Best BMX bikes under $200


Best BMX bikes for the money


The BMX phenomenon has grown over the last few decades and has even turned into a professional sport. If you are into it and you practice it just for fun or maybe you actually want to  turn pro a BMX bike is the key to your aspirations, except your actual talent and hard work of course. If you have a tight budget here are the best BMX bikes under $200, all with the best features you can find for this price range.


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In the last decade the quality of BMX bikes has greatly improved. If you are currently looking for sturdy model, this is the best time to do it. The current offer on BMX bikes is more than generous, covering the needs of beginners and professional riders. Manufacturers have released products for every level of riding experience. Still, the current wide array of products makes it pretty confusing for some riders to find the best bike. As a result we decided to read detailed reviews on the current top 10 bmx bike models in order to find out what makes them tick. If you have patience and know exactly where and what to look, you can choose a good product at a decent price. The trick is to be well-informed on the latest riding tendencies.

Who makes the best product represents for most riders a serious question. Now, you have to determine the bike’s main uses. In the present you will find models specifically designed for precise types of riding. So, what are your primary riding paths? Do you love street, flatland, park or dirt riding? You should know that there is a bike out there which incorporates key factors for a smooth experience on different types of roads. For instance there are bmx bikes for racing, flatland, street and dirt. One of the most important components of a good bike is the frame. You should opt for bikes made with chromoly frames, because the material is strong and lightweight. The current most popular bmx bike models have chromoly bars, forks and frames. Furthermore there are some models with stainless steel components, which make them heavier during rides. This is why you need to pay attention the amount of metal material embedded in the bike’s construction.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


ProductWheelsPriceColorFrameOur RatingWhere to buy

Framed Team BMX

20 inch$$$WhiteHi-Ten SteelA+AMAZON

X-Games FS20 Freestyle

20 inch$$Black/RedTig Welded SteelB+AMAZON

Mongoose Boy’s Scan R60

20 inch$$$
BlackLightweight ChromolyAAMAZON

Huffy BMX Revolt

20 inch$$Matte BlackSteelB+AMAZON

Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle

20 inch$$White/BlueTig Welded SteelBAMAZON


If you are on a budget, we recommend that you wait for Black Friday deals on top products. There are also promotions here and there but for maximum price cutbacks this is the optimal day. Still, you should pay attention to the bike’s size. Today’s market includes models for children and adults. Look at the bike’s top tubes and determine whether or not it matches your corporeal traits. Most of the current bmx bikes come with 20” top tubes, which goes well with medium sized individuals. Even though you might be tempted to purchase a cheap product don’t do it without a thorough analysis. It is better to know what you’re buying than to regret the purchase later on.

Taking into account that such bikes don’t last forever, it is important to invest wisely in a durable product. For instance you can buy a bmx bike for Christmas and after a serious crash you might end up without it. Still, such situations are rare and unwanted. So, get your bearings right in matters of construction for it is the pylon of durability of any bike.


Things to consider:

–          Chromoly construction (forks, frames and bars) which ensures proper durability even after daily use

–          A fast responsive break system, so you can stop in emergency situations without losing control of the bike

–          Suspension system that permits you to ride on different types of terrains without feeling too much the road’s bumps or pits

–          Manufacturer warranty which testifies that the bike is made of high quality and long lasting materials



Framed Team BMX Bike


Sturdy and reliable are the best traits of the Framed Them BMX, all this coming at a very affordable price. These features are possible because only top materials are used for its construction like for instance the the hi-ten steel that makes up its frame. It is very stable at the same time so if you are in the mood for doing some tricks, you will know that the bike will help you in this matter. The saddle is also comfortable so you can have a long ride without any pain whatsoever.



One of the best BMX bikes under 200 comes from Framed, the Team chrome bike is designed with a durable Hi-Ten steel frame which resists well to prolonged riding trips

This sleek BMX bike incorporates 1-1/8 Hi-Ten steel and unique Velo mushroom grips of 150mm that allows riders to safely conquer different types of terrains with minimal effort

This affordable product includes high quality 3pc chromoly tubular brackets of 175mm and a durable sprocket of 25t steel, responsible mainly with minimizing the force the ground sometimes exerts on the bike

The bike comes with an integrated seat post which is completed by a padded saddle for more comfort during each use



Some assembly is needed and the end result should be checked by a qualified bike technician

Does not include a back wheel supportive cover (this is a protective unit, sold separately)


“ The Framed Team BMX Bike allows me to do anything I want to without worrying that it will get destroyed and damaged. I can do whatever tricks I want because this is made of good and high class materials that will never be ruined. You will surely enjoy this BMX Bike.”  Andy Brady Leach


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Huffy BMX Revolt Bike


A BMX with a nice design which will definitely impress everyone is the Huffy Revolt. It is surprisingly light for a bike of this class thanks to the top materials from which it is built from. The quality to price ratio is another great advantage which you can have access to if you decide to have it. It is equipped with front and rear handbrakes which are very reliable and also easy to activate.



Regarded by many as the best product for the money released by Huffy, the Revolt BMX bike features an exclusive rotor which provides 360 degree rotations, needed to perform tricks

This powerful BMX bike incorporates 4 pegs which add a professional appearance to the whole riding experience, helping owners stand out among their piers

Comes equipped with strong rear and front handbrakes which are easy to reach and provide riders with the right amount of control in the event of obstacles on the road

The bike is fitted with a durable 4-bolt alloy BMX stem which improve riding performance



Not recommended for children younger than 12 years old

The brakes need to be adjusted before the first ride


“ I have my new Huffy BMX Revolt Bike and I am very much happy to have it. The product is made of sturdy materials that are of great kind which makes biking more relaxing and comfortable. You will surely gain much experience with this bike because it will last longer.”  Maynard Puckett


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Diamondback Viper X BMX


For a reasonable price the Diamondback Viper X can be yours so you can take advatage of its great characteristics. The chromoly one piece cranks are one of its most praised features which only adds to the BMX`s above avarage performances. The design is simple but it will still turn heads in the parc or on the streets. It is no doubt that it deserves a place in the best Diamondback BMX bikes reviews.

“ If you want to learn BMX and try to have your own BMX bike the you better purchase the Diamondback 2017 Viper X BMX that is very reliable and sturdy. This bike is intelligent in its appearance and performance because it can be used anywhere in any terrain activities.”  Martin Wilder


Framed Forge BMX Bike


The Framed Forge BMX is another choice that you can put your trust in. It performs admirably for a bike coming at such a low price. Its frame is constructed from hi-ten steel which makes it very durable, able to last you a very long time if you take proper care of it. The APSE alloy U-brake is solid and will aid you in avoiding crashes. Also its Wada King tires make for a solid grip with the asphalt so you have excellent control over it.

“ Owning a BMX bike is one of the best things I did for myself. I bought the Framed Forge BMX Bike in just a very affordable price. The performance of this bike is better than the other bikes I have before because it is really firm and sturdy that you will not think of damage at all.”  Bobbie Freeman


Kink Curb BMX Bike


In the best BMX bikes under $200 category the Kink Curb easily fits in, managing to combine looks to kill and excellent performances in a top quality to price ratio. Surprisingly light while still remaining durable so you can ride it for years on end. Because it is so well built you won`t experience any problems when you will decide to take on any ramps. If you are a entry-level rider than this is the bike you should get for yourself to practice.

“ Aside from the outlook of this product, one thing that attracts me to buy it is its durability. The structure is very durable and outstanding which makes it better to ride on it. The seat is also soft and comfortable so you will never feel pain and stress sitting in it longer. “ Edgar Williamson