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Top rated baby walkers in 2014


Your baby`s first steps are one of the most precious sights you will ever see in your life. But untill this point your baby has to go through a `training session` that is best taken in the safety of baby walker. There are so many ones you can choose from that sometimes it makes the whole buying process confusing. To make everything clear for you again below you will find the best baby walkers you can possibly find from recognized manufacturers.


What is the best baby walker – Expert Advice


babbyYour baby’s first steps are something truly amazing to behold and will forever remain in a parent’s memory. To get to this stage, your baby needs to learn how to keep his balance and the best way to do it is with a baby walker. There are a lot of models that can be bought, but the trick is to get one that is safe and reliable. But the walker has to be fun for your baby too. and this is where different toys and a colorful design come in. The best baby walker reviews offer you some excellent choices, all of them being reliable models.

When starting to look for a walker, the first thing you should seek is safety. An important safety feature is a longer wheelbase than the actual frame, because this is going to prevent the walker from tipping over. Secondly you need to get a walker with friction strips. This precaution will make sure the walker can’t go down stairs, stopping it as soon as the front wheels won’t have direct contact with the floor anymore. Also be sure to get a walker with a width of more than 36 inches, so your baby can’t move out of his safe room.

The safety features and other details you see described by us in this buying guide, were chosen only after reading the most appreciate baby walker reviews. We advise buying a walker that has all the safety features that are presented by our team of experts.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Adjustable seat Entertaining toys Customer Rating Where to buy

Haba Walker Wagon

20 x 14.1 x 16.1 inches $$$$ No No A+ AMAZON

Combi All in One Activity Walker

27.8 x 26.3 x 21.2 inches $$$ 3 height positions Automotive theme toys A+ AMAZON

Chicco Lil Piano Baby Walker

32 x 32 x 25.8 inches $$ 3 height positions Music toys A AMAZON

Plan Toy Baby Walker

11.3 x 14.4 x 19.3 inches $$ No No B+ AMAZON

Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery

29 x 25 x 4.8 inches $$ 3 height positions 5 dinosaur-themed toys B+ AMAZON


Comfort is the next thing you should have in mind, after all the safety features have been met. The seat is the main comfort feature and in all cases it should be padded, plus filled with soft foam. Seat adjustments must also be possible for a superior level of comfort. The seats should be machine washable thus cleaning them will be effortless. The walker has to be fun for your baby as well. For this reason, the best baby walker in 2014 often have a lot of toys, buttons, lights, music tunes etc. They will make the baby enjoy being in the walker even more. One extra feature which you should look for, is the ability of the walker to fold.  Like this, you save a bit of space when you have to store it. We advise parents not to buy second-hand walkers because they can omit US safety regulations and thus be a hazard for your baby.

Buying a walker, is like buying all other baby essentials. It must be done after careful consideration and after analyzing every option. Our customer reports should be read as well because they always reveal the true nature of the walker they are describing. If you put safety first, then you should be able to find the best baby walker in 2014.


What to look for in a baby walker:

-       Safety features first;

-       A longer wheelbase than the frame;

-       36 inches in diameter, so the baby can’t get out of the room you put him in;

-       Friction strips, so the walker can’t fall down stairs;

-       A comfortable seat, padded and adjustable;

-       The seat should be machine washable;

-       The walker should have toys, lights, buttons that activate sounds or lullabies.


Haba Walker Wagon


A walker that can take on different roles is the Haba Wagon. First of all it is designed to help your little one move with support but because it has a seat as well in its front part you can push him around the house as well. Also there are toy pockets so he is entertained while you push the wagon. The wheels are made of rubber and the frame is made of wood, features which I find very helpful towards its durability, proving that the best baby walker reviews were right to praise it.

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Haba Walker Wagon was great for my little one. It helped him learn how to walk and he had faun at the same time. I recommend it for other parents.” Mary Thaxton


Combi All in One Activity Walker


Best baby walker reviewsYour little one will absoutely adore the Combi All in One Activity, one of the top baby walkers in 2014, because it has so many fun features for him. It is equipped with a steering wheel that includes a horn, it makes car like noises and also has some music, all to keep your baby smiling at all times as he moves about through the room. While keeping your baby entertained and happy it also takes care of the comfort level with the fully padded seat, a feature which I liked as well.

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Combi All in One Activity Walker is safe and fun for my little boy. He has much fun while driving it around his room. I have made a good choice when I bought it.”  Kevin Seal


Chicco Lil Piano Baby Walker


Chicco is well renound for its baby products and its walker is no different. It will help your child learn how to walk while making the whole action very fun. Another key issue which I like about this walker is the seat which is comfortable for the baby`s tushy, because it is padded and also is easy to clean for my part, because it is removable and machine washable. These are just a few of its features and it is clearly one of the top baby walkers in 2014.

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It has a very comfortable seat, which is my favorite thing about Chicco Baby Walker. My daughter has a smile on her face when I put her in the walker and this make me happy as well.”  Javier Mann


Plan Toy Baby Walker


The best baby walker reviews recommend the Plan Toy to parents who are looking to buy a traditional baby walker. It is produced in Thailand form recycled rubber wood, making it very durable and stable. Children from 10 months to 3 years can use it so their first steps are thaken carefully and most of all they are safe. My baby and I were pleased to see that it comes with 24 building blocks of different colors so we could play all day long when we rested from walking.

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Plan Toy Baby Walker was very helpful for my baby, when he started learning how to walk. He played a lot with the building blocks as well. I think this is a good walker to own.”  Emily Keck


Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker


The Safety 1st Sounds n Lights is a great option for you little few months old baby so he can move around freely in the house. The whole theme for this walker is the jurassic world so it comes with five dinosaur based toys which I think are really fun for your little one. The seat is comfortable as well because it is fully padded. Storing it doesn`t present any problems because it can fold easily.

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This walker was chosen by me for its safety features. The little dinosaurs are very fun to play with for my son. He likes spending time in it, so I think I made a good purchase.”  George Hartle