


Best car alarm reviews

The Viper 350 Responder is considerd by the best car alarm reviews to be a top choice if you want to have the most advanced protection for your car. The quality to price ratio is what impressed me the most about this car alarm and I must recommend it to others who are looking to have a relible securiry system for their vehicles. The six-tone siren is loud enough to hear even when you are sleeping.

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The Viper Responder 350 Responder Car Alarm will totally provide the best security for your car. It has very nice features that can give the most of what you have expected. The product has 6x loud sirens in which is loud enough to be heard even when you are asleep. The functionality of the product is best.” Venus Tanner


Viper 350 Plus Security System


Another option for the safety of your car is the Viper 350 which has a while since it has been out for sale, but still continues to be effective. It comes with a lock and unlock feature, so you can operate changes to it whenever you want and they will stay that way untill you decide again to modify something. I liked the 4 button remote from which you can control the whole system.

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I can easily control my car with the Viper 350 Plus Security System. It has a very nice feature as compared to others. The product is exceptional in nature in which it can turn on every users of it. The product is very much affordable. I recommend this product for all.” Kerri Simmons